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Elements in Machine Design (j.t.) Module 11

Elements in Machine Design (j.t.) Module 11

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ELEMENTS IN MACHINE DESIGN (J.T.) – MODULE 11 1. Are machine elements used to join lengths of shafting a. Key b. Coupling c. Clutch d.

Hub 2. That property of a material wherein its content is continuously distributed through its entire volume: a. Homogeneity b. Anisotropy c. Isotropy d. Scarcity 3. The best proportional spring have an index C, of: a. 4 to 7 b. 7 to 9 c. 9 to 16 d. 5 to 8 4. What belt speeds requires dynamics balancing? a. More than 3000 fpm b. More than 5000 fpm c. More than 1800 fpm d. More than 6000 fpm 5. It is recommended for high speed application that the minimum number of teeth in small sprockets should be: a. 26 to 30 b. 12 to 16 c. 26 to 28 d. 18 to 24 6. A general center distance ____chain pitches is most desirable a. 20 to 25 b. 30 to 50 c. 50 to 80 d. 60 to 90 7. Most popular soldering material. a. 10/80 b. 45/55 c. 50/50 d. 60/40 8. For wire rope the factor of safety for standing rope usually ranges from 3 to 4: for operating rope, this is a. 5 to 12 b. 10 to 15 c. 12 to 15 d. 8 to 12 9. Roller chain lubrication is designated I, II, III, IV which type does manual lubrication belong? a. I b. II c. III d. IV 10. Stresses that are independent of load: a. Endurance stress b. Operation stress c. Shear stress

d. Residual stress 11. Foundation belts should be surrounded by a pipe steam with an inside diameter of at least 3 times the diameter of the anchor bolt and a length of at least a. 18 times the bolt diameter b. 16 times the bolt diameter c. 19 times the bolt diameter d. 20 times the bolt diameter 12. Cast iron wheels with solid rim has a bursting speed of a. 395 fps b. 194 fps c. 258 fps d. 225 fps 13. Which of the following has the least bursting speed a. Cast iron wheels solid rims b. Wheels with jointed rims c. For link joints d. Wheel rim I-section 14. The use of flat belt pulley is limited to a. 8500 fpm b. 6000 fpm c. 4500 fpm d. 5200 fpm 15. In general, when cutting hard and tough materials the relief angle should be a. 6 to 8 deg b. 5 to 7 deg c. 8 to 12 deg d. 5 to 10 deg 16. SAE 11XX is intended for a. Plain carbon steels b. Higher sulphur content and easy machining c. Stainless steels d. High hardenability case 17. Reciprocal of the diametral pitch or ratio of pitch diameter to number of teeth a. Lead b. Module c. Clearance d. Circular pitch 18. The angle subtended at the center of the base circle from the origin of an involute to the point of tangency of the generatrix from any point on the same involute a. Pitch angle b. Pressure angle c. Angle of obliquity d. Roll angle 19. A measure of the amount of light transmitted through a given material a. Luminous transmittance b. Opacity c. Lubricity d. Isotropy 20. Roller chain sprockets have four different designs Type D sprockets have a. Plain plate


29. 3 to 8 The maximum safe rim speeds for solid cast iron pulley is a. 10. 10 to 13 b. that is. a. Teeth overlap c. 22. Flank c. a. Hub or side only c. Acetylene torch Cast iron flywheels are commonly designed with a factor of safety of a. 8 x 1. Heavy Concave portion of the tooth profile where it joins the bottom of the tooth space a. Effective face width of a helical gear divided by gear axial pitch. Chain b. Face overlap b. Fillet A form of key that is used to connect rods. Toughness c. Circular pitch b. Malleability d. a. The thread has a pitch of a. Ability of the material to withstand high-unit stress together with great unit strain: a. Severe d.8 mm b. 80 d. Directly hardenable steels are considered in five groups and the basis is approximate carbon content. Fillet radius d. Mechanical shears c. Resilience b. 20. Close fit Which of the following could be used for cutting wire ropes? a. 4200 fpm b. Wrought iron b.21. 28. 6500 fpm d. Clearance c. 5 to 8 c. High-carbon type c. Commercial steel 36. sum of their addendums.50% d. etc.37% c. Working depth Which is not a type classification of spring services? a. Clearance d. Shaft 30. 27. The best material for crane and hoisting chain a. Molybdenum types b. 50. Milling machine 31. Malleable iron d. Cast iron c. Boring mill d. Force fit c.45 – 0. Parallel key b. 0. Detachable hub The depth of engagement of two gears. 23. Tolerance b. AISI specification include a. 5000 fpm c. 40 b. a. Whole depth b. Chromium type d. Average c. Interference d. Backlash c. 30 2 . Land overlap d. Allowance 38. Hub or both side d. 0. Normal fit d. Center to center distance between sprockets as a general rule shall not be less than 1 ½ times the diameter of the large sprocket and not less than ____ times the pitch nor more than ____ times the pitch. b. 26. Link d. Light b.25 mm c. The permissible variation in size of a dimension a. 50 c.25 – 6g.6 mm d. Turret lathe b. Ductility 32.02% 35. Carbon-tungsten type 33. 1. Belt drive c. that is subjected to either tension or compression or both a. An ISO metric thread is designated M8 x 1. 0. High speed tool sheets (HSS) are used for the working of metals at high cutting speeds. 0. Tape keys c. 30. Cotter Which is not a kind of fit for square and rectangular parallel keys and key ways.42% b. 0. Heat treated parts requiring moderate strength and great toughness. Pitch overlap 34. a. 1. Machine tools used in the production of flat surfaces on pieces to lays for a shaper a. Welding electrode b. Loose fit b. Woodruff d.40 – 0. Shaper c. Abrasive wheel d. 25. 24. 4 to 8 d. 3800 fpm It is rigid piece of non-elastic substance which serves to transmit force from one piece to another or to cause or control motion: a.25 mm 37.30 – 0.

