Many brilliant economic experts agree that there is a very small window of opportunity to make preparations for the inevitable catastrophic collapse of the U.S. Financial System. Americans who are heavily invested in U.S. dollars and in dollar denominated assets will find themselves ripped off by the dollars sudden loss of purchasing power. The coming crash of the U.S. dollar will bring panic, violence, suffering, and death throughout America. The soaring hyperinflation that has recently gripped Zimbabwe and the former Weimar Republic of Germany that led to the rise of Adolf Hitler is also coming to the United States of America. America’s Survival Guide is not an investors guide to make you filthy rich, but rather, it is a guide for surviving through the chaos and anarchy resulting from the fall of Empire America.

America is running annual Trillion dollar deficits with no end in sight. The only solution the government has come up with is to borrow and print more money at an unsustainable pace. Americans are going to have to pay the price for the foolish spending sprees of their government. Many economic experts agree that the consequences of printing trillions of dollars out of thin air and borrowing trillions more with no end in sight will soon bring on a catastrophic collapse of the U.S. financial system and a catastrophic crash of the U.S. dollar comparable to the collapse of the Weimar Republic of Germany’s currency and the more recent collapse of the currency of Zimbabwe. Most Americans are completely unprepared for the imminent consequences of its governments out of control spending, printing, and borrowing practices. There are catastrophic economic consequences for any nation that resorts to massive printing and borrowing to sustain its massive budgetary deficits. All nations who have already traveled down this path in recorded history eventually experienced a massive collapse of the value of their currency, extreme hyperinflation, and a collapse of their entire economy. We are not talking about the coming of mere inflation. Americans have been experiencing periods of inflation for decades. What we are now talking about is severe hyperinflation. The cost of food, goods, and services will soon rise so dramatically that Americans will not be able to afford the basic necessities of life. Americans have enjoyed relatively cheap groceries, food, fuel, goods, and services for decades but this is soon going to come to a tragic end! The foolish practices of the present and past United States Presidential Administrations is going to bring on a catastrophic economic crisis the likes of which Americans have never seen before! All nations that resort to the practice of uncontrolled printing and borrowing of money to keep their financial systems afloat will suffer the consequences of hyperinflation. It is now certain that hyperinflation will hit the United States of America within this decade. Most Americans will be completely unable to pay for the basic necessities of life. When Americans cannot afford to eat and pay for their basic living expenses then multitudes will resort to violence, rioting, and looting at an unprecedented destructive level never experienced before. This message is not what Americans want to hear but it is the truth! America is on a course which will soon lead to widespread poverty and violence that will impact all of America. We are particularly concerned about the tendency for Americans to become violent in the midst of crisis. When Asian countries recently experienced deadly catastrophic tsunami’s, floods, and earthquakes the Asians did not resort to widespread looting, robbery, and murder. Yet in the recent Katrina disaster many Americans
Mike Larson was among the first analysts to predict the housing bubble before it actually occurred. Mr. Larson’s paper, “How Federal Regulators, Lenders and Wall Street Created America’s Housing Crisis” received broad media coverage following its July 2007 submission to the Federal Reserve and FDIC. In the paper, Mr. Larson accurately predicted the long-term impact of the deepening sub prime mortgage crisis on the broader economy that the nation faces today. Mike Larson now predicts a FINANCIAL CATASTROPHE in the United States of America in the coming years. “I'm at a loss for words, folks. These figures [the national debt] are horrendous ... outrageous ... infuriating ... and terrifying all in one. They paint a picture of a country that's on a collision course with financial catastrophe.” Mike Larson Feb. 2010

began looting, robbing, and murdering other citizens. We are very concerned that America will erupt in violent riots, looting, robbery, and murder. Our current American generation as a whole is spoiled, sinful, and selfish. When America’s wealth comes crashing down and people find themselves living in poverty conditions much like most third world nations many will react with great hostility and violence. Many godly Christians have seen prophetic visions of American cities burning out of control from violent and destructive mobs. If Americans fail to make preparations for the coming collapse of the U.S. financial system and the coming implosion of the U.S. dollar then they will find themselves falling with the rest of the nation into abject poverty. Sadly, many Americans will die from the rampant violence, sickness, and starvation which shall permeate the nation. Most Americans will not believe this message of warning because they falsely believe that America will always be a land of wealth and plenty. They do not realize how vulnerable America really is, nor do they believe in a God who is ready to bring swift judgment upon America for its sins.

What will happen in large urban areas when the dollar crashes in value? What will happen when gasoline prices soar to $15 - $25 per gallon? How will Americans afford to pay for the gasoline to truck in the large quantities of food needed to feed millions of Americans living in highly populated areas? How could the government possibly bring in enough food to feed two hundred million people living in highly populated areas? If people cannot afford to buy food or if it becomes unavailable in supermarkets then desperation will eventually drive even normally law abiding citizens to violently try to take food by force. Widespread violence and looting will lead to Marshal Law but local law enforcement agencies and the military will be completely overwhelmed. Just as in the Katrina disaster, many Police Officers and military personal will choose to protect their own families rather than the general public.

America’s cities and populated areas shall burn out of control as hungry, desperate, and violent people unleash devastating destruction and chaos throughout America. When America’s food supplies are for the most part cut off from the populated areas, even military and police imposed Marshal Law will not be able to protect the lives and properties of most American citizens. It is up to you to make preparations now to survive and thrive during America’s frightening and catastrophic economic collapse. There will be a period of destructive civil unrest followed by a semblance of order. This is just the beginning of the collapse of the once great and powerful American nation. To find out why God is allowing this see our free book entitled, “The Destruction of America.”

Just as God gave Pharaoh a dream of seven fat cows and seven lean cows so the Lord has given the American church a prophetic warning of imminent famine. The Spirit showed us through the gift of prophecy that America will suffer from a famine (which we believe will be caused by an oil crisis) that will be so severe that there will not be enough gasoline to transport the food from the agriculturally productive areas to the highly populated areas throughout America. God revealed this in the following three visions: VISION 1. Three cows were grazing together in the field but each cow was missing parts of the flesh on its bones. The skeletons of each cow were complete but each was missing two thirds of its flesh. One cow had no flesh on its head and belly, another cow had the parts of the flesh of the other cow. And a third cow had the remaining parts of the flesh that was missing from the other two cows. The flesh on the bones of all three cows made up one complete cow. VISION 2. A fruit tree was observed with a strange stone wall circling all around it so that a man could not pick the fruit thereof. VISION 3. A water fall flowed off of a high cliff but a hot strong wind blew on the water fall so that the water evaporated before it could reach the earth. The bottom of the water fall was dry and the earth was cracked. The interpretation of these visions are as follows: The meaning of the three visions are ONE and the same. The three cows and the three visions are for emphasis. God is warning His people that a famine shall soon strike America. As the fleshy parts on each of the three cows was healthy so the cows will be healthy while they graze in the field. But as each of the cows was missing two thirds of its flesh from its bones so about two thirds of America’s food supplies will be cut off from reaching the American people, causing rampant hunger and starvation throughout America. The large sections of bare bones separating the fleshy parts on each of the three cows represents a deadly famine caused by a major disruption of America’s food supplies. About two thirds of America’s food supplies shall not reach the general public. The giant wall around the fruit tree makes plain the meaning of the first vision of the three cows with fragmented sections of flesh separated by bones. America’s fruit trees will grow with health and vigor in unpopulated farm areas but the fruit of those trees will not reach the majority of the American population living in highly populated urban and suburban areas. The water fall that was evaporated by a powerful wind also makes plain the meaning of the first and second visions. The wind indicates that the soon coming American famine will be sent from the LORD God of Heaven. The water in the water fall represents both the life giving sustenance of America’s agricultural base and its drinking water. The gas crisis will probably lead to the cutting off of much of America’s drinking and irrigation water. The heated wind may represent WAR (we believe a war in the Persian Gulf) which may deprive much of America of its its life giving agricultural products. As the heated wind did not allow the life giving water to reach its intended destination so a heated War (oil tankers and instillations shall burn) will likely deprive most Americans of the plentiful and affordable life giving food and water supplies that most
While writing this book I received a clear vision of what appeared to be an American destroyer being hit by a torpedo. I could see the destroyer shooting up three or four missiles in rapid succession before it was hit by a torpedo. The God of heaven has shown us that America’s military will suffer great losses in the Persian Gulf and in the Middle East in the near future. God gave us another vision of an aircraft carrier being hit with great loss of life.


