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Broken families throughout the ages


Insinuation of Divorce

Don M. Velasquez


Professor Cyril Belvis

September 12, 2008
Velasquez i


Thesis: Although this has become a common experience in all social classes, age categories, and

religious and ethnic groups, families will undergo divorce must concentrate on the decision to divorce

and on the adjustment to divorce itself.

I. Before divorce: Why more couples are divorcing?

A. Reasons for failed marriages

1. Major reasons

2. Sociodemographic factors

3. Interpersonal factors

B. Content of disagreement

C. Cause of doubts

D. Conflicts among couples

1. Three styles of conflicts

2. Attack tactics

E. Influences that surrounds divorce

F. Good conditions that are considered

G. Target of Blame

II. During divorce: What parents do to make divorce easier?

A. Feelings for partner

B. Divorce deliberation

C. Experience during divorce

D. Phases of Divorce

1. Recognition

2. Discussion
Velasquez ii

3. Action

4. Post dissolution

E. Methods of divorce

1. Approaches

2. Methods

F. Stations

1. Emotional

2. Legal

3. Economic

4. Co-parental

5. Community

6. Psychic

G. Divorce make easier

H. Custodies

1. Child

2. Assets

III. After divorce: How will divorce change their lives?

A. Consequences

1. Divorce on spouses / parents

a. Negative outcomes

b. Health problems

c. Financial problems

d. Positive outcomes
Velasquez iii

2. Divorce on children

a. Short-term effects

b. Long-term effects

B. Healing suggestions