Buko Pandan w/ Macapuno

Ingredients: * 5 Young Buko/Coconut * 2 packs of Green Gelatin * 1 can (325gms) of Condensed Milk * 1 can (325gms) of Nestle Whip Cream * Pandan Leaves or Pandan flavor Syrup * 1 bottle (250gms) of Macapuno Preparing procedure: 1. On a caserole, boil 4 cups of water and add the Pandan Leaves or the pandan flavor syrup. When water is boiling pour the 2 packs of gelatin. 2. Get a baking pan or any tupperware that is an inch thick and pour the cooked gelatin at least half inch thick and set aside to get cold . 3. While waiting for the gelatin to get cold, open the buko and start grating it. Set aside the buko juice. (Put in fridge and you can drink it later on :) ) 4. By now the gelatin is cold and hard. Start slicing it by a spatula or a knife according to your desired size. 5. Get a salad bowl and mix all ingredients together. Before you mix the Macapuno, make sure that you drained the juice.

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