ABOVE PHOTO: AN OIL INSTALLATION BURNING. THE NEXT WAR IN THE MIDDLE EAST WILL PROBABLY BLOCK OR DESTROY 40% OF THE WORLD’S SEA BORN OIL SUPPLIES: Lebanon's al-Nahar reported on Tuesday (December 29th 2009) that Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani warned Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak against an Israeli attack on his country. Larijani told Mubarak that if Israel dared to attack its nuclear facilities, Iran would launch a counterattack on Israel and all US bases in the country, as well as countries of the Gulf region. If Iran successfully attacks Arab oil installations in the Persian Gulf or if Iran blocks the flow of oil from the strait of Hormuz it will result in a catastrophic oil crisis and a complete economic collapse in the United States!
Americans have taken for granted. The winds also indicate that this is a judgment from the Lord God of Heaven for the rampant sins, greed, and ungratefulness of the American people. God is giving the God-fearing a prophetic Warning of a coming famine. Just as some Biblical famines were caused by war so we believe the soon coming famine will be caused by war. America is very vulnerable to the blockage of the flow of oil from the Persian Gulf. About 40% of the worlds oil flows through the narrow strait of Hormuz which can easily be blocked by Iranian missiles. America would lose close to 70% of its oil. There would not be enough gasoline to transport enough food to over 300 million Americans. Whatever gas is left would be far to expensive for most people to afford. Americans who are unprepared will suffer greatly. The coming gas crisis will further collapse the U.S. economy and speed up the currency collapse and hyper inflated prices the likes of which we have never experienced before! God has further shown us that another worse famine will come after the first famine (in the not to distant future) that will be caused by a prolonged drought. God is trying to wake up Americans to repent and to turn from their wicked ways. The coming oil crisis may or may not last very long but it will be long enough to wake up many Americans from rejecting God. When these prophecies are fulfilled many Americans will be awakened to heed other prophetic warnings that God has graciously given. Many worse plagues shall follow! The United States government has frantically tried to escape a full blown depression by carelessly and recklessly printing and borrowing money but there is no way to print or borrow our way out of this crisis.

dollar bubble will burst and all will come crashing down. The writing is on the wall. It is unlikely that the Obama administration will be able to keep the dollar afloat until the last year of his administration. and credit card debt combined.S. Printing and borrowing money has just bought us some time to prepare for a much worse collapse in the near future.S. Those who fail to heed this warning will be very sorry later! We trust that you will carefully follow what we believe is a Spirit led and inspired guide to equip Americans to both survive and thrive during the perilous years ahead. If you fail to prepare now while the U. dollar denominated assets into survival supplies and real money. the average American family of four now owes the U. May all of God’s true servants follow the leading of His Holy Spirit to be prepared for the coming economic collapse and a major disruption of food. The American Government is printing and borrowing its way into its own financial destruction. dollar is still relatively strong you may forever lose your opportunity to escape an impoverished future! America’s Survival Guide will provide you with a sound financial strategy to escape the life threatening effects of hyperinflation and a major disruption of food. Rich Arab oil nations are planning to dump the U. The time of preparation for the coming calamity is very short so you MUST START PREPARING RIGHT NOW! The land of the plenty shall soon become the land of the impoverished! Wise Americans will convert their U. A currency collapse is coming at the United States like a freight train. and services brought on by a soon coming oil crisis that will dwarf the Arab Oil Embargo of 1973. dollar will come crashing down just like I saw in a recent vision of a fiery meteor crashing down on a giant U.S. dollar some time in 2010.S. mortgages. silver and gold. nor can we keep up with the annual interest charges on the skyrocketing debt. We believe that catastrophic events. Those who read and implement the economic strategy outlined in this guide will be empowered to survive and prosper during the most difficult times that America has ever experienced. It is our firm belief that sometime in 2010 through 2012 the U.S.S. goods. When many major nations band together to dump the dollar it could easily lead to a domino effect in which the U. We do not believe that we have years to prepare for this famine and subsequent financial collapse. God has shown us visions of a door closing and an hour glass nearing its end. dollar. Globalization and free trade is transferring the wealth of America to foreign nations that are beating us in the economic arena. Dollars and U. And the American government now owes more money than all of its citizens auto loans.S. Many nations around the world are dumping the U. the coming depression will be far worse than the last depression because in the 1920’s and 1930’s America and its citizens were not steeped in debt. Those who fail to prepare now will find themselves living in poverty conditions just like many people who live in many third world nations.000 in taxes in order to pay for unfunded entitlements and to balance our federal deficit. and credit card payments. In fact. The land of the plenty shall soon become the land of the impoverished! Most of the American middle class will become poor. If this famine occurs after 2010 then God is graciously giving His people more time to prepare. goods.S.America’s reckless bail outs and stimulus spending sprees will only make America’s living conditions much worse in the long run.S. auto. We could suffer a complete crash of the U. and services brought on by a catastrophic oil crisis the likes of which Americans have never experienced before. Then I saw that vision dim out and I saw thousands of pieces of paper currency on fire as it shot up into the sky and came down to the earth as smouldering ashes. Moreover. including a war induced famine will begin in 2010.S. . The American people will never be able to pay for its governments mounting deficits. dollar within the next few months. dollar both in trade and as a reserve currency. Most Americans are struggling to keep up with their hefty mortgages. Just as Joseph made preparation during the years of plenty so we pray that God’s people will make preparations during the short time of plenty that America is still experiencing. government well over $500.

S. the change will be thrust upon them. Many are holding onto the hope that the housing market will eventually recover.S. Then the cracks quickly expanded wider and wider so that all America knew that the country was in great peril. Government has stimulated the American Economy by doubling its paper currency in just one year.S. I believe that the white building is symbolic of the both the U. The prices of U." the Post editorial board noticed that U. currency into real money before it is too late.S. real estate is only going to spiral downward. If you can sell your real estate do it now before the housing market completely collapses. economy and the U. more and more Americans could plainly see the cracks until all of America finally woke up to the realization that the whole American financial system was completely collapsing (but by the time that the cracks quickly expanded it was too late to prepare). Then President Obama’s face became much more serious as the building completely collapsed. Rather. titled "The Coming Debt Panic. debt had soared under one year of Obamanomics from 41% of the gross domestic product to a whopping 53%.S. Dollar should crash to less than one half of its current value! . it is highly unlikely that any major government will change course." The Spirit of Yahweh recently gave us another vision about the collapse of the U. Experts agree that it takes two full years before a nation will feel the full economic impact of printing too much paper money. Silver and gold is real money! THE CATASTROPHIC COLLAPSE OF THE U.S. But as the cracks quickly expanded. Therefore. dollar. As the cracks started they were very small so that most Americans did not know how serious the economic situation really was. real estate market. But there is another wave of foreclosures about to hit the U. Printing paper money out of thin air devaluates the value of any currency. I saw a close up vision of what appeared to be a white government building (I did not see the whole building) with small cracks developing in its walls. this is a shell game since the "trust" funds to which the Post is referring are actually vaults of government-issued IOUs). As for arguments that the Obama Administration will stop its emergency spending in time to save the country from a solvency crisis. The editorial also acknowledged that the government has "borrowed" big sums from its own "trust funds" (as I have reported before. For now. ECONOMY IS CERTAIN Even the liberal Washington Post is sounding the alarm.NO RECOVERY IN SIGHT Many Americans are trapped in a housing market where their hefty mortgages are higher than the actual value of their homes.S. Those who did not prepare when the cracks were still small will be left in financial ruin! The U. In a November 14 editorial.S.S. I saw President Obama’s face smiling which gave me the impression that he was trying to hide the serious cracks in the white government building which had pillars.S. it is better to rent than to own a home. financial system. Acceptance of this uncomfortable truth is a political third rail. You should convert your home and U. Within two years the value of the U. Even after printing such an enormous amount of money the printing presses are still rolling rapidly with no end in sight. Euro Pacific Capital's John Browne offers this far more probable outcome: "Any efforts to reduce these stimuli will result in an immediate correction toward our previous depressionary trajectory.

.S.S. The collapse of both the U. and refined. Dollar when God Himself has revealed its demise? Just as the prophets of old were ridiculed for prophesying doomy and gloomy judgments from God so are God’s messengers still ridiculed today for giving prophecies which appear doomy and gloomy to most Americans! The hard economic facts are not bright for the future of the United States either. Dollar will keep falling until it finally spirals out of control.DO NOT BE FOOLED BY FOOLISH OPTIMISTS Some have attacked me for telling people the real truth about America’s financial future. but the wicked shall do wickedly. The true condition of the American economy is frightening as reflected by the statements of many wise economists. economy is actually on life support through the artificial stimulation of printing money out of thin air. dollar and then I saw the currency on fire while it shot up into the atmosphere and then it fell to the ground in ashes. but the wise shall understand. “And those who are wise shall shine like the brightness of the firmament. and those who turn many to righteousness like the stars forever and ever . MANY RESPECTED ECONOMISTS BELIEVE THAT THE UNITED STATES IS ON THE EVE OF FINANCIAL DESTRUCTION . The U.S.S. Dollar and stock market will have some brief rallies but the long term value of the U. The Holy Spirit is WARNING THE AMERICAN CHURCH that the dollar and the U.S. Financial System will collapse very quickly in the very near future.” I am normally an optimistic person and I’m still optimistic about my personal outlook for success and prosperity in the future but I cannot be optimistic that the U. The U.10 Do not let the recent stock market rally or brief rallies in the dollar deceive you from the truth. How can I be optimistic about the future of the U.S. “What kind of a Christian are you? A Christian is suppose to be positive but you are always negative. Many shall be purified. The Spirit of Yahweh gave me a vision of a fiery meteor hitting the U. .S.S. The government is actually doing its best to hide the terrible state of the economy by allowing the banks not to claim their toxic assets. and European economies will make way for the one world ruler. made white. and none of the wicked shall understand. economy is going to come out of this crisis. The wise and well informed shall prosper in the midst of economic collapse but the unwise shall suffer great harm. They charge.” Daniel 12:3.

