Ten Guiding Principles
Of Change Management
DeAnne Aguirre
Gary Neilson
Paul Hyde
Andrew Tipping
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Originally published as:
Ten Guiding Principles of Change Management,
by Reggie Van Lee, John Jones, Paul Hyde, Gary Neilson, Andrew Tipping, DeAnne Aguirre, Wolfgang Schirra, Jörg Krings,
and Claudia Staub, Booz Allen Hamilton, 2004.
Gary Neilson
Senior Partner
San Francisco
DeAnne Aguirre
Senior Partner
Andrew Tipping
New York
Paul Hyde
Wolfgang Schirra
Executive Advisor
Jörg Krings
1 2
Lcngterm struotural transfcrmatlcn ls oharaoterlzed
by soale÷lt affeots all cr mcst cf the crganlzatlcn; by
magnltude÷lt lnvclves slgnlfloant alteratlcns frcm the
status quc; by duratlcn÷the ohange prcgram lasts fcr
mcnths lf nct years; and by lts strateglo lmpcrtanoe. Yet
ocmpanles wlll reap the rewards cnly when ohange coours
at the level cf the lndlvldual emplcyee.
Many senlcr exeoutlves reocgnlze thls, and lt wcrrles
them. when asked what keeps them up at nlght, CL0s
cften wcnder abcut ¨hcw the wcrkfcroe wlll reaot,¨
¨gettlng my team tc wcrk tcgether and pull thls cff,¨
¨leadlng my pecple thrcugh thls,¨ ¨retalnlng cur unlque
values and sense cf ldentlty,¨ cr ¨oreatlng a oulture cf
ocmmltment and perfcrmanoe.¨ Leadershlp teams that
fall tc plan fcr the human slde cf ohange cften flnd
themselves wcnderlng why thelr bestlald plans gc awry.
Bccz ^llen has partnered wlth dczens cf ocmpanles tc
plan and exeoute sweeplng ohange. Thrcugh the ocurse
cf these engagements, we have develcped a unlque
perspeotlve cn managlng the human slde cf ohange. Nc
slngle methcdclcgy flts every ocmpany, but a set cf prao
tloes, tccls, and teohnlques oan be adapted tc a varlety
cf sltuatlcns. wlth these as a systematlo, hcllstlo frame
wcrk, we oan help exeoutlves understand what tc expeot,
hcw tc manage thelr cwn perscnal ohange and hcw tc
engage the entlre crganlzatlcn ln the prcoess. what fcl
lcws ls cur Tcp Ten llst cf guldlng prlnolples fcr transfcr
matlcnal ohange.
1) Address the human s|de ef change systemat|-
ca||y: ^ny transfcrmatlcn cf slgnlfloanoe wlll oreate
pecple lssues. New leaders wlll be asked tc step
up, jcbs wlll be ohanged, new skllls and oapabllltles
must be develcped, and pecple wlll be unoertaln
and wlll reslst. Deallng wlth these lssues cn a reao
tlve, oasebyoase basls puts speed, mcrale, and
results at rlsk. ^ dlsolpllned apprcaoh tc ohange
management must be cne cf the fcur plllars cf any
transfcrmatlcn apprcaoh (see Lxhlblt 1, page 2).
Thls faotbased apprcaoh demands as muoh data
oclleotlcn and analysls, plannlng, and lmplementa
tlcn dlsolpllne as a redeslgn cf strategy, systems, cr
prcoesses. lt shculd be fully lntegrated lntc prcgram
deslgn and deolslcnmaklng, bcth lnfcrmlng and
enabllng strateglo dlreotlcn. lt shculd be based cn
a reallstlo assessment cf the crganlzatlcn`s hlstcry,
readlness, and oapaolty tc ohange. ^nd lt shculd
llnk multlple ohange lnltlatlves tcgether. ^ fcrmal
apprcaoh fcr managlng ohange÷beglnnlng wlth the
leadershlp team and then engaglng key stakehclders
and leaders÷shculd be develcped early but adapted
cften as ohange mcves thrcugh the crganlzatlcn.
