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To the Main Street Professional:

Stagnant Wages, Longer Hours, Global Offshoring Dont Blame the Democrats
Corporate America Multi-Nationalism
America: Who needs it?

Why does Hillary wear the pants in the White House? Because Bill cant keep his on!


Profitability/Stock Price

Production Costs

Global Offshoring

Wall Street Fiscal Elite

Social Liberals,
Gay/Feminist Activists

Intellectual Elite
Labor Leadership

Main Street Fiscal Conservatives, Professional Middle Class Social Conservatives

Rank-and-File Blue Collar Labor

Americans of Color, Elderly, Undereducated

Economic Darwinism:
Longer Hours, Stagnant Wages, Rising Personal Debt, Heightened Job Insecurity, Imbalanced Foreign Competitiveness

While Rush Keeps You Laughing at Clinton and Kennedy, is it Your Stagnant Wages, Offshored Job, or 401(k) Retirement Mirage You Find the Most Amusing?
If ignorance paid dividends, most Americans could make a fortune out of what they dont know about economics. To the average Main Street Professional, those words spoken by Luther H. Hodges, former Secretary of the U.S. Department of Commerce, couldnt be more acutely directed toward the largely unsophisticated and undereducated ranks populating the Democratic Party. Afterall, how can one expect a bunch of truck drivers, steel workers, sugar farmers and high-school educated tradesmen who swell the rolls as registered Democrats to understand the complexities of gross national product (GNP), employment cost indices (ECI), currency devaluation, and capacity utilization rates? How can one expect Americas Elderly and People of Color to be versed in contractionary fiscal policy and contemporaneous reserve accounting when all they really care about is getting their prescription medications free or sticking their hand out every thirty (30) days for a government check? In a sense, many Main Street Professionals arent surprised that the average blue-collar American lacks the intellectual horsepower to understand the benefits of unbridled free-trade global economics. Anyone with even the most modest of comprehension skills ought to know that the better that Wall Street corporations perform in terms of their profitability, the more pronounced become the residual benefits to the faithful Main Street employee whose labor or intellectual capital contribute to the companys success, right? The old axiom of As goes Wall Street, so goes Main Street has long been the national anthem characterizing the social contract between Americas public corporations and the American worker whose ingenuity and sweat equity have fueled this nations historic economic expansionism for over the past 100 years. But while Republican commentators rightfully call out the bureaucratic wastefulness and openly socialist fiscal policies of the Democratic Party, a complete free pass has been given to the new conventional wisdom of a borderless, free market global economy promoted by the Wall Street Elite who have traded away their American identity and heritage for a brand of economic multi-nationalism that has become detached, if not hostile, to the interests of Main Street Americans since the mid-1990s. And the Republican Party is leading the charge. Perhaps when the laughing stops and the smugness subsides, maybe then Americas Main Street Professional can objectively focus both on the growing tenuousness of his own economic condition, as well as the key role played by his own blind loyalties in accelerating the process.

Remember When?
As a member of Americas Professional Middle Class, you likely hold the tenets of hard work and self-sufficiency in high regard and place a particular premium on the value of education and scholastic achievement. From an early age, most Americans have been taught that the path to success and economic stability is paved with educational dedication and personal discipline: If you stay in school, study hard and play by the rules, you, too, can share in the American Dream. For the better part of the 20th Century, this formula of hard work and self-improvement was largely a reliable indicator for success and economic security to the average middle class professional. As America emerged from a dispersed agrarian society into an integrated industrial economy, the ingenuity and intellectual capital of educated engineers, designers, inventors, and medical and business professionals served as the catalysts for the explosion of new technologies and product innovations that characterized the Industrial Revolution and the birth of a symbiotic relationship between American industry and those who contributed to its growth and proliferation. The companys success will be your success. Americas Professional Middle Class was born, and with it came the greatest breadth of wealth, affluence and economic stability in world history. However, in America today, a seismic change in the relationship between Americas corporate conglomerates and the Professional Middle Class has emerged that has fundamentally altered the chemistry of the Wall Street-Main Street paradigm. What was once a reciprocal relationship of mutually shared successes has eroded into what is today a tenuous, if not hostile, struggle between these historical fiscal and political allies. The intersection of Wall Street and Main Street is today a dangerous crossroad inasmuch the success of one is often at the expense of the other.

As Goes Wall Street, So Long, Main Street!

