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193832 the Paper Doctor a Vibrational Medicine Cabinet

193832 the Paper Doctor a Vibrational Medicine Cabinet

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A rare book on radionics
A rare book on radionics

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Published by: bowlah on Mar 30, 2013
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Use this remedy before facing physical hardships, harsh weather conditions, a long hike, any competitive
sport, or any situation requiring extra effort.

If you have not exercised recently due to a sedentary lifestyle, use this remedy before beginning your new
regimen. (If you are over 30, be sure to have a health check-up before exercising.)

This remedy can also be effective in helping you face psychological hardships such as difficult interviews,
tough business meetings, your ex-spouse, a grouchy boss or an important test at school.

Among this remedy's properties is its ability to help you perserve when you feel discouraged, especially if
you tend to be demanding and critical of yourfelf, and easily disparage your own abilities. It helps you
become more tolerant of your imperfections, and of your needs.

SPECIAL INDICATORS: (You may have one or more of these.)

Small setbacks seem overwhelming
You readily give up your desires when others objectt to them
You don't dare attempt something you really want to do
Need a boost to renew your enthusiasm
Easily intimidated by others


For physical hardships, make and drink this remedy every 15 minutes, just prior to the big event, or 2
glasses morning and night for several days in advance of your challenge.

For psychological hardships, use the remedy 2 times morning and night for two days prior to the event, is

If you are facing long-term hardship, such as a serious injury or debiliating disease, make and drink this
remedy 1 to 3 times a day for several weeks. It may help give you the strength to face this adversity. You
would know that the remedy was working if you noticed that you were developing a new, more positive
attitude about your situation, or were able to make a difficult decision you had been postponing.

If you experience no improvements after 3 glasses (short-term use) or one week (long-term use) of this
remedy, switch to the most appropriate among the alternative remedies listed below, or use the
RESISTANCE, page 229.


(if overwhelmed by a challenge) First Aid, page 141
(if something holds you back) Traumatic Events, page 297
Lifted Spirits, page 177
Tired Feet, page 285

Inner Strength

The Paper Doctor



The Paper Doctor


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