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Table of content - Particular Page Number Introduction 3 Advertising and sales promotion tools 4 Advertising agency – format. size and services 7 7 Consumers Source message and channel factors 8 Advertising objective and budget 9 9 Creative aspect Media strategies 10 11 Social and ethical issues Learning‟s and Suggestions 12 Bibliography 13 2 .

That may be the reason why we are still stuck with Idli and Sambhar. sauces. granulated seasoning. aiming at the improvement of the nutrition of worker families. Julius Maggi developed a formula for bring added taste to meals. Indian Palate is not too adventurous in terms of trying new tastes. Maggi. etc. Chinese noodles. As of now. Maggi has faced lot of hurdles in its journey in India. As per the latest available data. snacks. ketchups and sauces for Nestle. frozen foods. recipe mixes. In 1863. Analysts say Nestle. stocks. soups. budget. Maggi is the brand for 2-minute noodles. 3 . These include dehydrated bouillon. Over time the scope of Maggi has been extended from a predominantly dehydrated cooking aid brand towards a general savory food brand including many types of ready meals and also frozen food. The basic problem the brand faced is the Indian Psyche. cooking skills etc and therefore tries to establish a bond through giving ideas and advice that make providing food easier. known worldwide for innovation and quality worldwide. when Julius Maggi took over his father's mill. It quickly became a pioneer of industrial food production. which later became lead to the beginning of Maggi and convenience food products. There is a wide range of Maggi products marketed worldwide in several countries.Introduction – MAGGI Maggi is an over 100-year-old Nestlé brand of instant soups. which faced one of the most challenging years in the FMCG industry in 2003. The original company came into existence in 1872 in Switzerland. understands that consumers are usually under great pressure in terms of time. sales of Maggi 2-minute noodle in India are highest among all other Nestle products worldwide. bouillons. This results in the food provider being appreciated by family and friends. This is in line with the fact that people all over the world are cooking less and less from scratch. the company's bottom line may be impacted in the long run. has realized that unless it continuously innovates in an endeavour to provide value-for-money to consumers. ketchups. seasonings and instant noodles.

 Some advertisements in the print media were used to highlight the convenience factor of Maggi.Advertising & sales promotion tools used by Maggi – . (As shown below) 4 .  PRINT ADS  Maggi does not focus heavily on print media during its launch since its initial target audience was mothers and kids.

 Maggi‟s expenditure on print media is much lower compared to other media. 5 . [Source: adex India (a division of tam media research)]  SALES PROMOTION: Tools used by Maggi Noodles for Retail Sales Promotion Initiatives:      Exchange schemes Price-off offer Coupons Scratch and win offer Money Back offer  Maggi was distributed free in schools and offices to promote trial  Return gifts on empty packs  Maggi fun book and stickers with funky animal facts. 5 rupee discount on 8 piece pack( 78 MRP). Maggi has recently come out with advertisements in some weekly magazines for its new Atta noodles and rice noodles variants. Of this. These are promotional schemes given by retailer itself not by NIL. Maggi vegetable Atta noodles had 92% share. Growth in noodles/pasta print advertising grew by 42% in Jan-may 05 compared to Jan-may 04.   Maggi introduced this advertisement in various magazines in 2003 to celebrate 20 years of its product in India.  Company is coming up with schemes like giving one soup pack with 8 piece pack.  Organized Retail Sales Promotion  7% discounts on 6 piece pack (56 MRP). Maggi rice noodles mania had the highest column centimeter in print during Jan – Aug ‟07 among the instant foods category.

the company has spent a huge amount of money in communicating the product‟s benefit to the target consumers. In Past. shelves or hung in twine baskets within their eye level. giving gifts on their return of empty packs.  Outer display shelves are purchased by company (Reliance mart). children often influence purchases by pestering their parents to buy things on seeing them. As their main target is children. Why? This is because that for a retail outlet the more value is generated large pack thus they try to project big size at convenience place. Maggi packs are usually placed in low counters.  Point of purchase advertising: Point-of-purchase advertising is any form of special display that advertises merchandise. A Look at the Display:  Large pack sizes at the top with decreasing pack sizes as going downward. 6 . etc. the company has promotional schemes like 4 piece pack with that of 36 instead of 40.  Consumer Promotion: Sampling: Initially NIL aggressively promoted Maggi noodles through several schemes like distributing free samples. Because.

