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Subject to Hyderabad Jurisdiction

Branch Office : 5-36/96, Prashanthi Nagar, Kukatpally, Hyderabad - 500 072. Ph : (O) 040-23077107, 23076037 Email : Form 20B : 145/RR/AP/2003/W Form 21B : 145/RR/AP/2003/W Factory Address : 5-35/175, Prashanthi Nagar, Kukatpally, Hyderabad - 500 072. 107 DRUGS & MEDICINES
To M/S.

Sumac Pharrm a Pvt. L t d.

Invoice No. DL. Nos : 20B 21B CST No. TIN / GRN : SB/ : : : :

TIN / CST : 28790133155 Date :

Ord Ref : Documents sent through : Cheque No. : Product Name Mfg. Code Pack

Date : Due Date : Qty. Batch No. Expiry Date


Maxmium Trade Retail Price Price

Stockist Scheme Billing Price Price


Goods sent through : To : LR No./CR No.: Rupees If the payment is made within discount of 2% Interest @ 18%(per day Rs. days (before

No. of Packs :

Sub. Total Add Coin Rounded Total Amount

: : : :

Date :

), you can avail a cash

) will be collected from the due date in case of delayed payment.

GENERAL WARRANTY UNDER SECTION 19 (3) of THE DRUG ACT 1940. We do hereby given the warranty that the goods herein described are sold by us do not contravene in any way the provisions of section 18 of the Drugs Act. 1940. Note : Goods once sold cannot be taken back. Goods are sent at Customers risk subject to Hyderabad Jurisdiction. Check the weight and conditions of the parcel before taking delivery, our responsibility ceases after despatch as the goods are carefully checked & packed. IF PRICE OF ANY ITEM IS CHARGED MORE THAN THE SCHEDULED PRICE PLEASE DRAW OUR ATTENTION FOR CORRECTION. MFG. CODE : AK - AKUMS DRUGS & PHARMACEUTICALS LTD. L AF - AFFY PARENTERALS L CHK - CHIMAK HEALTHCARE L CHS - CHIROS Pharrma OD - ODIN HEALTHCARE (P) LTD. L SP - SURAKSHA Pharrma (P) LTD. L SUN - SUN BIOTECH LABS L EBK - EMBARK LIFE SCIENCES PVT. LTD.,


Sumac Pharrma Pvt. L t d.

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