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Hemlock Deleted Scene, Mac and Jason

Hemlock Deleted Scene, Mac and Jason

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Published by Kathleen Peacock
A deleted scene featuring Mac and Jason from HEMLOCK by Kathleen Peacock
A deleted scene featuring Mac and Jason from HEMLOCK by Kathleen Peacock

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Published by: Kathleen Peacock on Mar 31, 2013
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Hemlock Deleted Scene - Mac & Jason Jason loosened his embrace and steered me towards the couch.

“Sit. Water or something stronger?” “Water,” I said, tucking my legs up underneath me as I settled on the sofa. He headed into the kitchen and I heard the old pipes clang to life as he ran the faucet. A second later, he was back, a glass of tap water in his hand. “You were out of bottled.” “No point in spending money on something you can get from the sink,” I said absently as I took the glass from him and pressed its cool surface to the spot where my neck and shoulders met. I had already been tense; the past few minutes had left my muscles coiled like springs. Jason watched me for a moment and then sighed and sat. He turned so that he was sitting at an angle. “You’re gonna end up with the back of an eighty-year-old if you keep lugging those trays around.” He nudged me until I shifted and put my back to him. Not all of the tension was from work, but neither of us came out and said so. It was easier not to talk about what had happened. His fingers started tracing slow, firm patterns on my neck, and I found myself sinking into the touch. “Better?” “Much.” My voice came out a little husky and I took a sip of water. The glass shook as Jason slipped a hand under my shirt for better access to my shoulder. His fingers stroked my collar bone and a confusing rush of warmth race along my skin. Something in my stomach tightened and an ache—a strangely pleasant ache—radiated outward from my chest. I wasn't supposed to have that ache. Not when it came to Jason. Not ever. This isn't right. Water sloshed over the sides of the glass as I pulled away. “I think I’ll hop in the shower and head to bed,” I said, setting the glass on the scarred coffee table. I stood so quickly that a wave of dizziness made the room swim. “Mac…” Something in Jason’s green eyes darkened. Like a coward, I looked away. “You’re still welcome to crash.”

com . but that was just one more lie. not stopping until the bathroom door was locked behind me.Before he could reply. Copyright © Kathleen Peacock Find out more about the Hemlock Trilogy by visiting www. I strode from the room. I tried to tell myself I wasn't running.kathleenpeacock.

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