Create beautiful glowing flowers

Resources: Star brush 1. Create a new document and fill it with black. 2. Create a new layer, choose hard white brush with 6 px, hold the Shift key to draw a line:

Choose Filter-Stylize-Wind: Hit Ctrl+F to repeat it twice: Choose Edit-Transform-Warp: .

Use Distort tool to transform it: Duplicate it 6 times and place them like a flower: .

then duplicate it 3 times . Create a new layer. use Perpective tool to transform it: 3.Merge all these layer. place it ilike the pic below to make receptacle: 4. then choose Stroke Path with soft white brush . Duplicate it and resize it. transform them to make filament: 5. use hard white brush with 4 px to make flower anther: . Create a new layer. use Pen tool to create a path.

Create a new layer.6. apply Outer glow with default settings: . transform it then add layer mask with black brush ( opacity 30%) to erase to make flower stem: 7. stroke it with hard white brush . use Pen Tool to create a path. Choose flower petals layer.

Click to choose all flower part layers: . 8.Apply this effect for all flower part layers.

Repeat it three times again and transform them: 9. Create a new layer. choose Duplicate group.Press Ctrl+G to make group for them. use star brushes to decorate the pic: . Right click this group.

Create a new gradient fill layer: .10.

.Set this Gradient layer to Color 100%.

0. 0 . 0. 42.11. 0. 100. 0 Neutrals: -11. -100. 0 Whites: 0. New Selective color layer: Reds: 100.

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