S. . So.“.THE FOLLOWING WISE ECONOMISTS ACCURATELY PREDICTED THE U. . . people’s minds weren’t wrecked on all these modern drugs – over-the-counter drugs. DEPRESSION. It’s going to be a picture the likes of which Americans are not going to be used to. I'd rather be a victor than a victim. We’re going to start seeing huge areas of vacant real estate and squatters living in them as well.” Jim Rogers .) currency collapse . . . . The problem with government debt growing so much is that when the time will come and the Fed should increase interest rates. . . . prices will continue to rise because the value of the dollar will continue to decline . . I believe somewhere between today (2010) and 2020. or crystal meth or whatever it might be. . putting food on the table is going to be more important that putting gifts under the Christmas tree . .S. We’re going to see the end of the retail Christmas . economy will enter “hyperinflation” approaching the levels in Zimbabwe because the Federal Reserve will be reluctant to raise interest rates .S. THESE SAME EXPERTS ARE PREDICTING SEVERE HYPERINFLATION. we’re going to see a fundamental shift take place . . . when you print giant amounts of money. .S. . and that's why it's in gold I trust. the system will break.“The massive (U. in 2008. It’s going to come as a shock and with it.” Gerald Celente . 2009 (Bloomberg) — “The U. I am 100 percent sure that the U. . DOLLAR. they will be very reluctant to do so and so inflation will start to accelerate. tax revolts and job marches. And the crime is going to be a lot worse than it was before because in the last 1929 Depression.May 27. there will be a revolution marked by food riots. and its role in the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac debacle is well known . . . . you have a huge underclass of very desperate people with their minds chemically blown beyond anybody’s comprehension. will go into hyperinflation. We're on the eve of financial destruction. . Even if we find more oil and produce more food. . not gifts . . AND A TOTAL COLLAPSE OF THE U. . there’s going to be a lot of crime. .) bailouts is going to unleash rampant inflation and a (U. HOUSING BUBBLE AND CURRENT RECESSION. . the Fed began bailing out investment banks such as Bear Sterns. that is going to produce hyperinflation.S.“I am a 100% convinced that anybody who has their wealth in US Dollars will be just as broke as the people who had their money with Madoff. . and that holidays will be more about obtaining food.” Very brilliant and successful economists are admitting the hard reality that we are indeed . by 2012 America will become an undeveloped nation . Marc Faber .” Robert Kiyosaki .” Peter Schiff .“ . “ON THE EVE OF FINANCIAL DESTRUCTION!” WHO WILL BAIL OUT THE GOVERNMENT WHEN THE DOLLAR BUBBLE BURSTS? . They are unleashing an inflationary holocaust . . it will be worse than the great depression .S. squatter rebellions.

and where you and your family can defend your supplies. or purchase food from local farmers then you are living in a very poor location for long term survival. harvest. They will have to suffer the consequences of watching their families suffer from hunger.CHAPTER 1 WHERE ARE YOU LIVING? Before we begin to make preparations to survive a national emergency or a complete financial meltdown in which essential life giving supplies may be disrupted or denied for an uncertain period of time we need to first take a good look at where we are living. If a national emergency continues for an extended period of time such as a biological warfare attack resulting in a Marshal Law enforced quarantine it will become necessary to grow. Find and purchase a good location where you can quickly flee to in an emergency and build a small survival community. Iran has all the biological weapons that Russia had during the cold war because it hired three Russian biological weapons scientists when the Soviet Union collapsed. If you are living in a poor location here is the best advise that we can give: 1. find and move to a good location. 4. Make sure you have a vehicle capable of transporting your family and survival supplies to a good location. unless the Holy Spirit prompts you to stay in a populated area. If your next door neighbors do not have any food for a substantial period of time and you have food it is quite probable that somebody will attempt to take your food by force. Therefore. it is imperative that you are living in a well protected or sparsely populated location in which there is an abundance of natural water. and even death! If you are living in a rural location where there are not too many neighbors and there is plenty of farm acreage you are in a very good location for long term survival through a calamitous national emergency. wood to burn for heat and cooking. Many Americans who are foolishly unprepared for the coming catastrophic crisis will find themselves without life-giving food and supplies. But if you are living in an urban or suburban area where there is not enough land to grow food. You can fill a van or small truck with your survival supplies or you can purchase a pick up truck and pull your supplies and family in a small camper. and even your life may be taken. A righteous mans steps are ordered of the LORD. Pray and ask for direction from God to lead you safely through the coming crisis. . or hunt your own food locally. We need to know that we can successfully protect our food supplies and live safely through a national emergency. Think and prepare in advance because Remote wilderness locations will be much safer than populated areas. preferably with other trustworthy friends and loved one’s that are like minded with you. Iran may just have Hezbollah sleeper cells inside America with deadly biological weapons ready to be released when a war breaks out. After much prayer. protect food. Pray for the leading of the Spirit. The more hungry people that you are surrounded by the more chance that your food. 3. The more hungry neighbors you have living in close proximity to you the more danger you will experience. 2. supplies. malnutrition.

If you are a large group you may want to purchase a tractor trailer truck and carry enough supplies in it for an entire community. Many Christians falsely believe that by staying in the populated areas that they will be in a good position to share the gospel. It is good to warn people before the calamity strikes. . Above Photos: Violent riots broke out in Greece and Iceland when their Financial Systems began to collapse. If you plan on fleeing to a pre-planned survival area then make sure you have all of your survival supplies already stocked inside your trucks or trailers. Will it be any different when the U. Financial System collapses in the near future? Below Photos: The best place to live during the coming crisis will be in remote rural locations.S. When people are desperate for food and life giving supplies they will not be interested about hearing the good news about salvation. Then after the calamity subsides you can move back and resume your ministry.when an emergency comes you will not have time to go out and buy a truck or camper and you will not have time to fill it with your survival supplies. Make preparations with other like minded friends and loved ones so you can carry all of your supplies in many vehicles together. If a large group of people all pitch in together they should be able to purchase a large tractor trailer truck and fill it with supplies. If you have supplies and they don't they will most likely take your food and supplies by force. Their main focus will be on obtaining food and supplies. Many who rejected your previous warnings may later wake up from their spiritual slumber to receive the truth of the gospel. Yet nothing can be further from the truth.

We strongly recommend that you do not try to go it alone in a real emergency. It is far better to dwell in remote locations in tents than to live in luxurious houses in the midst of looting and riots. It is best to have your own property or to live on the property of a close friend or relative. or house on your remote property then bring a tent that is designed for long term survival with a small camping stove. Just like a tribe of American Indians hunted. farmed. robberies. and looting everyone will want to flee but it will be too late! 5. Locate families and friends that you can live together with in a remote location. Unite with other likeminded families and form a survival community. The best way to survive in a prolonged national emergency is to band together with likeminded families and friends that you can trust who also have their own supplies. work. It will be better to live in a tent (even in cold weather) than to live in a highly populated area. One family alone can be easily overcome by armed attackers but many armed families encamped together provide a much greater defense. Most Americans will probably empty out grocery store shelves first before they think of driving off into a secure and unpopulated area. or an outbreak of a deadly contagious disease (possible biological warfare). and protected each other so a whole church can work together and protect each other during a major national crisis. put in for emergency leave (if you can) and pack your survival supplies and drive off with a full tank of gasoline (keep enough gas in your tank at all times and if necessary. This is the very best way to survive what is coming in the near future. bring extra gas with you in gas containers to reach your destination without having to stop for fuel). murders. It is good to have at least one dog that is kept outside to sound an alarm and always rotate armed guard shifts. The American Indians survived quite well living in simple tents. This way there is always someone watching and everyone is never sleeping all at once. and hunt in groups and always set a watchman over those busy working in the fields who can . If you do not have a small trailer. shack. buy property in a sparsely populated area just a few hours drive from where you live. If you wait too long you may be stuck in traffic or turned back from reaching your destination via Marshal Law. It is essential that you travel before the majority of Americans realize there is a real life threatening crisis at hand. Always travel.If possible. If you build a survival community on State or Federal land you take the risk of being evicted and possibly losing your supplies. You must beat the crowds before they also decide to flee for a safer living location! When there is rampant violence. Communities will further have to protect their livestock and vegetable gardens. As soon as you here of a crisis developing such as a blockage of the flow of oil from the Persian Gulf. 6.

Shotguns are the best close range weapons for hunting both small (birdshot) and large game (buckshot). and disease but rural areas will have far more food and fresh water then populated areas. If you choose such a location cut down the trees.alert those at work if danger approaches. Get binoculars and night vision goggles for your night time watchmen. It is best to train and equip women and teenagers to safely and skillfully use guns. spring. pollution. and store the wood for cooking and heat. In times of calamity city water or electric may be lost. Purchase durable pots and pans to cook on a woodstove or outdoor fire. Construct at least one observation post where one person can keep an eye on the community from a high vantage point. death. You may have to boil and then filter your water after it cools off. Women and frail teenagers can more easily learn how to shoot small 22 caliber rifles (good for small game and protection) while stronger men should have shotguns or more powerful rifles. I have more than a years supply of carbon water filters. Choose to build your survival community in a well cleared area where you can easily keep a watchful eye on each shelter and the surrounding farm areas. If many families share the expenses together you will be able to purchase even expensive survival gear that you would not have been able to afford all alone. and thickets around your community you will not be able to spot intruders as easily. When a major national crisis breaks out it will be far better to live in a simple tent or shack in an unpopulated area then living in a populated urban or suburban area where throngs of people are fighting and killing each other for food and vital life preserving resources! Urban areas will be filled with violence. Whatever guns you choose to buy make sure you have ample ammo to survive indefinitely. It is best to build your survival community where there is a water supply from a natural well. . burn the brush. If there is allot of trees. high bushes. or stream that does not run dry. If you have to drink water from a natural source you should boil and filter it to protect your family from germs and pollutants.