Hastelloy c. 3/8 b. Some experiment made at Cornell University showed that experienced mechanic could break a ___ bolt due to tightening. D = 72d b. For punching and shearing machinery a speed variation of ____ may be allowed in all flywheel design a. 5 times d. the ideal design practice is to consider a ___. SAE 1035 53. 3 to 4 c. Ability to resist deformation under stress. These only undergoes severe cold-working. 50 54. Stiffness c. D = 27d 41. Bluing c. which alloy does not change much? a. Plan c. Copper 42. Alloy steels which is not capable of heat treatment and known as chromium-nickel austenitic steel. Any of these 52. a. It is recommended not to have a direct drive sprockets with a ratio of their teeth exceeds ___. For an evenly distributed and uniform wear on each gear tooth. Reactor furnace d. 50% 40. Cast iron d. A nickel alloy which is age-hardenable with good spring and low-sparkling properties and slightly magnetic after heat treatment: a. 1 to 2% b. Which of the following materials have excellent abrasion and wear resistance at elevated temperatures? a. Hardening of each tooth d. 7/16 45. ¼ to 1 c. Heating to a low temperature in order to remove entrained gases a. Over or reactor furnace 46. Materials from which screws and nuts manufactured have tensile strength of not less than ___ kg/mm2 for steels. When baked. Velocity factor d. Salt bath electrode c. Monel b. 20% d. 6 times 44. Baking b. 12 to 16 b. 9 to 12 d. 10 times b. use two or more step combination. 10 to 13 43. SAE 30301 d. Blast furnace b. Inconel 48. Which of the following furnaces do not belong to the group? a. Which of the following material is not used for flat belt pulleys? a. 5 to 10% c. Paper c. 52 d. D = 42d c. Nickel alloys b. SAE 50100 b. Brass d. Brass 56. Elasticity d. 1 ½ to 4 50. Heat treatment of gears c. 5/8 c. a. Wood b. 9 to 10 c. ½ to 2 b. Carburizing 51. 8 times c. It is good practice to use belt pulley with faces from a. The velocity of an object divided by the velocity of sound is called a. ½ d. Mach number 49.39. The factor of safety for operating rope is a. Microsisons number b. 42 b. 2 to 6 47. Austempering d. a. a. Phosphor bronze c. Vanadium d. D in terms of the rope diameter is a. 5 to 12 b. 2 to 5 d. Malleability 3 . Wear resistance alloy addition to tooth gears b. Rigidity b. For maximum rope life of 6 x 7 the minimum sheave diameter. 32 c. Greater than 12 d. SAE 4150 c. D = 30d d. a. a. Chromium b. Cast iron flywheels are commonly designed with a factor of safety of: a. Duranickel d. Hunting tooth addition 55. Molybdenum c.

