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Form Builder Referencia

Form Builder Referencia

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Published by Daniel Viana

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Published by: Daniel Viana on Mar 31, 2013
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Restricted built-ins affect navigation in your form, either external screen navigation, or internal
navigation. You can call these built-ins only from triggers while no internal navigation is occurring.

Restricted built-ins cannot be called from the Pre and Post triggers, which fire when Form Builder is
navigating from object to another.

Restricted built-ins can be called from the When triggers that are specific to interface items, such as
When-Button-Pressed or When-Checkbox-Changed. Restricted built-ins can also be called from any of
the When-New-"object"-Instance triggers and from key triggers.

Unrestricted built-ins do not affect logical or physical navigation and can be called from any trigger.


The built-in descriptions include a heading, Built-In Type, that indicates if the built-in is restricted or

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