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Anthony Principato Luke Heller Michael Paglino Tyler Monteros

KRES Deodorant and Antiperspirant
Summary KRES creates and distributes antiperspirant deodorant product for Men between the ages of and 18 to 35. This marketing plan illustrates our target markets and strategies used to get customers to purchase our products and maintain a solid revenue stream. Our focus is to create a unique and edgy product for the middle aged gentleman, who, not only see’s style as an art, but also views style as a way to express one’s true identity. Our product has been designed to fit the higher class male with swagger and style that is unattainable by most others. We target our products to reach the pristine gentlemen of gentlemen, who achieve above and beyond the social norms of the average male. Our creative and progressive marketing and business strategies are implemented in our products to give men a sleek and stylish way to look at deodorant. Deodorant will no longer be viewed as standard toiletry product when shopping, but will be viewed as a product that allows one to have a competitive advantage over other men in the competition of attracting women. This ahead-of-its-time fashion trend KRES is setting also gives our company an immense advantage over most other deodorant companies. Vision To help our customers find comfort ability, confidence and swagger through our outgoing stress free deodorant products. The KRES lifestyle is what all young males aspire to obtain while keeping their individuality and uniqueness as well. Objectives    Generate profitability within one year. Develop and maintain other grooming products by end of year 2. Move to global markets within 5 years.

Target Markets

as well as to 35 year old males. A man who is constantly look for better ways to amplify his swagger and better his style.  This market will be obtained through our relationship marketing from our first demographic. Our product targets a wide range in audience. If this demographic can be captured then KRES will have long term relationships with these males. being able to be viewed as stylish to young adults. and confidence. FURTHER: A man who takes his style as seriously as his work. . television ads. just out of college. A man who is not afraid of the challenge to seek out the most beautiful woman in the room and confidently talk to her. Tapping into the urban youth of our nation is what KRES is going to demonstrate through various distribution channels that young males frequently access. Marketing Strategies The concept is to create fresh new ideas for marketing deodorants. These males are often in college.  This demographic is a key demographic to KRES’s success as a company. or amidst their professional career. We want this demographic to be striving for something better in life and obtaining perfection. Our customer ages 18-25 are those who are in college or who are just entering the workplace. Customers who are ages 25 -35 are the second of our target market segmentation. swagger. Customers are typically single and living in large populous areas with trendy and outgoing friends and relationships. magazine ads. A man who simply knows he has the ability to attract any female. and e-commerce. This is also a market where these males have already established themselves in their professional careers and have more income to spend on a up-scale product like KRES. These channels include email marketing.Anthony Principato Luke Heller Michael Paglino Tyler Monteros Our target market is males ages 18-35 who take pride in being a classy gentleman.

and testing the products ability to be determined an “anti-per spirant” deodorant. Men’s Fitness. The idea of becoming fashionable and unique brand is what our strategies are going to focus on. Price. The quality of our product is going to be determined by performing multiple random samples of new scents. and mobile devises will all be integrated under marketing management. Place. Promotion PRODUCT KRES Deodorant would be able to create a brand name that would be synonymous with being “a classy guy” and using the product that will deliver those results every gentleman would be looking for. Face book. Product. KRES also has a website were email marketing. This is going to show us what scents people like. we hope to attract men from 18 – 35. We plan to do these tests in controlled areas where we know our target audience will be located (which will be discussed later). Primary and Secondary Research –  Primary – we will. We want our product to not only be a great smelling long-lasting deodorant. but we want to become synonymous with being in a suave group of men. Advertising on television channels that are targeted towards more educated and a higher income audience is important.Anthony Principato Luke Heller Michael Paglino Tyler Monteros Allowing our customers to associate themselves directly with our product is something that KRES is trying to achieve. Not over producing and not over advertising our product is essential to our company’s success. mainly. that are upper-working class men (or strive to become). be conducting focus group interviews. Magazine’s such as GQ. and Playboy are areas in which we feel will fit best to our overall marketing strategy. By delivering a sleek deodorant stick. who can relate to each other through our product. Sports Illustrated. what designs and aspects of .

