INTRODUCTI ON ANPR is a mass sur veillance method that uses optical character recognition on images to read the license plate on vehicles. . They can use road rule enforcement cameras for electronic toll collection.

OTHER NAMES Automatic license plate recognition {ALPR}. Car plate recognition {CPR} License plate recognition {LPR}. . Automatic vehicle identification {AVI}.

HISTORY Invented in 1976 at police scientific development branch in the u k. the first arrest is in 1981 .

. Dutch vehicle registration plates switched to a different style in 2002one of the changes made was to the font .TECHNOLOG Y It uses optical character recognition[OCR] on images taken by Cameras.introducing small gap in some letters.


ANPR in mobile systems .

ADVANTAGES 1) Maintenance free operation. 2) No moving parts. 4) Low maintenance. 3) Configurable. 5) Reduces cost -efficiency& .

poor image resolution.poor lighting due to over exposure. 3. 2.lack of coordination.Disadvantages 1.blurry images. 4.reflection &shadows. . 5.

APPLICATIONS ROAD tolling car park management. Security journey time measurement state border control vehicle theft prevention .


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