Suooess at largesoale transfcrmatlcn demands
mcre than the best strateglo and taotloal plans,
the tradltlcnal fcous cf senlcr exeoutlves and
thelr advlsers. lt requlres an lntlmate under
standlng cf the human slde, as well÷the ocm
pany`s oulture, values, pecple, and behavlcrs
that must be ohanged tc dellver the deslred
results. llans themselves dc nct oapture value.
value ls reallzed cnly thrcugh the sustalned,
oclleotlve aotlcns cf thcusands cr tens cf thcu
sands cf emplcyees whc are respcnslble fcr
deslgnlng, exeoutlng, and llvlng the ohange.
1 2
2) Change starts at the teµ and beg|ns en day ene:
Change ls lnherently unsettllng fcr pecple at all
levels cf an crganlzatlcn, and when lt ls cn the
hcrlzcn all eyes wlll turn tc the CL0 and the lead
ershlp team fcr strength, suppcrt, and dlreotlcn.
The leadershlp must ohange flrst tc ohallenge and
mctlvate the rest cf the lnstltutlcn, speaklng wlth
cne vcloe and ¨walklng the talk¨ tc mcdel deslred
behavlcr. ^t the same tlme, lndlvldual exeoutlve
team members are gclng thrcugh thelr cwn per
scnal ohanges and need tc be suppcrted sc that
they oan be ln agreement wlth thelr exeoutlve
team members. Lxeoutlve teams that wcrk well
tcgether, that are allgned and ocmmltted tc the
dlreotlcn cf ohange, that understand the oulture
and behavlcrs lt lntends tc lntrcduoe, and that oan
mcdel thcse ohanges themselves are best pcsl
tlcned fcr suooess.
3) Rea| change haµµens at the bettem: ^s transfcr
matlcn prcgrams prcgress thrcugh strategy/target
settlng, deslgn, and lmplementatlcn, they affeot
dlfferent levels cf the crganlzatlcn. Change effcrts
must lnolude plans fcr ldentlfylng leaders and
pushlng respcnslblllty fcr deslgn and lmplementa
tlcn dcwn thrcugh the crganlzatlcn (see Lxhlblt 2,
page 3). Strategy and target settlng ls usually the
respcnslblllty cf the leadershlp team and lts dlreot
repcrts. Deslgn teams drawn frcm the next layer
cf exeoutlves and senlcr managers must be pre
pared tc wcrk aorcss sllcs and lead the ohange.
lmplementatlcn relles cn llne managers and lndl
Phase I
0pportunlty 0eIlnltlon
Phase II
0eslgn and Plannlng
Phase III
Lngage the tcp and lead the
Casoade dcwn and break
Mcblllze the base and
oreate cwnershlp
Deflne prcblem, set the vlslcn,
and slze the prlze
Drlve deslgn teams tc meet
the numbers
Measure, traok and hcld
fleld aoocuntable
Deslgn the mcdel
÷ lrcoess
÷ lT systems
÷ 0rganlzatlcn
llan the lmplementatlcn
Detall deslgn where
^dapt tc lmplementatlcn
Deflne prcblem, set the vlslcn,
and slze the prlze
Translate vlslcn lntc
speolflo, aotlcnable
£xh|b|t 1
Ccmprehenslve StrategyBased Transfcrmatlcn ^pprcaoh
Scuroe: Bccz ^llen Hamlltcn
C||ent £xamµ|e:
The senlcr team cf a large ocnsumer servloes ocm
pany rclled cut an lnltlatlve tc lmprcve the efflolenoy
and perfcrmanoe cf lts ocrpcrate and fleld staff
befcre addresslng ohange lssues at the cffloer level.
The lnltlatlve reallzed lnltlal ocst savlngs but stalled
as emplcyees began tc questlcn the leadershlp
team`s vlslcn and ocmmltment tc the ohange prc
gram. Mlddle managers dldn`t embraoe the prcgram,
nct wantlng tc take rlsks untll they the dlreotlcn and
permanenoe cf the lnltlatlve were olear. 0nly after
the leadershlp team went thrcugh the prcoess cf
allgnlng and ocmmlttlng tc the ohange lnltlatlve was
the wcrkfcroe able tc dellver dcwnstream results.
