Creating Greeting card using Photoshop Create Glowing flower Cntrl+n Height : 5 inches Width :5 inches Resolution : 72

1. Create a new document and fill it with black. 2. Create a new layer, choose hard white brush with 6 px, hold the Shift key to draw a line:

Choose Filter-Stylize-Wind:

Hit Ctrl+F to repeat it twice:

Choose Edit-Transform-Warp: Use Distort tool to transform it: Duplicate it 6 times and place them like a flower: .

use Pen tool to create a path. Create a new layer. use Perpective tool to transform it: 3. place it ilike the pic below to make receptacle: 4. then choose Stroke Path with soft white brush . Duplicate it and resize it. transform them to make filament: .Merge all these layer. then duplicate it 3 times .

Create a new layer. use hard white brush with 4 px to make flower anther: .5.

50 7. Brush choose hard white brush with 4 px. apply Outer glow with default settings: .6. Create a new layer. Choose flower petals layer. hold the Shift key to draw a line: Choose Filter-Distort-Twirl Angle .

Click to choose all flower part layers: . 8.Apply this effect for all flower part layers.

Create a new layer. Create a new gradient fill layer: . Right click this group. activate Grids (ViewShow Grid) Select pen tool  shape layer in option bar  Select white color name the layer as Star and duplicate star layer to increase the star images 10.Press Ctrl+g to make group for them. Repeat it three times again and transform them: 9. choose Duplicate group.

.Set this Gradient layer to Color 100%.

0. 0 Whites: 0. 100.11. New Selective color layer: Reds: 100. 42. -100. 0. 0 . 0 Neutrals: -11. 0.

Background fill with black color Drag and Drop the created glowing flower to right side .To Create Greeting Card using image Create new Document Cntrl+n Height : 5 inches Width :10 inches Resolution : 72 Step1 Activate the ruler  Cntl+R Mark the center of the page using grid line.

Select Text tool and type “Happy Christmas -2012” . Select the text layer  Go to Edit Transform Wrap  Change the wrap Styles . Change the Fonts.

. Drag towards Left side.Select the text layer “Double Click on Text layer” Select Gradient colors and apply to the text Duplicate the glowing flower image. Give some Card name. Decrease the size of the image and decrease the opacity of that layer. Add some wishes message in your card.

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