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Singson vs.

Isabela Sawmill GRN L- 27343 Fernadez, J Facts: Isabela Sawmill was formed by partners Saldajeno, Lon and Timoteo. Withdraw from the partnership and after dissolution, L and T continued the business still under the name Isbel Sawmill. The partnership is indebted to various creditors and that Sheriff sold the assets of Isabela Sawmill to s and was subsequently sold to a separate company. Issue: Whether or not Isabela Sawmill ceased to be a partnership and that creditors could no longer demand payment. Ruling: On dissolution, the partnership is not terminated but continues until the winding up of the business. It does not appear that the withdrawal of S from the partnership was published in the newspapers. The Apelles and the public had a right to expect the public had a right to expect that whatever credit they extended to L & T doing business. In the name of the partnership could be enforced against the partnership of said partnership. The judicial foreclosure of the chattel mortrage executed in the favor of S did not relieve her from liability to the creditors of the partnership. It may be presumed S acted in good faith, the Apelles also acted in good faith in extending credit to they partnership. Where one of the two innocent persons must suffer, that persons must suffer, that person who gave occasion for the damages to be caused must bear the consequences. February 28, 1979