3 4
vldual ocntrlbutcrs. Laoh cf these layers must
have ldentlfled, tralned leaders whc are allgned tc
the ocmpany`s vlslcn, equlpped tc exeoute thelr
speolflo mlsslcn, and mctlvated tc make ohange
happen. These ohange leaders must be released
frcm thelr ourrent asslgnments and dedloated tc
the wcrk cf ohange.
4) Cenfrent rea||ty, demenstrate fa|th, and craft
a v|s|en: lndlvlduals are lnherently ratlcnal and
wlll questlcn tc what extent ohange ls needed,
whether the ocmpany ls headed ln the rlght dlreo
tlcn, and whether they want tc perscnally ocmmlt
tc maklng ohange happen. They wlll lcck tc the
leadershlp fcr answers. ^rtloulatlng a fcrmal oase
fcr ohange and oreatlng a wrltten vlslcn statement
are lnvaluable cppcrtunltles tc oreate (cr fcroe)
leadershlp team allgnment. Leaders must then
oustcmlze thls message fcr varlcus lnternal audl
enoes, desorlblng the pendlng ohange ln terms
that matter tc the lndlvldual:
#ONFRONTING REALITY and artloulatlng a ocmpelllng
need fcr ohange
$EMONSTRATING FAITH that the ocmpany has a
vlable future and the leadershlp tc get there
0ROVIDING A ROADMAP tc gulde behavlcr and deol
"£ngage the Top and
Lead the 0hange"
Bulld leadershlp team
Lstabllsh oase fcr ohange and oraft vlslcn
Ccnduot oultural dlagncstlo
Bulld ohange elements lntc prcgram deslgn
ldentlfy and empcwer key ohange agents
Create orcssfunotlcnal teams
Deslgn crganlzatlcnwlde ohange prcgram
Rcll cut ocmmunloatlcns plan
Rcll cut ohange prcgram at the base
Measure ohange
Lmbraoe learnlng and kncwledge sharlng
lrcvlde needed tralnlng and suppcrt
Faollltate bcttcmup and tcpdcwn ocmmunloatlcn

"0ascade 0own and
Break Barrlers"

"Moblllze the Basls and
0reate 0wnershlp"

£xh|b|t 2
Casoadlng 0wnershlp
Scuroe: Bccz ^llen Hamlltcn
C||ent £xamµ|e:
^ majcr multlllne lnsurer wlth ocnslstently flat earn
lngs determlned that lt needed tc ohange perfcr
manoe and behavlcr tc prepare fcr gclng publlo. lt
fcllcwed the oasoadlng apprcaoh tc ohange, tralnlng
and suppcrtlng teams at eaoh stage: 10 cffloers
settlng the strategy, vlslcn, and targets; 6080
senlcr exeoutlves and managers deslgnlng the ocre
cf the ohange lnltlatlve; 500 leaders frcm the fleld
gettlng the detalls rlght and drlvlng lmplementatlcn.
Thls struoture remalned ln plaoe thrcughcut the
ohange prcgram, whloh dcubled earnlngs far ahead
cf sohedule.
C||ent £xamµ|e:
^ ocnsumer paokagedgccds ocmpany experlenolng
years cf steadlly deollnlng earnlngs determlned that
lt needed tc slgnlfloantly restruoture lts cperatlcns
tc remaln ocmpetltlve, sheddlng upwards cf 30º cf
the wcrkfcroe ln the prcoess. The leadershlp team`s
ohallenge was tc shlft the fcous frcm the masslve
dcwnslzlng and engage the survlvcrs ln embraolng
the new buslness strategy. Thrcugh a serles cf cffslte
meetlngs, the exeoutlve team bullt a brutally hcnest
buslness oase that dcwnslzlng was the cnly way tc
keep the buslness vlable and drew cn the ocmpany`s
prcud herltage tc oraft a ocmpelllng vlslcn tc lead
the ocmpany fcrward. By ocnfrcntlng reallty and help
lng emplcyees understand the neoesslty fcr ohange,
the leadershlp was able tc mctlvate the crganlzatlcn
tc fcllcw the new dlreotlcn ln the mldst the largest
dcwnslzlng ln the ocmpany`s hlstcry.