com. while at the same time got them wedded to a common vision. which is quite vast. brand Maggi tasted its highest ever YOY volume growth. A vision that lends itself into its philosophy of creating „Contagious Ideas That Change The Conversation‟ Publicis Capital has been able to demonstrate this at a national level by changing the conversation on Maggi Noodles . Futures Group (USAID). Publicis Capital created the idea of „Me And My Maggi‟.inarguably the biggest food brand in India. Aegis. Nestle Corporate-South Asia Region. that took on a humongous base. Most importantly. United Biscuits (McVities). This has infused enough ownership and accountability amongst senior members. And with the noodle pack being shown as a replacement to Rice(that it targets to replace) the relevance of this ad is spot on. it has affected such success singularly because of its belief in being one team.Advertising agency – Publicis Groupe Type of agency Advertising Accounts won Maruti Suzuki (A-Star and Grand Vitara). Consumers of Maggi (STPD) – The target consumer group is also shown from the teenager to the grandmother. Cleartrip. Instead of the brand talking to the consumer. Voltas India. the campaign allowed the consumer to own the brand and talk about their unique stories with Maggi. The industry recognized Publicis‟ point of view and most importantly. 7 . Apollo Tyres Accounts lost None reported Publicis Capital is now a powerhouse that combines brand management and entrepreneurship that‟ll challenge benchmarks and paradigms in the time to come. Carrefour Retail. DLF Pramerica.

Mass marketing has become segmented marketing Source message – India is a country where people are star-struck by film stars. Working women. 8 . cricketers. Rice Mania – Teenage Cuppa Mania – Office goers. politicians. Veg. and brand communication messages delivered by celebrities and famous personalities generate a higher appeal. Good to Eat 2-Minute Noodles Taste Bhi. NIL used Preity Zinta.Segmentation Age Eating Habits Lifestyle of Urban Families Targeting Kids Youth Office Goers Working Women Health Conscious People Positioning Fast to cook. a very well-known actress of Indian cinema. as their celebrity spokes person. So. attention and recall than those executed by non-celebrities. Atta Noodles – Health Conscious. Health Bhi Differentiation Taste Flavors Packaging      Classic Noodles – 5 – 10 yrs.

Maggi has decided to turn to the Web for its campaign.  Some special privileges were given to regular members time to time like. What seems to be even more fascinating is the launch of new flavours in collaboration with their consumers. Creative aspect -  The Maggi Club . To obtain each gift the member has to send 5 wrappers as purchase proof. estimated at several million. Maggi has bought major advertising space on various sites. Facebook has become a major player in the social networking market. “I Love Maggi”. travel India game. 9 . Almost half the spending for the campaign. discounted tickets of Appu Ghar. Cap and mask sets.  Benefits offered to Maggi-clubbers are various games like Snap safari game. Disney today comic. especially since its campaign by creating pages like “India ka national food MAGGI hona chahiye”. is being devoted to online media. “Meri Maggi”.the children under 14 were invited by press advertisements and distribution of leaflets to become a member of Maggi club by sending logos cut from 5 empty Maggi wrappers.Advertising objective and budget –     To introduce new products To attract new customers and retain the existing ones To maintain sales of seasonal products To meet the challenge of competition With the recent Maggi Atta and Rice Noodles launch. On top of this innovative idea. Maggi projected it as “Maggi clubbers are fun lovers” and intended to use it as reference group.