Some will quickly discount the idea of working overtime or getting a second job because most Americans have lost their work ethic. Those who have their wealth tied up in U. If you don't get that second job or work some extra hours to build up your supplies your life and the lives of your family members may be in jeopardy. Those who purchased precious metals while the dollar was strong will have excellent buying opportunities. Do whatever work you can to have the money to buy your survival supplies. Most early American farmers use to work from sunrise to sunset six days per week. American families who sell their homes to buy precious metals will be far better off than those who own homes that are collapsing in value. If you fail to sell your house now it will probably be worth about 90% less in the near future.S.000 will probably fall to under $50.S. We are not talking about working extra to go out and buy luxury items to play with. SELL U.S. A house that is still appraised at about $300.S. When you factor in a collapsed U. When the dollar bubble bursts you will wish that you had bought more silver and gold because that opportunity will never come around again! Once the U. real estate will suffer great financial loss.000.000 house will really be worth less than $5. Many wealthy landlords are going to go belly up during the tragic financial collapse which is already at our doorsteps. and precious metals.S. Those who bought precious metals while the dollar was still strong will be very happy that they did. Some are blessed with the ability to volunteer for overtime on their regular jobs. If you do not have enough funds to make preparations we strongly suggest that you go ahead and take that overtime for a few months so you can quickly go out and purchase what you will need. STOCKS / REAL ESTATE If you have stocks or real estate in populated areas inside the United States we strongly suggest that you quickly sell off these stocks and properties immediately because the real estate and stock market is going to come crashing down. . If you have money tied up in stocks or real estate you can quickly sell them and use the cash to quickly purchase survival gear. dollar collapses there will no longer be an opportunity to buy large amounts of precious metals. The market conditions inside the U. We are talking about your families survival! If you don't prepare right now the door of opportunity may forever be closed! There are many hard labor jobs that most Americans will not work. firearms. currency a $300.000 in value.CHAPTER 2 SURVIVAL SUPPLIES HOW TO PAY FOR YOUR SUPPLIES GET A SECOND JOB Since most Americans are living from pay check to pay check it may be necessary to go out and find a second part time or full time job. indicate that it is now far better to rent real estate than to own it (unless it is agricultural land). They are unwilling to make the sacrifices that are necessary to prepare for their own survival. This may be a grate sacrifice for a while but it will enable you to make extra money to quickly build up your survival supplies.

food. This idea may be difficult for some but I can tell you by experience that it can and does work. Heat. and utilities will be much cheaper. and living expenses together. Children can always get changed in a . protect. Your hard earned wealth that has been tied up in your home. the boys another (you may need bunk beds). Use the money you have left over to buy precious metals as a hedge against hyperinflation.S. Two families can save hundreds of dollars per month by sharing one home. Larger family units can combine their efforts together for the groups survival. rent.You may not wish to sell the house you are living in now but when the value of the U. You will be trapped with mortgage payments that far exceed the appraised value of your home. and stocks will be forever lost. or gathering food. Housing market comes crashing down. ONE FAMILIES MONTHLY COST OF LIVING EXPENSES TWO FAMILIES MONTHLY COST OF LIVING EXPENSES Monthly Mortgage or Rent Average Electric. If two families who both have children can share a four bedroom house then the girls can all share one bedroom. Moving in with other trustworthy Christians or relatives is the best way to survive and thrive during the coming economic collapse.000 IN ONE YEAR Sell your home or move out of your expensive apartment and move in with your close relatives or Christian friends. Everyone can save money by sharing tools. appliances. MOVE IN WITH FAMILY OR FRIENDS AND SAVE $12. This may not be very convenient but it can be done. and protect the family. grow vegetables. you will be very sorry that you did not sell while you still had the chance. automobiles. cut firewood. Some can work jobs while others cut wood. and the Parents the other two bedrooms. It is comforting to know that there are armed friends protecting your family while others are out working. properties. Dollar and the U. grow vegetables and do household chores. We are telling God’s people to sell off everything that is not useful for long term survival and use that money to buy things that you will need to survive. If you live in a State like Tennessee or Texas the monthly mortgage. Some community members may bring in income while others hunt. Water Share Internet / Phone $1600 $ 320 $ 80 Each Family Pays $800 Each Family Pays $160 Each Family Pays $ 40 Total Monthly House/Utility Expenses $1000 Two families each save $1000 by sharing a home Total Monthly Housing/Utility Expenses $2000 One family pays $1000 more for not sharing a home The prices in the above expense categories reflect the high cost of living on Long Island. If the home has only three bedrooms then use a den or living room area to make a fourth bedroom. hunting. in New York State.S.

Remember that we are not focusing on our convenience and comfort. and 20 pound bags of onions for about $15 each. Above Photo: A long gasoline rationing line during the 1973 Arab oil embargo. You can also save allot of money by purchasing food from local farmers in bulk rather than purchasing them in small quantities. If America loses about 70% of its oil the cost of food and supplies will quickly skyrocket out of control. a few crates of butternut squash from a local farmer for just 35 cents per pound. Their food consumption will stay about the same but their housing and utility costs have been cut in half.bathroom or other bedroom. Now America imports about 70% of it oil. Jarring will preserve most foods for two or more years. The expression. In 1973 America imported only about 30% of its oil from foreign nations. Sharing a home with a second family also has many economic advantages. “many hands make light work“ is truly valid. Since canning jar lids will rust out it is best to buy many extra canning jar lids in advance so you can continue preserving your own foods at home without depending on resupplies from outside sources. The wise will prepare and stock up on food supplies now! Above Photo: YOU CAN EASILY JAR FOOD FROM YOUR OWN VEGETABLE GARDEN. There will not be enough gas to bring enough food to over 300 million Americans. If you share your food expenses you can also save on your monthly grocery bills. Every October I can buy 50 pound bags of potatoes for just $10 . .$12 each. We are focusing on our families SURVIVAL! If you fail to act now your life and the lives of your family may be in great peril in the very near future! In the above scenario each family would cut their housing and utility bills to about half of what they would normally pay if they continued living alone. You can buy reusable canning jars from your local Wal-Mart. Jarring your own food will be well worth the effort when you can’t go out and buy foods at your local grocery stores. It is best to alternate cooking and cleaning responsibilities so that everyone does their part in surviving and thriving together.

STOCK UP ON YOUR FAMILIES FOOD SUPPLIES NOW! IN A PROLONGED EMERGENCY YOU WILL NEED A VERY LARGE SUPPLY OF NON PERISHABLE FOODS. . OR ANY PAPER CURRENCY. then you will wish that you had prepared while there was still time. Are you willing to take the sacrificial steps necessary to make sure you and your family are prepared? If not. If you always keep in mind that you are making these sacrifices for your families future survival it will help you to make these sacrifices with a joyful and thankful spirit. GOLD.S. then they will be able to purchase enough food and supplies in any coming crisis. Financial system you may have to take some drastic measures that you would not have normally taken. or hundreds of thousands of paper dollars. But what good is paper money or precious metals during a prolonged famine? Can anyone chew on paper dollars for nourishment? When there is little or no food available FOOD WILL BECOME MORE VALUABLE THAN SILVER. There are ways to save money to prepare for the catastrophic days ahead but you must have the will and the desire to ensure that you are ready. If you really want to survive and thrive during the coming collapse of the U. Many falsely believe that if they store up enough precious metals.

15. Kettle. 20. rototiller (or tractor tiller). 3. 16. batteries. 13. 5. and then place your grill on the blocks or rocks to cook your food on). etc. 8. 10. It is easy to build your own outdoor grill using concrete blocks or rocks.$50 DOLLARS PLANTS ONE ACRE/$100 PLANTS TWO ACRES! SURVIVAL SUPPLIES 1. Iron rakes. _____ Water filters (Water may shut down or become polluted) _____ 4 or more buckets (Electric and Water Utilities may go out) _____ 3 hand charged wind up lights.SURVIVAL SUPPLY CHECKLIST WE RECOMMEND THAT ALL FAMILIES HAVE AT LEAST SIX MONTHS SUPPLY OF ALL THE FOLLOWING ITEMS FOOD ITEMS . 15. 9. 5. 8. 7. and two dozen lighters _____ 2 bicycles with attachable bike carts to carry food. and small children _____ 6 tarps (12x17 feet) or tents to catch drinking water and for shelters to do outside cooking. 9. 6. cultivators. 4. 6. machete. and other grains on pallets in a cool and dry place) _____ 500 pounds of wheat/barley/corn. 17.MINIMUM PER FAMILY OF FOUR 1. 18. Buy rodent poison from exterminating product suppliers and place by food _____ Laundry and dish washing detergent _____ Soap/shampoo/sponges _____ Clothing lines and pins to hang dry laundry (buy good quality that will last) _____ Cast Iron or heavy duty Pots. 3. 12. 12. Make sure you buy only non-hybrid. 15. beans. 14. repair house and equipment (get electric and manual) _____ 2 or more Large Pallets to store food in your basement or a cool. 19. 11. laundry. supplies. 14. lots of candles. Sledge hammer with spikes _____ Shovels. 13. during periods of rain _____ 2 covered water trough’s (to store rain water) . _____ Dry garlic and onion powder for immune systems and a 6 months supply of all other spices _____ Vitamin C Pills (also buy vitamins for children) will keep immune systems strong _____ Multi-vitamin-mineral Pills (also buy for children) _____ Dry alfalfa and broccoli Pills (can crush and mix with food for children) as supplements when produce is unavailable _____ 20 Pounds of canned meats with long shelf life (always buy new after eating old) _____ Canned tomatoes (crushed or sauce) _____ Canned fruits _____ Pasta _____ Apple sauce _____ Powdered milk _____ Powdered fruit juices (made from real juice) _____ Sugar _____ Canning Jars to preserve your own fruits and vegetables _____ SURVIVAL SEEDS to plant at least ONE ACRE of food for your family. 7. 4.beans and rice make up a complete source of protein (Store rice. or horse drawn tiller _____ 2 Wheelbarrows or horse drawn carts _____ Hunting Knives (for gutting and skinning game) and Sewing Supplies to make and fix clothes _____ Shotgun (get both slugs and bird shot for large and small game) with ample ammo _____ 22 Caliber Rifle (very affordable ammo allows you to hunt small game indefinitely) _____ Tools/bolts/nuts/screws/nails/etc . non genetically altered vegetable seeds. Pans. and cooking utensils to cook on wood stoves and outside fires (make sure you have plenty of lighters and matches) _____ Outdoor wood heated grill. Click Here to buy SURVIVAL SEEDS . 21. Pick Axes. 50 pound bags of cracked corn are sold at AGWAY for under $10 per bag. You can mill the corn to make breads or you can boil the corn in soups. small hatchet. 11..Order through Agway or farm suppliers _____ 2 back packs to carry food and supplies _____ Wood Stove (with everything you need to safely install in your home or shelter) _____ 2 Chain saws and 2 Large Logging Hand Saws capable of being used by one or two men _____ Large Axe. 17. 10. . 16. _____ 500 pounds of dry rice (Get more if you can because it will last for years) _____ 100 pounds of dry beans/lentils . dry place (keep food off of the ground). open pollinating. 2.

