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Joseph Turner

Other Important Paintings
Dido building Carthage or the Rise of
the Carthaginian Empire

The building of the North
African city of Carthage,
which Dido founded.

The figure in white is Dido

The tomb erected for Dido's
dead husband, Sichaeus.

Name: Dido building Carthage

Author: Joseph Turner

Use of pail colors

Painting Year: 1815 
Watercolor technic

Material:Oil on canvas (155.5 x 232 cm)

Location: National Gallery, London
Colour Beginning

It's considered a way to
study the color

It shows a gradually
change of color, from
blue to brown

It calms you down 
Name: Colour Beginning

Author: Joseph Turner
It show a pretty light

Painting Year: 1819

It has a great texture 
Material: Watercolor (22.5 x 28.6 cm)

Location: Tate Gallery, London
The Grand Canal, Venice

As the name shows this
picture represents the
Grand Canal of Venice

It's considered one of
his greatest works and
one of the most
Name: The Grand Canal, Venice
agreeable works

Author: Joseph Turner

Painting year: 1835

It was shown with four

Material: Oil on canvas (91.4 x 122.2 cm) other works

Location: The Metropolitan Museum of Art,
New York