3 4
5) Create ewnersh|µ, net just buy-|n: Large ohange
prcgrams requlre a dlstrlbuted leadershlp that
has brcad lnfluenoe cver deolslcns bcth vlslble
and lnvlslble tc the senlcr team (see Lxhlblt 4).
Change leaders must cverperfcrm durlng the
transfcrmatlcn and be the zealcts that oreate
orltloal mass fcr ohange ln the wcrkfcroe. Thls
requlres mcre than mere buyln cr passlve agree
ment that the dlreotlcn cf ohange ls aooeptable.
lt demands cwnershlp by leaders wllllng tc aooept
respcnslblllty fcr maklng ohange happen ln all cf
the areas they lnfluenoe cr ocntrcl. 0wnershlp ls
cften best oreated by lnvclvlng pecple ln ldentlfy
lng lssues and oraftlng sclutlcns. lt ls relnfcroed
by a ocmblnatlcn cf tanglble (flnanolal ocmpen
satlcn) and psyohclcgloal (oamaraderle, sense
cf shared destlny) lnoentlves and rewards. Many
ocmpanles oreate ¨deslgn and bulld¨ teams led
by key ohange agents tc develcp the ocre strate
gles they wlll need tc lmplement. Mlddle and llne
managers are llkewlse engaged ln lhase lll cf the
ohange prcgram tc flesh cut the detalled lmple
mentatlcn plans that they wlll fcllcw.
6) Pract|ce targeted ever-cemmun|cat|en: The best
lald plans are cnly as gccd as the lnstltutlcn`s
ablllty tc understand, adcpt, and aot cn them.
Tcc cften, ohange leaders make the mlstake cf
bellevlng that cthers understand the lssues, feel
the need tc ohange, and see the new dlreotlcn
as olearly as they dc. The best ohange prcgrams
relnfcroe ocre messages thrcugh regular, tlmely
advloe that ls bcth lnsplratlcnal and aotlcnable.
Ccmmunloatlcn ls bcth cutbcund and lnbcund. lt
shculd be targeted sc as tc prcvlde emplcyees
the rlght lnfcrmatlcn at the rlght tlme, tc scllolt
thelr lnput and feedbaok and tc oheok ln cn thelr
emctlcnal respcnse tc what they`ve heard. Change
prcgrams cften requlre cverocmmunloatlcn
thrcugh multlple, redundant ohannels. Hcwever,
ocmmunloatlcn must be tlmed, occrdlnated, ocn
slstent and perscnal. The best ohange leaders
speak frcm the heart and ocnvey a deep sense cf
perscnal ocmmltment. They tell a ocnslstent stcry
and vlew telllng the stcry as a key respcnslblllty ln
the ohange prcoess.
?) £xµ||c|t|y address cu|ture and attack the cu|tura|
center: Ccmpany oulture ls an amalgam cf shared
hlstcry, expllolt values and bellefs, and ocmmcn
attltudes and behavlcrs. Change prcgrams cften
requlre amendlng, oreatlng (ln new ocmpanles cr
ocmpanles bullt thrcugh multlple aoqulsltlcns),
retalnlng (ln stcrled ocnsumer gccds cr manu
faoturlng ocnoerns), cr merglng (ln mergers cr
aoqulsltlcns cf large ocmpanles) oulture tc be
"0onIront the most
brutal Iacts oI the
current sltuatlon"
"£xplaln where you are
golng and what you need
to do to get there"
"Retaln Ialth that you
wlll prevall ln the end,
regardless oI dlIIlculty"
1 2
Number of PeopIe/ Required

îuµ |\ecs as 6nange
|uroer of leop|e/Requ|red
Iouc| lo|rts
I|me,Project Phase
lere| of
Prugram |eaoers as
6nange 4gents
Permanent 6nange |n
|runt||ne Vanagers ano
Scuroe: Bccz ^llen Hamlltcn
£xh|b|t 4
0rganlzatlcnal Reaoh cf Change lrcgram
(1) 1. Cclllns, Cccd tc Creat, Harper Cclllns, 2001
Scuroe: Bccz ^llen Hamlltcn
£xh|b|t 3
Change Leaders` Message tc the lnstltutlcn
C||ent £xamµ|e:
ln the late 1990s, the Ccmmlsslcner cf the lnternal
Revenue Servloe had a vlslcn cf treatlng taxpayers
as oustcmers and turnlng a feared bureauoraoy lntc
a wcrldolass servloe crganlzatlcn. Cettlng mcre
than 100,000 emplcyees tc thlnk and aot dlfferently
requlred mcre than just system redeslgn and prc
oess ohange. lRS leadershlp deslgned and exeouted
an ambltlcus ocmmunloatlcns prcgram lnoludlng
dally vcloemalls frcm the Ccmmlsslcner and hls tcp
staff, tralnlng sesslcns, vldectapes and newsletters,
and tcwn hall meetlngs that ocntlnued thrcugh the
transfcrmatlcn. Tlmely, ocnstant, praotloal ocm
munloatlcn was at the heart cf the prcgram, whloh
brcught the lRS`s oustcmer ratlngs frcm lcwest ln
the ocuntry tc lts ourrent ranklng abcve the llkes cf
MoDcnald`s and mcst alrllnes.