blankets. _____ Cold and Rainy Weather Gear: Gloves. Do not waste your money on expensive MRE’S. If you don't use some of these items then you can opt to barter them for other items later.If you decide to flee your home make sure you have ample tents. auto’s. _____ Tents . Make sure you buy large quantities of only NON-HYBRID SEEDS that have not been genetically altered so that you can harvest your own seeds every year without depending on outside sources. You can also learn how to make and repair everything yourself. If you store gasoline in 55 Gallon Drums you will need a HAND PUMP and a fuel stabilizer to keep the gas good for 1-5 years.Complete with everything you need for all medical emergencies. I purchased large quantities of military surplus items such as warm East German hats. patches. Storing large amounts of fuel is illegal but you might be able to safely store a few 5 gallon gasoline containers. coats. tractor. _____ 55 GALLON DRUMS can be converted into wood stoves and it. _____ Hand powered MEAT GRINDER and a GRAIN MILL to make chopped meats and to mill grains 30. buttons. Buy extra parts for tools. You can purchase a mountain of dry grains. Check with local State/Town ordinances before storing gasoline. etc. or barn for parts.goldmoney. etc. at bargain prices from SPORTSMAN'S GUIDE at 1-800-882-2962. sleeping bags. 22. including making clothes. and keep the old one stored in a garage. poncho’s. long johns. Many thrifty old timers buy a new truck. and cloth to repair damaged clothing. 25. and tractors._____ Toiletries/toothpaste/cleaning supplies/old newspapers (can be used in place of toilet paper) _____ 2 Brooms to sweep rather than vacuum _____ 1 Small Scooter that is great on gas mileage (100 miles per gallon). 23. canteens. bikes. Gasoline cannot be stored long without fuel stabilizer lasting from 1-5 years. When planning for America’s imminent financial collapse you must think about long term rather than short term survival. Therefore do not hesitate to purchase as much of the above items as possible. Also buy tools and equipment that can fix other tools and equipment so that you don't have to buy new again. and beans that will last for decades for a fraction of the price. and tents out of animal skins and furs. rice. DRY RICE AND BEANS MAKE AN EXCELLENT LONG TERM STORAGE SURVIVAL FOOD Wise survivalists will be prepared for long duration survival scenarios without depending upon outside supplies. 24. bike. . Hats. _____ A minimum of 300 ounces of minted silver coins securely stored in your home or on your property and a few ounces of gold in a Swiss vault at It is best to have all of the above items even if you don't end up using them all. If possible. and all the camping gear you will need to bring with you 27. Buy a hand powered grain mill to make your own flower for bread. boots. 26. Buy sewing supplies with ample thread. _____ FIRST AID KIT . shirts. Long John’s. In a protracted national crisis all of the above items can also serve in the place of currency. etc. military trousers. tent. include some antibiotics and something that can prevent wounds from becoming infected 29. socks. 28. or buy new (exact same make) and use the old for parts.

We suggest that you utilize both rain water and water from a local source such as a pond. After the water has cooled run it through a filter before drinking. Catch drinking water by placing large tarps over structures or tie tarps down using gravity to bring the rainwater into a large water trough or clean garbage can. You will need plenty of large buckets to carry your water for bathing. Therefore you can build your own heavy duty wood stove for about $230 but you will need to know someone with the proper tools and experience to properly assemble it. troughs. and a hot plate conversion kit that allows you to cook on the barrel for just $30 more. We bought two 55 gallon steel drums on sale for just $79 each at NORTHERN TOOLS. You can purchase a nice camping stove for about $100 (used) and about $150 (new). Your going to need at least one large WOOD STOVE for a house or a small CAMPING STOVE if you are living in a very small tent or shelter. DO NOT TRUST YOUR CITY WATER during a national crisis because the water pressure may shut off. When a real emergency strikes.000 but there is a way to turn a 55 gallon steel drum into a large wood stove for about $200. river. a grate for $30. If money is not a problem . river. This is why ever single American should have a back up heating plan besides oil or natural gas. lake. irrigating. Most large wood stoves will cost between $500 . and to bring water to your livestock. or stream and then run it through a WATER FILTER. then let it cool off. or stream. If you do not live in a location where there is plenty of natural wood then we strongly suggest that you plan on moving out of that location when a national emergency strikes. If there is an oil crisis most Americans will no longer be able to afford the cost of oil heat. laundry. If you feel that the amount of water will not be enough for your community then dig a well (before a crisis) and install an old fashioned HAND PUMP to bring the water out of the ground. Always boil drinking water from the above sources.SURVIVAL TIPS WATER It is very probable that many parts of the country will lose their public sources of pure drinking water. You can further boil water from a local pond. Therefore it is imperative that your survival plan includes storing and finding enough pure drinking water.$1. fill up all of your buckets. and containers with city water right away. You can usually get a heavy duty steel 55 gallon drum for under $100 and then you will have to purchase a kit (we recommend you purchase the kit at Northern Tools) for about $80. HEAT Most Americans have to deal with very cold winters and most of us have been spoiled by our oil burners which do all the work for us.

Chain saws will cut through large logs like butter but even the best hand saws will take allot longer to cut wood. It is far better to buy more expensive logging hand saws like the one above [cross cut saw . Survival communities will want to employ at least a few strong horses. screw drivers. It is good to have a farm tractor or a small rototiller but if you have no gas what good are they? If you have no gasoline you will need to depend upon hand held tools or animals to do all of your work. If you have no horse power you will need to do all of your farming and towing by man power. Buy chain saws and good logging hand saws so that you can still cut wood even if your gasoline supply runs out. We are focusing on your families survival rather than your families enjoyments. pulling heavy loads. sledge hammers with wedges. Hand powered tools also are very exhausting to use while electrical and gas powered tools and equipment makes work much easier. pick axes. wrenches. Your 55 gallon drum stove may not look as nice as a regular stove but it will serve to keep your family warm. nails. If you can purchase a few horses and large metal tillers for the horses to pull you will be able to farm a much larger area then doing it all by hand. TOOLS We suggest that you have enough shovels. Purchase every tool you think you will need to survive indefinitely without having to go out and purchase more tools later.about $110] than to use cheap hand saws that will cut much slower and will exhaust you much faster. Tilling soil and pulling heavy loads by hand power is very exhausting and time consuming. Each family does not have to have a complete set of tools because you can all use each others tools. hammers. .and you don't feel like bothering to assemble a circular 55 gallon drum stove then you can pay more than double or triple this price for a wood burning stove. wheelbarrows. In this book we are not focusing on comfortable or beautiful homes. masking tape. If you have money purchase both electrical or gas powered tools and equipment along with hand powered tools and equipment. A chain saw can cut through wood like butter but a hand powered saw will take you more than ten times longer. We recommend that you purchase both. three prong cultivators. Horses are valuable farm animals for tilling soil. and for transportation. If you band together with other like minded families into a survival community then you can save money by sharing all your tools together. and everything else that you think will come in handy to do all of your work by hand. screws. saws. axes.

