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The Man Who Dropped a Hammer on JFK - An Unauthorized Biography of the Psychopath Frank Fiorini Sturgis

The Man Who Dropped a Hammer on JFK - An Unauthorized Biography of the Psychopath Frank Fiorini Sturgis

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Published by AJ Weberman
It is impossible to estimate how many people this scumbag killed but one thing is for sure, the President of the United States, John Kennedy, was one of them.
It is impossible to estimate how many people this scumbag killed but one thing is for sure, the President of the United States, John Kennedy, was one of them.

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Published by: AJ Weberman on Mar 30, 2013
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The F@% 'ond"'ted inter(iews with other *"ban re&"#ees who had been in 5a(ana
when the raid o''"rred. They heard #"n&ire and a low)&lyin# plane d"rin# the period in

9rs. 5ilde !"areL 3iaL a blind *"ban who had arri(ed on the Ameri'an
!"r(eyor at Cort F(er#lades Florida on April >9 19A= was inter(iewed at
the %mmi#ration and 1at"raliLation !er(i'e in 9iami. !he was inter(iewed
in the presen'e o& her da"#hter -ra'iela 9arie !"areL 7 3iaL. 9rs.
!"areL stated she had resided at 1; whi'h is a s"b"rb o& 5a(ana *"ba. 5er home is lo'ated se(eral blo'ks
&rom the !hell Oil re&ineries. !he re'alled that abo"t three or &o"r ni#hts
prior to her depart"re on April >< 19A= at abo"t 8$=? p.m. to 9$1< p.m.
she heard #"n&ire. Fo"r or &i(e min"tes later she heard an airplane &lyin#
o(erhead. !he said it did not appear that the plane was &lyin# dire'tly o(er
the re&inery howe(er she was "nable to state the dire'tion or the altit"de
at whi'h this plane was &lyin#." HF@% 9iami >)=;A <.9.A=I

On April >7 19A= *"ban press and tele(ision anno"n'ed the April ><
19A= bombin# atta'k a#ainst the 1i'o GopeL Oil 0e&inery. *"ban
newspapers showed pi't"res o& a 1?? po"nd pra'ti'e bomb whi'h did not
e2plode and a +"antity o& one)po"nd TroEan Centolite primers whi'h did
not e2plode and a 'ontainer alle#edly &illed with 1apalm whi'h also did
not e2plode. There were also photo#raphs o& material appearin# to be
Crima'ord and an detonatin# 'ap. The *"ban media reported$

Abo"t 1?$?? p.m. on April >< 19A= a twin en#ine plane 'omin# &rom the
north &lew low o(er the 1i'o GopeL 0e&inery and dropped a 1??)po"nd
bomb and se(eral 'ans o& in&lammable material o& the napalm type that
did not e2plode. The plane then &lew o&& in the dire'tion &rom whi'h it had
'ome. Gater the 1orth Ameri'an news a#en'ies disseminated a report
that one Ale2ander 0orke said in the 'ity o& Washin#ton some ho"rs a&ter
the in'ident took pla'e that he was in the twin)en#ine plane that bombed
the re&inery.

5a(ana media e2plained that the atta'k &ailed d"e to a &a"lty &"se. On
9ay > 19A= *"ban 3ep"ty Crime 9inister 0ao"l *astro 'omplained$ "%&
the Dnited !tates wasn,t in 'ahoots with the raiders who bombed a
5a(ana oil re&inery it has at least shown toleran'e toward the atta'k
Hsin'eI the 'riminals re'ei(ed #reat p"bli'ity witho"t any a'tion bein#
taken a#ainst them." The F@% +"estioned 3eleted abo"t the raid$

On 9ar'h 7 19A= @atista Falla said that as head o& the 9ilitary !e'tion o&
the 93* he 'o"ld state that this alle#ed raid was not sponsored by the
*hristian 3emo'rati' 9o(ement altho"#h the o&&i'ial press release on
April >A 19A= was iss"ed by the *hristian 3emo'rati' 9o(ement in
*ara'as :eneL"ela. @atista re&"sed to answer any +"estions 'on'ernin#

his in(ol(ement in this matter and 'alled 0orke an imbe'ile &or makin# a
premat"re press anno"n'ement &rom Washin#ton 3.*. April >A 19A=.
@atista said the raids a#ainst *"ba wo"ld 'ontin"e by *"ban e2iles &rom
the Dnited !tates "ntil either the Dnited !tates Eailed these *"ban e2iles
or deported them &rom the Dnited !tates. HF@% 97);11?)<1I

On J"ne 8 19A< the F@% stated$ "%n(esti#ation re&le'ted that he H0orkeI
did "ndo"btedly parti'ipate in a bombin# raid a#ainst oil re&ineries in
5a(ana on the ni#ht o& April >< 19A= in 'ompany with -eo&&rey !"lli(an
and two other indi(id"als with !"lli(an ser(in# as the pilot o& their twin
en#ine @ee'h'ra&t. HF@% 1?<)1=99>>)=I The 1i'o GopeL raid was widely
reported in the press. The 0e. 4or- Times 'alled it the &irst air strike o(er
*"ba sin'e the @ay o& Ci#s. Ale2ander 0orke,s a'tions made the Bennedy
Administration appear as i& it was "nable li(e "p to its a#reement to '"rtail
raids on *"ba. 0orke also made it appear that *"ba,s air de&enses were
easily penetrated and i& Ameri'a #a(e the e2iles a &ree hand they 'o"ld
o(erthrow *astro. 0orke had to be stopped. On 9ay 17 19A= J. Walter
7ea#ley Assistant Attorney -eneral %nternal !e'"rity 3i(ision noted this
to J. Fd#ar 5oo(er in relation to the 1i'o GopeL raid

This 3i(ision has "nder 'onsideration the possibility o& instit"tin# #rand
E"ry a'tion in this matter. 5owe(er prior to makin# s"'h a de'ision it is
re+"ested that the &ollowin# additional in(esti#ation be 'ond"'ted by the
@"rea". %t is re+"ested that the te2ts o& broad'asts by *"ban radio statio
0FGOJ or any other *"ban station relatin# to the alle#ed bombin# raid
be obtained.

%t will also be appre'iated i& yo" will attempt to as'ertain whether any
in'endiary e2plosi(e or other material s"itable &or makin# bombs was
p"r'hased or otherwise obtained by any o& the persons reportedly
'onne'ted with this matter. %n this re#ard it is noted that -i&&ord Cin'hot
9iami indi'ated he knew 0orke and the others were #oin# on a bombin#
raid o(er 5a(ana and admitted he went with them to a E"nk yard near
9iami %nternational Airport to pi'k "p some 1?)#allon 'ans Japparently
"sed as bomb 'asin#sK. 7o" may also wish to in(esti#ate the possibility
that s"'h p"r'hases were made by 0orke !"lli(an or Wilson prior to their
arri(al in Florida on April >= 19A=." HF@% 97);A>=)11;I

The F@%$ "Fa'ts were s"bmitted to the J"sti'e 3epartment and prose'"tion was not
a"thoriLed where"pon F@% in(esti#ation was terminated."

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