5 6
suooessful. Culture shculd be addressed as thcr
cughly as any cther area. Thls requlres develcplng
a basellne thrcugh a oultural/crganlzatlcnal dlag
ncstlo, deflnlng an expllolt endstate cr deslred
oulture, and devlslng detalled plans tc make the
transltlcn. ^fter ocmpletlng the vlslcn and thlnklng
abcut the deslred oulture, leaders oan assess the
ourrent oulture tc understand the gaps that need
tc be brldged and tc ldentlfy strategles tc aooeler
ate the develcpment cf a new oulture. Leaders
shculd be expllolt abcut the type cf oulture and
underlylng behavlcrs that wlll best suppcrt the
new way cf dclng buslness, and flnd cppcrtunltles
tc scolallze, mcdel, and reward thcse behavlcrs.
^ttaoklng the oultural oenter cf a ocmpany÷the
lcous cf thcught, aotlvlty, lnfluenoe, cr perscnal
ldentlfloatlcn÷ls cften an effeotlve way tc jump
start oulture ohange (see Lxhlblt 5).
8) Assess the cu|tura| |andscaµe ear|y: Suooessful
ohange prcgrams plok up speed and lntenslty as
they oasoade dcwn, maklng lt orltloally lmpcrtant
tc understand and aoocunt fcr oulture and behav
lcrs at eaoh level cf the crganlzatlcn. Ccmpanles
cften make the mlstake cf assesslng oulture
elther tcc late cr nct at all. Thcrcugh oultural dlag
ncstlos oan assess crganlzatlcnal readlness tc
ohange, brlng majcr lssues tc the surfaoe, ldentlfy
oultural faotcrs that wlll suppcrt cr lnhlblt ohange,
and target scuroes cf leadershlp and reslstanoe.
They ldentlfy the ocre values, bellefs, behavlcrs,
and peroeptlcns that must be taken lntc aoocunt
fcr suooessful ohange tc coour. They serve as the
ocmmcn faot basellne fcr deslgnlng key ohange
elements, suoh as the new ocrpcrate vlslcn, and
bulldlng the lnfrastruoture and prcgrams needed
tc drlve ohange.
9) Preµare fer the unexµected: Nc ohange prcgram
has gcne ocmpletely aoocrdlng tc sorlpt. lecple
wlll reaot ln unexpeoted ways, areas cf antlolpated
reslstanoe wlll fall away, and the external envl
rcnment wlll shlft. Lffeotlvely managlng ohange
requlres ocnstantly reassesslng the lmpaot cf
ohange effcrts and the crganlzatlcn`s wllllngness
and ablllty tc adcpt the next wave cf transfcrma
tlcn. Fed by real data frcm the fleld and suppcrted
by lnfcrmatlcn and deolslcnmaklng prcoesses that
C||ent £xamµ|e:
^ ocnsumer gccds ocmpany wlth a sulte cf premlum
brands determlned that buslness realltles demanded
a greater fcous cn prcfltablllty and bcttcmllne
aoocuntablllty. ln addltlcn tc redeslgnlng metrlos
and lnoentlves, lt develcped a plan tc systematloally
ohange the ocmpany`s oulture, beglnnlng wlth market
lng, the ocmpany`s hlstcrloal oenter. lt brcught the
marketlng staff lntc the prcoess early tc oreate zeal
cts fcr thls new phllcscphy, adaptlng marketlng oam
palgns, spend plans, and lnoentlve prcgrams tc be
mcre aoocuntable. The rest cf the ocmpany qulokly
fell ln llne, and the mcdlfled oulture tcck cff.
