Electric Vehicle


Configuration of EVs Primary EV Conceptual illustration of general EV configuration • EV Drive train’s major subsystems: – Electric motor propulsion – Energy source – Auxiliary 2 .

and clutch – (b) Single-gear transmission – (c) Integrated fixed gearing and differential – (d) Two separated motors and fixed gearing – (e) Direct drive with two separated motors (in wheel drive) – (f) Two in-wheel motor 3 .Configuration of EVs • Possible EV configuration – (a) Conventional driveline with multigear trans.

speed / base speed Permanent magnet motor x<2 Induction motor may achieve x=4 4 .Performance of EVs (traction motor characteristics) Typical motor characteristics • • • Speed ratio: x = max.

• These three have same acceleration and gradeability performance 5 . X=6 & single-gear trans.Performance of EVs • Tractive effort vs. X=4 & two-gear trans. vehicle speed X=2 & three-gear trans.

Performance of EVs Power rating vs. final speed 6 . speed factor Acceleration time & distance vs.

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