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Eng Composition

Eng Composition

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Published by: Angie Kong Su Mei on Mar 30, 2013
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A disappointed wait One night in February, Mahmud, the tour guide brought some tourists to the beach.

They were crouching by the beach for the turtle watching activity. They waited and waited for a long time. The tourists came all the way from England to see the wonders of turtle. Then, they started to get excited. They tiptoed slowly towards the direction of a shadow. Is it the giant turtle? Their patience had finally bear fruit. However, as they drew near, the tourists got angry and stamped their feet. It was just a car. Mahmud quickly apologised but the tourists just went away in anger.

there are sacrifices to be made. Say goodbye to fast food and fried stuff. eating balanced meals is of utmost importance.HOW TO BE A SUCCESSFUL SPORTSMAN? To be an athelete or sportsman. . Take more vegetables and nutritious food. First and foremost.

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