Scooters. Hyperinflation will cause gasoline prices to rise so high that most Americans will no longer be able to afford buying large quantities of it. and great mileage motor cycles will replace automobiles and horse drawn wagons and carts will again become common in non urban environments.TRANSPORTATION Above: Horses are strong enough to carry heavy loads and people long distances without expensive gasoline engines. scooters. Horses simply need grass. and horses will probably become the main means of transportation for most Americans. and hay during the winter. bikes. and skyrocketing gasoline prices will force millions of Americans to flee highly populated areas to live off of the land again just like our great grandparents did just one hundred years ago. a little grain. Those who prepare now while the dollar is strong will have a great advantage over those falling victim to America’s fiscal irresponsibility's. hyperinflation. . Bottom Left: BICYCLE CARTS can be attached to bicycles to carry both children and supplies. Bicycles. The surge in unemployment. water.

wagons.What will you do to transport yourself and your supplies when only the wealthy can afford gasoline? It is best to purchase scooters. Just as the ancient Egyptians were willing to sell their lands and possessions to Joseph during a severe famine so starving people will practically give away all of their possession just to eat another day. When the U. If you buy horses you will need a barn to store hay and to shelter your horses during the winter. Hyper inflated prices will prevent the majority of Americans from purchasing items that were once very cheap! . If you do not have the land. Nonperishable foods. tillers. Those who prepare now will be in a great position to benefit from the coming collapse of the U. It is wise to buy all of the tools you will need to build and repair everything without having to buy replacements later. I purchased surplus military back packs. ammo. Hyperinflation will prevent most Americans from buying simple tools and equipment. Many oil experts admit that the world’s oil supplies have already reached peak potential output. guns. and precious metals will have a wonderful buying opportunity. back packs. horse drawn carts. Those who possess large quantities of these commodities will have an excellent buying opportunity in the near future.S. Depending on where you live you might want to buy a few horses. horse drawn wagons. horse packs. and equipment that can be used to build and repair the above items. and ammo will be worth their weight in gold during a life threatening crisis. and other equipment for horses. Items that are cheap now will become far to expensive in the future. guns. Wealthy Americans who become desperate will be willing to sell you their land for food and other stored commodities. guns. What will Americans do when gasoline becomes unavailable for most of the general public? They will have no choice but to revert back to some of the earlier forms of transportation used just one hundred years ago. Purchase tools. and precious metals to skyrocket in value. During a national oil and food crisis many who are rich in land and real estate will be willing to sell you their properties and possessions at greatly reduced prices. Buy bicycle carts for your bicycles and strong heavy duty back pack to carry goods while riding bicycles or scooters. and the materials necessary to carry yourself and your goods now before the dollar collapses. Hyperinflation will cause the prices of food. equipment (such as a welder). horse shoes. Americans would be wise to purchase bicycles. dollar. ponchos. essential supplies. A major war in the Persian Gulf could potentially cause a catastrophic world oil crisis. bicycle pulled carts. economy completely collapses those who have accumulated stockpiles of non perishable food items. gloves.S. saddles. Therefore they will be forced to repair what they already have. Survival communities may elect to purchase more land when the real estate market completely collapses. hardy winter clothes. nor the facilities for horses then you are going to have to do everything by man power or by gas powered tillers.S. and former East German military hats that cover most of the head and ears for ridiculously low prices at SPORTSMANS GUIDE. bikes. economy and the U. tools. scooters. and sewing supplies while the dollar is still strong so that you will have what you need to survive and thrive when the economy completely collapses. sea bags. Survivalists should purchase these items now before they become ridiculously expensive later! If you don't use them you can always use them for barter later.

and $4. Discipline yourself only to spend the money from the second job on survival supplies and silver until you are ready for the financial collapse. Your families future will depend on it! Taking a part time job for even about $100 per week adds up to $400 per month. Work that second job for a full year (if we have that long before the collapse) and take all the money of the second job (even if its a part time job) and buy your supplies and precious metals as fast as you can. If you are able to purchase allot of precious metals now many nations will probably accept your visa application later but if you don't have a large sum of real money most nations will not let you in. If you and your family are living from pay check to pay check and you have no money to buy extra food. When the dollar and the U. so most Americans will be financially trapped in an impoverished America.And the Exodus of Christians and Jews. tools and supplies while the dollar is relatively strong it will be much harder to buy these items later. We suggest that Americans sell everything that they do not need and cash it in for the real precious metal money. We strongly believe that silver is going to rise in value to well over $150 per ounce. If you fail to prepare now you will probably find yourself trapped in a very different America than the one you are use too. There will be a Spirit Led Exodus of Christians from North America in the future. If you cannot buy this kind of gold or silver then we suggest that you buy as much silver as you possibly can.800 in twelve months.400 in six months. The longer you wait to buy precious metals the more likely you will have to pay more to obtain them in the future. We strongly urge everyone to purchase as much gold or silver as possible while the dollar has strength. silver. Financial System does collapse most people will wish that they had done more to prepare while the dollar was still strong! If you live in a highly populated area we suggest that you try to sell your home if you own it. If you can buy 20 or more ounces of gold and 500 or more ounces of silver you should be in very good shape in the coming years. or gold then go out and get a second job immediately. supplies. $2.” In the coming years Spirit led Christians will depart out of the United States of America. At this time I feel comfortable renting property where I am living in the United States but (if the Lord wills) when the time comes I am planning on buying farm land in the English speaking Central American nation of Belize where you can grow food all year round. Buy now while silver is under $20 per ounce.S. Just like most people living in third world nations are unable to afford a plane ticket and a visa to travel into another country. “The Destruction of America . even if it is just a few hundred ounces. You and your family can purchase allot of survival supplies for a few thousand dollars. Once the dollar falls hard you will forever lose the opportunity that you now have. With high unemployment you may have to work a laborious job that few people would be willing to work. If you are able to exchange large sums of money for real precious metal money then you will be blessed with a tremendous buying opportunity when the dollar collapses. You must take drastic measures right now before the American financial system completely collapses and we become like a third world nation! . See our free book.If you and your family fail to purchase food.

non genetically altered seeds and grow and reseed these vegetables every year so that you will never have to buy seeds ever again. . It has been my experience that acorn and other types of winter squash do not last as long as butternut squash. Have a back up set of hand tools for everything because you may not have electric or gasoline during a prolonged emergency. Some winter squash seeds from the supermarket are good but you are taking a big chance that they may be hybrids. tools. scoop out the cooked fruit. Keep an eye on your pumpkins and cook those that are beginning to show small signs of spoiling first. garlic. and apples store better in cool and damp root cellars. If you want to keep your immune system strong it is best to find or make a dry . Make sure you do not bring seeds with the word “hybrid” on the package. I have found that pumpkins also store very well but not as long as butternut squash. and vegetable gardens. Make sure you build a separate root cellar for apples because apples emit a gas that can ruin other stored vegetables. STORING WINTER SQUASH It is now February 2010 and I still have butternut and pumpkin stored in a cool dry and unheated attic and storage room inside my house and both are not spoiling yet. if not all winter long. Make sure you bring plenty of dry seeds (not hybrids because hybrid vegetables are not good for reseeding themselves) and gardening tools with you to your community. If you harvest your winter squash and leave them sit in the sun for about ten days before the first frost they should last a long time. It is best to buy your own non-hybrid. including your supplies.CHAPTER 3 VEGETABLE GARDENS AND LIVESTOCK If possible set up your tents. I tried acorn and a few other types of winter squash but most of them did not last as long as the butternuts and the pumpkins. We usually bake the pumpkins for about an hour. potatoes. and then mix it with flower to make delicious and nutritious pumpkin bread. That is why we plant mostly butternut squash for our long term food storage supply. ginger. livestock. If stored properly butternut squash can last from 612 months. beets. rutabagas. shelters. If you use a sharp pair of clippers to harvest your butternuts. or homes in elevated locations where you can keep an eye on your community. Butternut squash are the best for long term storage.unheated area in your basement or attic where the temperature does not rise above 60 degrees Fahrenheit. You cannot take the seeds from hybrid vegetables and plant them the next year because they will not grow. Butternut Squash remains tasteful and nutritious even until the next growing season. We find this much faster and easier to bake then pumpkin pie. and onions for long term food storage until the spring. Carrots. Store winter squash. and other winter squash before the first frost and then leave these squash to sit outside in the sun for about ten days then they can last you through most. You can eat your acorn and pumpkin squash first but leave your butternuts for last because no squash will store as long and as well as butternut. If they do grow these seeds will not produce successful fruit during the next growing season. pumpkins. I plant allot of Butternut Squash because Butternuts can be successfully stored for up to a year if kept in a cool dry place. If a winter squash has a small dent or soft spot developing then separate this squash from the other stored squash immediately and cook it within a week or two. Keep your winter squash stored in a cool and dry place at temperatures between 40-60 Fahrenheit. Butternut will usually last till the next growing season but most of your pumpkins should last through February or March. It is nice to have electric tools and tools powered by gas but do not depend upon these kind of tools alone.