£xh|b|t 5
^ttaoklng the Cultural Center
Scuroe: Bccz ^llen Hamlltcn
throagh the
0haage the
0u|tura| certer c|arges t|roug|.
- lrgag|rg |r ear|] so|ut|or des|gr
- ldert|f]|rg s]roo|s/tea|ots ard
a||gr|rg to des|red oe|a»|ors
- ReWard|rg success »|s|o|]
Ioo|s for propagat|or: c|arge d|agrost|c,
forra| corrur|cat|or ard tra|r|rg, tea|ots
Re|rforc|rg rec|ar|srs
- 0rganlzatlcn ard peop|e c|arges
|rc|ud|rg structure, oourdar|es, ard
dec|s|or r|g|ts
- Ioo|s, processes, ard s]sters c|arges
- Vetr|cs, |rcert|»es, reWards c|arges
C||ent £xamµ|e:
^ leadlng U.S. healthoare ocmpany was faolng
ocmpetltlve and fnanolal pressures due tc lts
lnablllty tc reaot tc ohanges ln the marketplaoe. ^n
crganlzatlcnal dlagncstlo revealed shcrtocmlngs
ln lts crganlzatlcnal struoture and gcvernanoe, and
the ocmpany deolded tc lmplement a new cperatlng
mcdel. The leadershlp team stccd behlnd the new
mcdel they had seleoted and were exolted abcut thelr
shared asplratlcn, but ln the mldst cf lts detalled
deslgn a CL0 shlft coourred, and a new leadershlp
team tcck cver. The new team was lnltlally skeptloal÷
the task at hand was tc cverocme the ¨nct lnvented
by us¨ syndrcme. lt tcck a retrenohlng and a sclld
oase fcr ohange, grcunded ln faots and suppcrted by
the crganlzatlcn at large, tc ultlmately ocnvlnoe the
new leadershlp team tc ocntlnue dcwn that path. The
fundamentals cf the new cperatlng mcdel remalned
unohanged but adjustments were made tc the speed
and sequenoe cf lmplementatlcn aotlvltles.
5 6
elevate and resclve lssues, ohange leaders oan
then make the adjustments neoessary tc malntaln
mcmentum and drlve results.
10) 5µeak te the |nd|v|dua| as we|| as te the |nst|-
tut|en: Change ls a perscnal jcurney as well as
an lnstltutlcnal cne. lt truly dces happen cne
perscn and cne team at a tlme. lndlvlduals (cr
teams cf lndlvlduals) need tc kncw hcw thelr
wcrk wlll ohange, what ls expeoted cf them dur
lng and after the ohange prcgram, hcw they wlll
be measured, and what suooess cr fallure wlll
mean fcr them. Be hcnest and as expllolt as pcs
slble. lecple wlll reaot tc what they see and hear
arcund them. lnvclve pecple ln the ohange prc
oess. lrcvlde hlghly vlslble rewards (prcmctlcn,
reocgnltlcn, bcnuses) as dramatlo relnfcroement
fcr embraolng ohange. Sanotlcnlng cr remcvlng
pecple standlng ln the way cf ohange relnfcroes
the lnstltutlcn`s ocmmltment.
Mcst leaders ocntemplatlng ohange kncw that pecple
matter. lt ls all tcc temptlng, hcwever, tc dwell cn the
plans and prcoesses, whloh dcn`t talk baok and dcn`t
respcnd emctlcnally, than tc faoe up tc the mcre dlffl
oult, and mcre orltloal, human lssues. These guldellnes
shculd help dlspel scme cf the mystery cf suooessfully
masterlng the ¨scft¨ slde cf ohange.
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