S. however. PRICE Our pricing strategy will be based on how much it costs to manufacture a product that will ensure satisfaction and be able to compete in the U. but because the amount of money put in. ours is going to target the men in suites rather than in jeans. Our targeted retail price range is from $20-25 per stick of deodorant. There will be a 2 – day warranty on our product. and other undetermined holidays. Speed Stick. The safety of our product will be determined by several controlled tests by our research and development team. via research and development. Our product is going to be portrayed as a “weapon of seduction”similar to Axe. our product is going to cost more than an average deodorant not because the profit margin will be higher. with old English writing describing what scent (right now we have only developed “original”). To gain recognition and gain market share our prices will be higher than those such as Axe. We will be promoting sales on certain holidays such as Valentine’s Day. The manufactures will be asked to make a case in which the deodorant will be physically presented for sale purposes. if you aren’t impressed or satisfied with the way KRES Deodorant makes you feel throughout your usage. that are already available. . are doing well. and Gillette.Anthony Principato Luke Heller Michael Paglino Tyler Monteros the product people like/dislike and how what recommendations people have for our product  Secondary – environmental research will be conducted in all our market segments to see what tests best and what products. and also manufacturing and distribution. market. then with the presentation of a receipt you will be granted a 48 – hour warranty. The case will be white and black. Christmas. wholesale pricing will be available for our targeted retailers. however. Therefore.

once we get feedback from these selected distributions we will pick a scent and start advertising. and other selected areas. Sports Illustrated.Anthony Principato Luke Heller Michael Paglino Tyler Monteros Kres ($22. We will begin advertising by making fan pages on social networking cites and word of mouth. PROMOTION (See ad and promotional event) Our promotion will be pull advertising. Los Angeles. Barber shops. which will draw our customer’s attention to a new sleek deodorant product.00) Chanel ($34.50) Gillete ($7. such a Men’s Health and Fitness. Secondly we will target magazines that our customer’s will be known to read. etc. and Chicago). Secondly. We will start by putting ads in magazines and utilizing the internet market. so that we can be sure we are not advertising to un-likely customers. such as golf courses. New York City.60) 0 10 20 30 40 Price (Per dollar) PLACE When we first test our product we will be putting small samples in specific areas that our targeted audience will be believed to frequent. Also we will be holding promotional events in each of our targeted cities Competitive Forces . Our product warehouses will be located locally with the distribution capabilities to be able to reach our five targeted major cities (Boston.00) Lacoste ($10. Also our television ads will be on channels that our targeted consumer will be viewing as well. colleges. Miami.90) Axe ($5.

These links will be directly connected to our website and promotional advertisements online.Anthony Principato Luke Heller Michael Paglino Tyler Monteros Our company is unique in that we are making a fashion statement and allowing our customers to wear a deodorant that is cool and trendy. Allowing our customers to be connected to our product and being associated with such a high end brand is our goal. until recently. Other companies such as Chanel. This allows us to analyze data and incorporate it to our marketing strategy. SWOT Strengths   A new deodorant that is trying to attract men that are 18-35 years old. Promoting the product in the major cities (Los Angeles. KRES is considered underground and is trying to stay at the forefront of male hygiene as a trendy and cool product. sunglasses. Gucci. has only been considered by producers. Our ability to mold deodorant into a product of style separates KRES from other competition undoubtedly. The young creative brain trust is allowing us to tap into markets that will keep us in the minds of our customers. Most companies do not have the creative assets that KRES possesses to attract our nation’s youth. . and merchandising. and Polo focus on a wide range of products such as clothing. a simple deodorizer whose order winners. Chicago and Miami) where it is considered “Trendy”. New York. Keys to Success Being able to produce and distribute our own products is what will make our company successful. Deodorant. Boston. Traceable links within our email messages will also allow us to track activity. Our constant loyalty and relationship strategies will allow KRES to develop and evolve for years to come. Each of our postings to our social media sites will include a tractable link so we know how many people click on each post.

deodorant.Anthony Principato Luke Heller Michael Paglino Tyler Monteros     The product will not be selling in smaller cities meaning it will not be over produced.  Customers might not be quick to jump on the KRES brand . Advertising will be hard for KRES since the big designer brands already control the market. We provide quality and fashion with KRES deodorant. Threats  We know that other companies already have themselves established for several years and customers might already be committed to a certain brand. and even billboards. magazine ads. The underground aspect is something that will appeal to fashionable markets Weaknesses   KRES is a second mover. Opportunities  If KRES deodorant takes off in the American market we could possibly think about going international with the company. Our product is very trendy. They have commercials. Our unique scent promotes swagger and confidence.  We only focus on one product. Other companies like Gucci and Channel make clothes and other products. It will take some time for KRES to build customer loyalty but we are confident in our product and service.

Anthony Principato Luke Heller Michael Paglino Tyler Monteros .

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