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Coca Cola Slides

Coca Cola Slides

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Published by Russell Monroe
company analysis
company analysis

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Published by: Russell Monroe on Mar 31, 2013
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The Coca-Cola Company

Talent Management meets Global Mobility
Classified - Internal use

300 bottling partners • Ca.Internal use . 80% of sales outside of North America Classified .TCCC – Some facts • Worlds largest beverage company and most recognised & valued brand • Servings: 1.7 billion per day • More than 500 brands in 200+ countries • 140.000+ associates worldwide • Ca.

Internal use . Classified . • Partners – Be the most preferred and trusted beverage partner. • Profit – More than double system revenues while increasing system margins.Coca-Cola Goals for 2020 • People – Be a great place to work.

Classified . • Productivity – Manage people. 1 in the NARTD beverage business in every market and every category that is of value to us. time and money for greatest effectiveness. energy and climate protection. • Planet – Be a global leader in sustainable water use.Internal use .Goals for 2020 – cont. packaging. • Portfolio – More than double our servings to over 3 billion a day and be No.

– Compensation & Benefits (C&B).Coca-Cola HR • HR business transformed in 2010 • Even closer synergies now between: – Talent Acquisition (TA).Internal use . and – Global Mobility (GM) across geographies and Business Units Classified . – Talent Management (TM).

GM Set-up • There is a GM “Centre of Expertise” (CoE) consultant for each region: – North America – Latin America – Europe – Eurasia/Africa – Pacific Classified .Internal use .

Internal use . resources only available in another country • GM now included early on in the process • When candidate(s) identified and a crossborder move imminent. GM involved in discussions with TAP and Hiring Manager • GM not a driver but now heavily involved before and during the event Classified .Where does Global Mobility fit? • TCCC is a global company and more often.

The new operating model will allow HR and therefore the business. to focus on the things that really matter • Planning & driving top-line growth • Building brand love & value with our consumers • Working with our bottlers to build a healthy system for the future • Collaborating with our customers & executing to win Global Business Services Business Unit HR BU / Group HRD’s  Build people strategies and drive   change / organizational effectiveness. standardized end-to end processes and tools Provide expert consulting and support to local needs With service level agreements with Groups Lean Corporate Center • Governance Classified . scalable programs  Create simple. in partnership with the business Coach and advise Business Unit leaders Enable talent and performance management for their business  Transactional services across all HR  Implement certain initiatives and plans developed by the COE. with input from HRD’s processes Shared Transaction Services GBS HR (located (located in in regional sites) regional sites) Scaled Expertise COE’s e.Internal use • Strategy  . • C&B • Talent Mgmt • Talent Acquisition • Global Mobility Corporate Center Scaled Expertise (COE)  HR strategy & thought leadership  Governance of people programs  Global policy sign-off  Interface with Senior Company Leaders  & Operating Committee Support executive development and compensation  Design global ..g.

Building a Global Talent Acquisition Foundation The Foundation Right People • Global recruiting team with deep sourcing expertise One Process • Common global process Technology Platform • Single global technology HIGHLY RESTRICTED Classified .Internal use 9 .

Internal use . Recruiting Tactics Internet postings referrals Networking and (2) Passive .Employed.Employed but open to a position Moderate Prospect willing to explore other opportunities Prospect Internet postings referrals Networking and Contingent may be disenchanted with current employer and Retained Search Firms  Contingent (3) Relationship Focused. happy. & not seeking external opportunities Difficult Any company’s most prized employees and typically the high potentials & Retained Search Firms referrals  Networking and  Sourcing Consultant 10 Classified .The best talent is often the hardest to find & attract Prospect Types (1) Active . may have left previous role truly on own accord or may be a potential performance issue.Unemployed and actively seeking a position Difficulty Easy Riskiest to Value hire.

The Value of Direct Sourcing Talent External Search Firms Consultant managing multiple clients vs Direct Sourcing Model Dedicated internal expert Pipeline building ahead of Open Requisitions Pro-active introductions of key talent External market intelligence ‘owned’ by Coca-Cola Understanding of the Coca-Cola system and culture Unrestricted access to worldwide talent pool Long term motivation Limited. if any knowledge of future needs Motivated to fill immediate hiring needs Market intelligence reused for other clients Limited/Narrow exposure to Coca-Cola Restricted by off-limits policies Short term motivation Build own firm reputation Build Coca-Cola employer brand 11 Classified .Internal use .

thus – Type of assignment/policy Classified .Internal use .GM “Ownership” • Any cross-border move of an associate is “owned” by GM (host country) • CoE works closely with TAP and Hiring Manager to: – Understand reason for the move – Long-term objectives for the associate – Anticipated length of assignment.

SBP and candidate Classified .How does GM help the process? • Guides the Business in relation to policy type • Conducts due diligence: – Review corporate entities in home and host – Consider secondment agreements – Review potential PE and TP issues – Advise on compensation package • All this takes place during discussions with Hiring Manager.Internal use .

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