COLLECTIVE NOUNS PEOPLE a band of musicians a bench of magistrates a bevy of beauties/girls/ladies a billow of smokers a board of directors

a body of men a bunch of crooks a caravan of gypsies a choir/group of singers a class of pupils/students a company of actors a congregation of worshippers a crew of sailors a crowd of spectators, people a dynasty of kings a field of athletes a galaxy of beautiful women a galaxy of film stars a gang of crooks a gang of labourers a gang of prisoners a gang of robbers a gang of thieves a group of dancers a horde of savages a host of angels; friends a house of senators a huddle of lawyers a line of kings/rulers a mob of gangsters a mob of rioters a pack of rascals a pack of thieves a panel of judges/experts a party of friends a party of friends a party of politicians a patrol of policemen a posse of policemen a posse/patrol of policemen a regiment of soldiers a relay of runners a school of pupils a staff of employees a staff of servants a staff of teachers a team of players a team of players/doctors/ scientists a tribe of natives a troop of scouts a troupe of artistes a troupe of dancers a troupe of performers an army of soldiers ANIMALS a bevy of quail a brood/flock of chickens a catch of fish a cloud of flies a cloud of insects a cloud of locusts a colony of gulls a drove of cattle a drove of horses a flight of birds a flight of doves a flight of locusts a flight of swallows a flock of birds a flock of chickens a flock of geese a flock of sheep a gaggle of geese a haul of fish a haul/shoal/catch of fish a herd of buffaloes a herd of cattle a herd of deer a herd of elephants

a herd of goats a herd of swine a hive of bees a host of sparrows a kindle of kittens a litter of cubs a litter of kittens a litter of piglets a litter of puppies a litter of cubs a menagerie of wild animals a muster of peacocks a nest of ants a nest of mice a nest of rabbits a pack of hounds a pack of wolves a plague of insects a plague of locusts a pride of lions a school of herrings/other small fish a school of porpoises a school of whales a shoal of fish a string of horses a stud of horses a swarm of ants a swarm of bees a swarm of insects a swarm of locusts a team of oxen a team of horses a train of camels a tribe of goats a troop of lions a troop of monkeys a zoo of wild animals an army of ants THINGS a bale of cotton a basket of fruits a batch/ loaf of bread

a battery of guns a belt of asteroids a bouquet of flowers a bowl of rice a bunch of bananas a bunch of flowers a bunch of grapes a bunch of keys a bundle of firewood/sticks a bundle of hay a bundle of rags/old clothes a bundle of sticks a catalogue of prices/goods a chain of mountains a chest of drawers a cloud of dust a clump of bushes a clump of trees a cluster of coconuts a cluster of diamonds a cluster of grapes a cluster of stars a clutch of eggs a collection of coins a collection of curiosities a collection of pictures a collection of relics a collection of stamps a column of smoke a comb of bananas a compendium of games a constellation of stars a crate of fruit a crop of apples a fall of rain a fall of snow a fleet of motor-cars/taxis a fleet of ships a flight of aeroplanes a flight of stairs; steps a forest of trees a galaxy of stars a garland of flowers a glossary of difficult words/phrases

a group of islands a grove of trees a heap/ pile of stones a hedge of bushes a library of books a line of cars a necklace of pearls a pack of cards a pack of lies a packet of cigarettes a packet of letters a pair of shoes a peal of bells a pencil of rays a pile of stones a punnet of strawberries/raspberries a quiver of arrows a range of hills a range of mountains a ream of paper a reel of film/thread a ring of keys a roll of film/cloth a rope of pearls a row of houses a series of events a set of china a set of clubs a set of tools a set/ kit of tools/crockery a sheaf of corn

a sheaf of arrows a sheaf of grain a sheaf of papers a sheaf of wheat a shower of blows a shower of rain a stack of arms a stack of corn a stack of hay a stack of timber a stack of wood a stock of goods a string of beads a string of pearls a suit of clothes a suite of furniture a suite of rooms a tuft of grass a tuft of hair a wad of currency/notes a wreath of flowers an album of photograph an orchard of fruit trees an outfit of clothes

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