onions. I drill four or five 1/8th inch holes on the bottoms of dozens of used plastic yogurt containers (which I can use every year) and plant the seeds at the appropriate depth in potting soil. You can plant fast growing vegetables close to slower growing vegetables such as carrots and radishes. Cold weather vegetables such as rutabagas. I cut a hole in the top and hang a 100 watt light bulb down over my planted seeds. You can eat both the Radish Greens and the bulbs within 3 . Then in late March or early April you can plant vegetables that like cold weather again: Cabbage. carrots. You should not depend upon sunlight alone to germinate your seeds indoors. The best long term storage vegetables are potatoes. radishes (below right). Carrots can be kept fresh all winter long by leaving them in the ground and covering them with a large pile of hay or leaves in early December. Carrots. and eggplant in a heated greenhouse or by an indoor window (where the temperature remains above 70 degrees Fahrenheit) in early April and plant them outside in early June (New York State). and Broccoli. Water the germinating seeds and seedlings every three or four days until they are ready for outside planting. tomatoes. Keeping the cover on your seedling container will help to keep the seeds warm and will prevent moisture from escaping. Remove the new plants from their containers by turning the plastic containers upside down and gently squeezing them so that the entire plant will fall out into your other hand with their roots intact. Squash seeds need to be kept in a warm environment to germinate. tomatoes. Learning how to maximize space in vegetable gardens will allow you to grow more food per square foot. Collards. The aluminum foil will reflect the artificial light so that the entire seedling box will receive ample light. peppers. and beets can be harvested in late November or early December so they can supply you with additional nutrition until March or April (Keep an eye on your root cellar and use vegetables that start going bad first). The artificial light will both heat up the seeds to germinate and will provide energy for photosynthesis. If you find yourself unable to start these types of vegetables indoors (in the Northern States) then don't bother planting them. stems. If your squash. Turnips. Radishes (you can eat the Radish leaves). The radishes will be ready for harvest in about 3-6 weeks but the carrots will need at least three months to be ready for harvest.MAKE YOUR OWN SEEDLING GREENHOUSE I use a large plastic laundry basket with no holes to start my cool sensitive vegetable seedlings indoors. Radishes. Since radishes can handle some frosts you may start planting them in late March. Beets. Plant these types of vegetables outdoors in April (New York State) to ensure you have fresh produce during the summer. carrots. cabbage. and eggplants do not have an early start they will not bear enough fruit to be worth your while. and beets. The carrots will not need the space that the radishes will take up during their first six weeks of growth. I plant the following other types of vegetables Below: Many types of vegetables like cold weather such as turnips (below left). I try to grow enough butternut squash to last until the next growing season and I start planting the following vegetables in early April: Rutabagas (you can eat the Rutabaga leaves).6 weeks after planting. If you plant different types of vegetables at different times you can supply the nutritional needs of your survival community all year long without having to depend on Grocery Stores. Carrots. Then I wrap aluminum foil on the walls and top cover of the large plastic laundry basket. and butternut squash. PLANTING EARLY IN GREENHOUSES Start vegetables such as squash (summer and winter). broccoli. If you need fast nutrition in the early Spring plant a few rows of radishes. pull them up. and then recover the carrot patch area until all the carrots are pulled. and stalks). . peppers. and Broccoli (you can eat Broccoli leaves. For the best results keep the temperature of your indoor seedlings above 70 degrees Fahrenheit at all times. In this manner you can plant your whole garden full of radishes in the very early spring to ensure an early source of fresh produce. When you desire to pull fresh carrots just uncover the carrots.

Irrigation is also made easier because you only have to water the cultivated mounds where the squash have deep roots. tomatoes.indoors during the first week of April: Peppers. Once you have cleared the land of large rocks and roots then you can use a rototiller or a horse drawn tiller to plow up the land every year thereafter. I only needed to till up small 2x2 ft or 3x3 ft areas and build small mounds mixed with composted manure. pumpkin. When we started our garden the first year we chose the best location that gets the most sun. When deer like a certain type of vegetable they will keep eating it until they ruin your crop. or old newspapers over the entire mound to keep weeds away from the plants when they are young and to keep the soil moist. Here is the way that I am now planting my vegetable garden. You don't need to dig down very far because you can dump a cart or wheelbarrow full of your composted mix of organic materials and then mix it with the natural soil you dug up. When I planted my first vegetable garden I made allot of mistakes because I had planted all of my butternut and pumpkin inside of my fenced in garden. Then we placed a tall fence all around the garden from fence materials that people had thrown out. Use an Iron rake to spread out the organic materials evenly. Then we rototilled the entire area so that the compost and the manure was evenly dispersed and the soil became soft. Your mound of compost and natural soil should be at least one foot high. It is best to build the mounds with large logs. . You don't need to till up all those heavy roots. Therefore winter squash is a great vegetable to grow in areas where you cut down allot of trees but the soil is very rooty. When the squash developed long vines I directed the vines to grow in the directions I wanted them too. I did notice that the deer ate up some broccoli I had planted outside of the fenced in area because they ate the leaves right down to the stalks in one or two nights. rocks. I plant the types of vegetables that the deer like inside the fenced in area and I plant the types of vegetables that the deer don't seem to bother on the outside of the fence. Since there are many deer in my area I fence in the garden completely. All you have to do is dig up the areas that are furthest from the tree stumps. eggplant. One time I noticed that a deer had taken a bite out of one of my pumpkin leaves but apparently the deer did not like its taste because the deer did not keep eating it. The butternuts grew up to twenty feet out of my garden and the pumpkins grew more than thirty. Since the deer did not bother the winter squash and since I did not need to till all of that space I decided to plant all of my winter squash in small mounds outside of my fenced in garden. I grew butternut and pumpkins outside of the fence successfully without any problem from the deer. Since I never grew winter squash before I did not know that these types of squash require allot of space. I live in New York State but if you live in a southern State then you will have a longer growing season. or newspapers all around the stems of each plant but do not cover the leaves or stems of each plant. Make sure you use shovels to completely turn each chunk of dirt completely upside down so that all of the grass and weeds are completely 10-12 inches underground. After turning the soil over we piled composted organic materials with horse and composted chicken manure directly on top of the turned over soil. butternut and zucchini squash and plant them outdoors in early June. Then in the early Spring we manually turned over the soil with shovels because a rototiller cannot handle large rocks and roots. straw. It is too much work to manually till up entire acres of formerly wooded areas. They proceeded to cover my entire garden in all directions. Therefore I had to direct the vines of squash by hand to go outside of my garden. We also suggest that you place a thick layer of straw. There were a few areas that we needed to improvise to complete the fence but it looks quite good for not costing us anything. If you have a dog that you keep outside you will not need to fence in the garden because deer stay away from dogs but if your dog likes digging and running through your garden you might want to chain him up. You can plant a field of winter squash by making small 2x2 (butternuts) or 3x3 (pumpkins) foot mounds. or concrete blocks around each mound to keep the soil from eroding away. I have found that you can direct each vine to go in the direction that you want so that the whole field or garden gets equally covered by the winter squash vines. You can plant four butternut squash on each mound about 18 inches apart and pumpkin plants on each mound about 30 inches apart. We improvised by using posts from a very large tent that someone threw out and then we later attached a roll of chain link fence that was also being thrown out. mulch. When there is no rain for a period of three or four days then you should poor water onto the mounds with buckets or find some other means of irrigation because squash need lots of water to produce a good crop. grass clippings. Find out the best times to plant based upon your local geographical region. Make sure you place the layer of mulch.

including myself. Most people. pesticides.You can successfully grow vegetables without fertilizer as long as you use composted organic materials with chicken. or horse manure. You may place logs or rocks around the mounds to keep the mounds in place without substantial erosion. Using horses to plow up the land is obviously much easier and faster than using hand tools. tractor tiller. If you do not have pesticides I recommend that you do not plant broccoli. cow. I recommend dusting the types of vegetables that small worms like eating with pesticide every few weeks. Make sure all manure and organic materials that you mix with the soil is properly composted. . You can dispense pesticides by hand or by a tractor. and all kinds of leafy vegetables. goat. I gave up planting collard greens. 2. It is hands on experience that is the best teacher. Organic farming is extremely difficult because some pests will completely ruin your crops. 3. The tops of the mounds should be flat (not peaked) to minimize erosion. VEGETABLE GARDEN SUPPLIES 1. and tools to last them at least three growing seasons. especially when you use manure. I always use lime in my vegetable garden every year. Organic gardening might sound good but some vegetables are just to hard to grow without using pesticides. fertilizer. The pests seem to leave my carrots and squash alone. I pile my compost heaps up either inside my garden in December or in a location very close to my garden in the warmer weather. We suggest that all survival communities purchase enough lime. I had to learn the hard way that it is necessary to use pesticides on certain vegetables.Stock up on a basic and affordable type of pesticide that can be used against all basic pest problems. If you decide not to bother digging in a rocky or rooty area then make sure you have enough nutrient rich soil to add another 24 inches of soil to the ground surface of each mound. or pick axe. Then in late March I shovel out and Iron rake the composted materials evenly over the garden. and turnips without using pesticides.Lime is a good fertilizer that stabilizes the acidity of the soil. Fertilizer . a regular axe. Equipment . Be careful to observe the directions or you might over fertilize your garden and burn your crops. Rototiller. have had to learn the hard way. collards.Wheelbarrow. It is hard to tell anyone how to plant and grow things successfully in writing. It is best to add lime to the compost heap and turn the compost pile over at least once or twice. If you have never planted a vegetable garden or worked in agriculture before it is best to try to find some people experienced in growing vegetables or raising livestock. It is always best to add lime to help reduce acidity. hand tools: Use wheelbarrows or horse drawn carts to transport organic materials and manure to place on compost piles. Never use dog or human manure because it is not good for gardening. We suggest that you use half natural soil and half composted materials when you build winter squash mounds. In my area small worms devour all of the leaves off of all my Broccoli. If you dig up small areas of natural soil in formerly wooded areas it is best to have a pick axe. Cabbage. broccoli. and a pin bar to cut through the larger roots. If you don't have a rototiller you will need to till the soil by a horse tiller or by digging up the soil with a shovel. If not the soil will be too acidic and will burn your squash. or turnip greens. Lime . cabbage. 4. Pesticides .If you have enough compost and soil to build mounds you may not bother digging up the soil with heavy roots at all. hoe. Most successful farmers use both organic and commercial fertilizers. If I don't use pesticides then I lose the whole crop. Then we run a rototiller over the entire area.

