Romeo and Juliet In this Shakespeare drama, Romeo and Juliet, members of rivalling families,fall instantly in love

. They choose to keep this love a secret, but still cannot escape their families’ bitter feud. In this coursework I will be analysing Romeos initial feelings at the beginning of this book, to young Rosaline, then comparing it with his feelings towards Juliet. At the beginning of this book, Romeo’s family, the Montagues, are discussing their concern for him. “Many a morning hath he there been seen, with tears augmenting the fresh morning’s dew”, this means he has been crying frequently. “Deep sighs” supports the first statement with the idea that Romeo may be depressed. It is said that he “makes himself an artificial night”, which means he has been locking himself away in a dark room, again this suggests that he is depressed. In the next scene we learn why he is acting so unusually. Romeo’s best friend, Benvolio, and he are talking and Romeo admits to being “in love”. Romeo uses many oxymorons when confiding in Benvolio about how he feels towards Rosaline, “O heavy lightness, serious vanity. Feather of Lead. Bright smoke. Cold fire.Sick health” This suggests he is very confused about how he feels, as if he is fighting inner demons. “She will not be hit with cupids arrow” here we learn why he feels frustrated and confused- it is hinted that his love is unrequited , Rosaline is uninterested by his love. “In sadness, I do love a woman”, he is a patrachan lover

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