in one ad. like it is a fun product for kids. also price related information are communicated through the advertisements. like it is a fun product for kids. The advertisement of Maggi provides information about nutrition facts and several flavors available also attract kids with colorful background and execution of ads. Media strategies  Hierarchy of Effects: Maggi ads have already crated enough awareness. They use cognitive strategies as product information is provided for the consumers on the ads. It states that. They use cognitive strategies as product information is provided for the consumers on the ads. Organize “ Me aur Meri Maggi” campaign. hungry child comes from out and says that he is hungry and mother says just 2-minutes and prepares Maggi noodles.   Music: Music is use as a stimulus in the Maggi ads to catch customers attention through its famous jingle “Just 2-minutes”.  Organized Maggi school quizzes and sketching.  Dramatization: For example. it was shown that a child. he is missing his mother and the noodles she 10 . now they focus on the other steps of hierarchy of effects model. is writing a letter to his mother that. NIL also involve affective message strategies as they relate Maggi noodles with the emotions. it‟s a healthy food which is also tasty.minutes. Nestle India Limited (NIL) also involves affective message strategies as they relate Maggi noodles with the emotions. Execution Framework:  Maggi follow different message strategies. the noodles can be prepared within just 2. Scarcity: as they offered a gift like a small toy or a Maggi Tiffin box along with purchases of 6 Maggi noodles packets.   Emotions: Maggi ads have emotional appeals as it shows. This ultimately results in actual purchase. Message Strategies: Maggi follow different message strategies. who is away from home. This has created a strong brand recall value. This was offered for a limited period of time. Rationality: Maggi ads are always contains information about the product.

Veterinary services are provided free. they are also missing their mom. availability of clean drinking water is a major concern for many communities. Social and ethical issues – Maggi India has always focused on long term. he saw his friends cooked Maggi noodles for him and they says. The company assists farmers in artificial insemination programs for their cattle.used to cook for him.  Education and Training Maggi supports initiatives to create awareness about the right to education and encourages the communities around its factories to send their children to school. and its recordings screened at smaller gatherings along the milk routes. provides subsidy and helps them in procuring loans.  Safe Drinking Water Water is a scarce resource. Almost 200 million people do not have access to clean drinking water. Nestlé India employees have developed a special play 'Let Us Go to School' for this purpose.  Informative: Info about nutrition facts and famous 2-minute cooking process. sustainable and profitable growth and helped communities around its factories to improve their quality of life in a similar manner. Nestlé India is committed to improving the situation and believes that the first step is to create awareness in the communities around its factories. Milk storage facilities have been set up close to the farmers. Then he smells something and look back. This has been staged amongst the communities around our factories. and medicines provided at wholesale cost. 11 . In India. A key focus area of our Corporate initiatives is to help provide Clean Drinking Water and educate children in schools to conserve this scarce resource.

Maggi being taken as generic to Noodles is hampering other extended product category. other competitors are coming up with more Indianized brand of products. It is learnt that the first thing it affects is your digestive system and you are prone to develop Gastritis and Acidity. and as Indian being more aware of their culture and large segment being typical and conservative about their culture.  NIL other option is acquiring products manufacturers of different products like biscuits. It makes others possible product category vulnerable if lunched under Maggi. Hindustan Lever has tea to it. India is huge market where distribution advantage plays major role and economies of scale pays back. chips and snacks as it is very essential for it‟s market leader position. LEARNINGS AND SUGGESTIONS –  Maggi though has been able to differentiate itself from other Noodles. 12 . So it‟s is important for NIL to concentrate on other ready to eat category to benefit consumers from economies of scale reflect in price. Competitors have high grounds to capture the market differentiating then from being Maggi. So to avoid proliferation of brand and introduce new products to capture opportunities in other snacks and ready to eat product category NIL has to introduce new branding strategy. NIL could catch the trend of market. As India is growing. ITC has biscuits to it. there care more chances that NIL would be successful if it creates a brand close to Indian culture in wording to positioning. One of the main ethical issue is that Opinions by Doctors about these foods branded as Junk Food by them and their bad effects.  As Indian Market is Brand conscious. Old Indian Brands are also regaining momentum worldwide. Other companies have advantage of such products.

aspx?OB=3&id=31 13 .in/maggi/1/showtags.Bibliography –     http://www.html

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