C. Coarse grains c. Emery d. Fine grains b. The power to be transmitted is low b. Rooms are high 67. Below the foundation top d. The key way is cut in shaft only d. D. Corrosion prevention c. Aircraft c. the carbon content of the steel exposed to it a. None of the above Difference between the basic dimensions of the mating parts a. 60T d. Carbon potential b. Driving motors for machine shop equipment’s are designated A. Cemetation d. In gears with parallel axis. Bicycles d. Splined shafts are generally used in a. Aluminium b. Twisted in along direction A Babbitt is a. Principal reference plane 4 . Silicon carbide b. The power to be transmitted is high c. the total combined engine equipment and foundation center of gravity must be kept: a. Manganese All are functions of lubricating oil except: a. 80T b. Twisted in opposite direction d. 34/64 60. Total tolerance b. Allowance c. Cold treatment 59. Above the foundation b. A measure of the ability of the environment containing active carbon to alter or maintain under prescribed conditions. Thread plug gauge d. Dimensions from which variations are permitted a. Ring gauge c. C c. B. Clearane d. The key way is cut in hub only c. None of the above A plane perpendicular to the axial plane and to the pitch plane. 30/64 d. Outside the foundation 61. Tin c. Carbon reservation c. 68. Act as a coolant d. Pro stability. a. 70. Below the machine top c. None of the above 63. the transverse plane and the plane of rotation coincide. Unilateral tolerance c. Bilateral tolerance d. To lighten the load For grinding materials having low tensile strength which abrasive is used: a. A b. 72. Plus or minus of the tolerance is also called a. Adhesion b.57. Plug gauge b. 75. The standard thickness adopted by the National Industry Belting Association for a single ply belt is: a. A gadget for measuring volume c. 71. d. Squirrel cage induction motor is designated: a. 73. Decrease the fatigue strength c. E d. Increase the fatigue strength b. 120T c. Twisted in same direction b. Machine tools b. Automobiles 66. 74. F. Corundum Cold working of materials a. Large sprockets in roller chain should not exceed a. Tolerance 64. Zinc d. Clearance d. Which gage is used to check the internal threads? a. Antimony bearing lead or tin alloy Galvanizes iron is a term referring to iron coated with: a. Medium grains d. regular lay means wire and strands are arranged in the following manner: a. Thread ring gauge 65. A measure of magnetic induction produced in a material d. Axial relative motion between shaft and hub is necessary In case of sunk key a. A eutectic of iron and phospide b. Splines are used when a. 69. Basic dimension b. 150T 62. Aluminium oxide c. 13/64 b. Does not change fatigue strength d. Transverse plane b. Interference In the selection of wire rope. Twisted in any direction c. 20/64 c. The key way is helical along the shaft Hardened steel parts have: a. 76. F 58. Nominal size c. Tolerance b. E. The key is cut in both hub and shaft b.

Less than 18 b. When outside diameter of a job is turned in relation to the internal hole. Alignment of drive shaft c. Plug gauge d. White b. Overload d. Is the permissible variation of the size of a dimension: a. Jamming b. Orange 95. Interference 91. Lead 88. For a given rpm. a. 81. 5 to 8 b.77. Improves red hardness of steel: a. Boron d. On the face plate d. Silicon b. 35 – 40 90. None of the above 94. Vanadium c. The oil film is maintained by supplying oil under pressure c. Height of tooth above pitch circle or the radial distance between pitch circle and top land of the tooth: a. Decrease c. Range of helix angle on helical gear. the best instrument is: a. Tungsten d. Same d. Nickel 87. 80. GI sheet c. Copper parts b. Offset bearing b. Land d. Which is the lightest metal? a. Full bearing The function of clutch in the machine tool is: a. Addendum c. 6 to 10 c. In between forward stroke d. Lead b. Yellow d. Blue c. 3 to 5 Not adaptable to welding due to strength and poor ductility: a. Non-coplanar forces c. In between return stroke In flywheel design. All of these What type of bearing that totally encloses the shaft? a. Chromium b. Pyrometer 89. 84. The job should be held: a. Allowance c. Top root b. 85. Micrometer b. a. In three jaw chuck b. Do not need external supply of lubricant d. if the diameter of a twist drill increase. then cutting speed will: a. For the accurate measurement of bores. Clearance d. Hunting tooth 96. a. Calliper d. Pitch plane d. Normal plane What will be the effect in bushing gears without backlash? a. 82. To disconnect or connect at will the drive d. Dial test indicator c. The best instrument for measuring a thousand of an inch. At forward stroke b. 15 – 25 c. Increase b. Overheating c. the normal factor of safety is: a. c. Aluminium d. Between centers 92. At return stroke c. Tachometer c. 78. Chromium b. 86. Carbide Finding the resultant of two or more forces is called: a. Lowering the drive speed b. Cobalt c. 10 to 13 d. On lather mandrel c. Tolerance b. Cast iron 5 . Central bearing c. Color of pipe for communication: a. Aluminium parts c. 83. Babbitt bearing d. 20 – 35 d. All of these In a planer the feed is provided: a. Grease is used for lubrication Main alloying element in High Speed Steel is: a. Coplanar forces b. Zinc c. Inside micrometer 93. Composition of forces In hydrodynamic bearings a. Cast iron parts d. Vernier calliper b. 79. Chrome alloy d. To ensure that two shafts line up at high speed A metal which has a high electrical conductivity but should not be used for high temperature of metal. Couple d. The oil film pressure is generated only by the rotation of the journal b.

Pitch b. SAE 3XXX c. the pressure angle is often defined as the angle between the line of action and the line of tangent to the pitch circle. Diagonal pitch c. Helix angle b. Couple d. SAE 5XXX 99. Involute teeth.97. Arc of action End - 6 . Resultant force b. What is the SAE specification number of Molybdenum? a. What do you call the distance between adjacent rivets? a. Angle of recess c. Angle of obliquity d. None of the above 100. SAE 2XXX b. The single force which produces the same effect upon a body as two or more forces acting together is called: a. Lead d. Non-coplanar force 98. It is also termed as: a. SAE 4XXX d. Coplanar force c.

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