About CO2..

it isn't really that serious of a global warming gas mainly because plants use t to breath and flourish. The easiest CO2 trap doesn't have to be built, like some green entrepreneurs envision, instead you simply have to do is pla...nt trees, which would be great for the environment. I don't think anyone on what ever side of the climate change debate( and there is no debate on whether climate is changing, cause it is, and always does, the only question is is if humans play a huge part) would argue that cleaner air and water is a thing that shouldn't be desired and if necessary legislated into being. Now for global warming......I'm not so sure about it. Global warming would have benefits in that there would be more air able land and longer growing periods for how growing population. The article im linking to is from a major European Paper. It is scientifically valid and you can find its sources pretty easily. Some people have put so much emotional energy into global warming that even when good solid evidence is presented it is denied validity. In the 50's-70's the scientific consensus(which really inst science, just grant seeking) was that the next ice age would hit..oh right about now, and that global warming would precede it by three to five decades. Anyway. chances are everyone is wrong because we just don't have enough data to create models that can predict, and predicting is a key part of the scientific method. Which is why all of this back and forth is good because the more data that is collected the more likely eventually accurate long term predictable. Of course there is the alternative that the earth was warming dangerously and the governments of the world in secret started a plan of 'geo-engineering' specifically using a process called in the scientific papers as SAG, Stratospheric Aerosol Geo-Engineering...other wise known as chemtrails.

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