It started innocently enough in the early 1990s. Tell the Main Street Professional that free trade is the panacea to cure all that ills American industry. Promote the elimination of all import tariffs, first with Americas regional trading partners (NAFTA), and then on a more global scale (GATT). Tell them that by eliminating import tariffs, American-made products will be made more affordable in countries like Mexico and Chile so that the increased demand will translate into both (1) heightened profits that benefit the companys stockholders (Wall Street), as well as (2) economic security and stability for the companys loyal employees (Main Street) who manufacture, market and support its product. Reassure them that although some low-skilled jobs of the old economy will be lost during the transition period to the efficient, new economic model of free trade, Americas more primitive trading partners will slowly but surely develop into viable consumer economies with a voracious appetite for American-made goods and services. Remind the Main Street Professional that the steel and textile jobs being lost by the hundreds, and then the thousands, are not the jobs of educated professionals like themselves, but are instead the expendable livelihoods of the undereducated class: single mothers, People of Color, and Labor Unions. Emphasize to them that as a white-collar professional, the jobs being lost basically belong to hard-core Democrats anyway, so why all the hand-wringing from a committed Republican constituency, especially in light of the significant gains in their 401(k) retirement portfolio in the process? Who cares if a product is Made in America or Hecho en Mexico as long as the corporation is proudly U.S. based? Twenty years later, the story continues. Reinforce to the Main Street Professional that longer hours and dual incomes as offsets to stagnant wages are the norm to avoid economic regression. Discount as sentimental their recollection of a time-gone-by when their fathers and grandfathers worked an entire lifetime for the Company, raising children and families in the communities of their youth. Impress upon them that being downsized, right-sized, re-engineered, outsourced, or offshored is much more noble than the embarrassment of being fired or laid-off from their jobs. Reassure them that being reclassified from employee to independent contractor is a simple technicality and that if the company is going to survive, it just wont be able to extend the health, vacation, and retirement benefits of old. Convince them that the dance recitals and Little League games will simply have to be sacrificed while Dad goes back to school so he can take up a new career and compete with kids half his age and at half his former salary. Pound it into their thick skulls that success to todays Sandwich Generation Professional means geographical relocation away from family and community so that both Mom and Dad can get jobs to earn enough money to put their children in day care centers and their parents in nursing homes. And if that still doesnt do the trick, remind them that stock prices go up when high-priced professional salaries like theirs are transferred overseas into the welcoming, educated, and very capable arms of tens of thousands of Indias brightest engineers, IT professionals, legal service providers, and management professionals. Afterall, if steel and textiles can be imported into the United States tariff-free, so, too, can the products of intellectual capital, whether it be in tangible or intangible form. Besides, what real leverage do they have anyway given the record burdens of personal debt they carry in the forms of their home mortgages, credit debt, and education loans? Get with the program. Dont believe for a minute that the temporal indiscretions of a few corporate executives at Enron, Worldcom, Arthur Andersen, Global Crossing, Tyco International, Sunbeam, IM Clone Systems, Martha Stewart Living, Adelphia Communications, Merck Co. and others to defraud Main Street Professional investors of countless billions of dollars in retirement savings are an indictment of Wall Streets communion with its long-loyal political protg. Once again, and from the top this time: As goes Wall Street, so Goes Main Street!

The 401(k) Tax-Deferred Retirement Mirage: A Pool of Undrinkable Water

In a very real sense, the Main Street Professional finds himself in the highly conflicted position of divergent philosophical, economic, and political realities. Overwhelming in their support of the Republican Party, most Main Street Professionals are philosophically fiscally conservative in nature and understandably reject the punitive wealth redistribution tax policies of a neo-Marxist Democrat Party. Generally speaking, most Main Street Professionals desire success and profitability for their company employers, if for no other reason than to secure some level of economic stability for themselves and the families they support. Unfortunately, while the Main Street Professional basks in the afterglow of a $300 per child tax credit compliments of the Republican Party, the very same Republican Party is aggressively pushing for an expanse of its free trade theology on a global scale to the great pleasure of the Wall Street Elite who yearn for still-further compression of production costs and the sweet yield of higher stock pricing. The dilemma is unmistakably clear: the Main Street Professional, through his significant 401(k) retirement and company stock holdings, has a vested interest in the loss of his own job. And speaking of 401(k) retirement savings: the co-existent national trends of Americas aging population and the fiscal house-of-cards that is Americas near-bankrupt Social Security and Medicare systems ought to make any tax-deferred 401(k) millionaire stock up on clean underwear while he still has time to borrow against the principal. Certainly the political opportunists of 2014 will know a political Golden Egg when they see one, especially when counted among their constituents are the thousands of unemployed or underemployed steel, textile and former manufacturing workers who were kicked to the curb in the 1990s while Mr. Main Street Professional was busy charting his mutual fund gains. Because the tax rate of that tax deferral is subject to legislative change and manipulation, even an unsophisticated pipefitter knows that 60%for-Uncle-Sam and 40%-for-Mr.-Smart-Republican at withdrawal means both (1) a delayed and/or postponed retirement for most Main Street Professionals to avoid economic impoverishment, and (2) that the Democrat Party will have the security of a whole new generation of rhetoric to ensure its own perpetuity for years to come. Indeed, if ignorance paid dividends, many Main Street Professionals could make a fortune out of what they dont know about economics. It may be the only fortune waiting for them on the day of their retirement.

Now for the Bad News

Of course, Wall Streets steady divestiture and abandonment of Main Street America manifests other more subtle effects that work directly against the interests of the average Middle Class Professional. The offshoring phenomenon which one research group, Forrester Research, Inc., predicts will average 300,000 lost white-collar professional jobs annually to India and other developing nations through the year 2015 is already yielding diminishing tax bases in state and local coffers that are resulting in budgetary shortfalls for essential public services. Of those jobs that remain stateside, approximately 60,000 per year are being filled by lower-wage H-1B foreign visa grantees, while tens of thousands of American engineers, scientists, and programmers remain unemployed or underemployed. Meanwhile, the downward pressure on U.S. wages grows ever-stronger as the Republican Party partners with myopic American multi-national corporations to build the industrial infrastructure of third-world countries that will be the slave-wage competition of tomorrows American Main Street Professional. All while the Republican Partys monopoly of the presidency and both houses of Congress under the George Bush Administration led to exploding deficits and an expanding $8,000,000,000,000 (eight-trillion dollar) National Debt in 2008 and an emerging recession by the end of his presidency.

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