All you need to do is cultivate heavily composted 2x2 ft mounds for butternut (3x3 ft for pumpkin) and plant four plants about 1 and 1/2 ft apart from each other (pumpkin about 2 and 1/2 ft apart). If you do not follow these instructions your pumpkins and winter squash will not last very long during winter storage. Allow both butternut and pumpkin to remain on vines until they turn color (butternut should be tan and pumpkin dark orange) but do not leave them outside during the first frost. Since winter squash does not need tilled soil for its vines to grow it is an ideal vegetable to plant in areas where there are allot of rocks and roots. Never harvest butternut or pumpkin early. Their large leaves will block sunlight from reaching other vegetable plants because they will grow up and over everything around them. Once winter squash become mature they will even climb up and over fences and tall obstacles so there is no need to worry about pulling up small weeds. if you do so they will spoil fast and lose their flavor. I only pull up the very tall types of weeds or vines that would give the squash some serious competition. There is no need to till the whole plot of land where winter squash are planted. NO NEED TO BUY SUGAR OR HONEY A friendly neighbor told me that his two hives of Honey Bees produce about 160 pounds of honey per year and that these bees substantially increased the amount of vegetables he harvests from his garden.Above and below photos: Winter squash vines have are very invasive. stumps. Allow Pumpkins to stay on the vine long enough completely change color. and rocky areas. live plants. . The honey bees pollinate all of his vegetables much better then depending on wild bees. Therefore it is best to grow winter squash in locations where the vines will have room to grow without chocking out your other vegetables. Therefore it is best to plant pumpkins and winter squash away from most other vegetables. weeds. Survivalists may wish to raise honey bees to help pollinate fruits and vegetables and to provide a healthy alternative to sugar. I plan on starting two bee hives this year. Above Left: Pumpkin vines will travel far distances and their large leaves will block out the sunlight from other vegetables. I’m told that just two honey bee hives will provide about 160 pounds of honey per year. Always cut pumpkin and winter squash with clippers (always cut off between 1-2” of the stems along with the pumpkin or squash) and allow to cure in the sunlight for at least ten days before bringing into inside storage. When the squash vines are mature they will latch onto and spread all over dead tree branches. Winter squash that is damaged by frost will not last very long but butternut will last until the following summer and pumpkin will last until March if they are stored inside in a cool dry place before the outside temperatures reach freezing temperatures. A few hundred dollar investment can provide you and your family with more honey than you will ever need! Raising honeybees requires allot of knowledge and weekly maintenance so make sure you learn more about honeybees before you begin raising them.

This way I can start harvesting my first radishes in mid April all the way into the Summer months (radishes get much more spicy when grown during the summer months). When the carrots. You can also plant broccoli. Then during week two we plant another row of all four of the above. beets.Rutabagas are large turnips that will grow well into the first few frosts of November or early December and are excellent to store in a root cellar for your winter food supply. Bottom Right: Plant potatoes about one foot underground in early May (New York State). I plant winter and summer squash. The carrots. and a row of turnips (prefer the large rutabagas) with a row of radishes between each row of carrots. turnips. Here is how we plant our vegetable garden in the first week of April: During week one we plant a row of carrots (the rows are only 12-14 inches apart). Then in the last week of March in New York I spread the piles of compost evenly with a shovel and an iron rake. If stored properly Rutabagas can last in a root cellar for 4-6 months. I mix composted leaves. a row of beets. Never plant vegetables that dislike cold weather in the early Spring because they will either die or their fruit bearing potential will be ruined. and turnips will not need the room that the radishes take up during those first three to six weeks. IF YOU PLANT POTATOES IN BUCKETS: Make sure you drill many holes in the bottom of each bucket and place 2-3 inches of small rocks on the bottoms of the buckets for proper drainage. beets. Bottom Left: Collard Greens thrive in early Spring and late fall. Then we repeat the same process during the third and fourth weeks. In the fall I take bagged leaves from my neighbors yards and the leaves from my own yard for my compost piles (dry leaves are also good for chicken nests). broccoli. When organic material is composting well you will see hot steam ascending from the compost piles. peppers. collards.whatever is left is composted). and turnips (the radishes are 6 inches from other vegetables). table scraps (I give all organic materials to my chickens . tomatoes. beets. Then I rototill the soil completely so that the soil is even and smooth. Turn the piles over once or twice and add lime. . In the late fall and winter I always place a few compost piles of organic materials over my vegetable garden. The above method works the best because the radishes will mature within about 3-6 weeks. We do not plant all of the rows of vegetables all at once so that we can have a continual supply of fresh vegetables to eat. and manure over the winter to break down into good composted soil. and eggplants outside during the first week of June. Many people grow potatoes in old tires or buckets so that they don't have to dig them up when they are ready for harvest. If you plant everything all at once you will not have a continual supply of fresh vegetables. and cabbage in the early Spring with radishes in between the rows because all of these vegetables thrive in cool weather. and cabbage are harvested then we plant another crop in the mid to late summer.

iodine. B2. the stalks. Vitamin A. If you are not going to use pesticides on broccoli then don't bother planting it. The same thing happened to my cabbage. NUTRITIONAL VALUE OF CARROTS Carrots are rich in Beta Carotene. and strengthen your blood. Broccoli is loaded with vitamins A and C as well as a variety of healthy minerals. and the leaves. and significant amounts of phosphorus. manganese.300 units of vitamin A. Survivalists can eat broccoli flowers (harvest the green flowers before they bloom into yellow flowers). C (2 and a half times more than tangerines). . C and also contain folic acid. thrive in cool weather. and minerals. C and a healthy array of minerals. stems. especially in cool weather climates. sodium. B6. Since radishes are very fast growing and you can eat the entire plants (roots. 6. NUTRITIONAL VALUE OF BEETS Both the beet root and the beet greens are edible and highly nutritious. beet. I could not find any information about the nutritional value of broccoli stems but I strongly suspect that they are also very nutritious and worth eating. and phytochemicals. thiamin.NUTRITIONAL VALUE OF RADISHES Radishes have ten times more vitamin C than pears and apples. Beet greens are an excellent source of calcium. NUTRITIONAL VALUE OF TURNIPS Just one serving of turnip greens gives you 184 milligrams of calcium. Eat both the greens and the roots to cleanse your body. and leaves) it makes an excellent survival food. build your immune system. and are highly nutritious. iron. and are an excellent antioxidant. B1. riboflavin. The entire Broccoli plant is edible and packed with nutritional value. niacin and vitamin C. copper. Since you can eat so much of the nutritionally rich broccoli plants it is certainly worth planting in your survival garden. My only problem with growing broccoli is the pests that feed on its leaves and flowers. We cut off the hard external surface of the broccoli stems and stalks to eat the soft and tasty interiors. NUTRITIONAL VALUE OF BROCCOLI Broccoli is considered a nutritional powerhouse food because it is packed with essential vitamins and minerals. Use the inside of the stems and stalks in salads or in soups. the broccoli stems. and potassium. the radish leaves themselves have even more nutrition than their roots. Next year I’m going to use pesticides. they make an excellent survival food. They are also a very good source of digestion enhancing enzymes. There is a striped type of worm that ate all of the leaves of my broccoli plants so that the crop produced no fruit at all in the late summer and fall. Iron. collard. 167 milligrams of potassium. and iron. Broccoli leaves are also edible and are loaded with vitamins A. B2. Beets are loaded with vitamins A. phosphorus. B1. Since you can eat virtually all of this plant it makes a very good survival food to consider growing in your garden. magnesium. The leaves can be used in soups or they can be cooked with turnip. Radish leaves are very rich in vitamins A. Since carrots yield a large amount of food per square ft. or radish greens. Carrots help build the immune system and promote healthy cell growth. antioxidants. minerals. at least not in New York. The roots are not as nutritious as the leaves but they are about the same vitamin content as potatoes but are richer in vitamin C. However.

Potatoes are filled with energy yielding carbohydrates but they also have the following vitamins and nutrients when eaten with the skins: an average (~5. 620 mg potassium. It is especially high in manganese. The presence of zinc in pumpkins boosts the immune system and improves bone density. Butternut squash is the very best non grain (uncanned) long term storage survival food. If you twist the stems you will probably damage the vines. Potatoes are easy to grow and produce an abundant harvest. calcium.0. and potassium. and strokes. They will have buds sticking out from all directions. Pumpkins have been known to reduce the risk of macular degeneration. If the stems are missing from the pumpkins they will spoil fast.1 mg off at least an inch of the stem from the vine so that an inch of the stem remains  Calories .NUTRITIONAL VALUE OF BUTTERNUT SQUASH Butternut squash is rich in vitamins A and C. Place 10” underground in used tires. Being loaded with potassium. is a powerful antioxidant as well as an anti-inflammatory agent. folate. magnesium.3 oz) potato with the skin contains: 45% of the daily value for vitamin C.49 on each pumpkin. NUTRITIONAL VALUE OF PUMPKINS The following nutrients are present in just one cup of cooked. Cut  Zinc . . NUTRITIONAL VALUE OF POTATOES Potatoes are one of the easiest foods to grow and store through the winter. phosphorous. pumpkin is associated with lowering the risk of hypertension. Butternut squash retains most of its nutritional content after cooking and after long periods of storage. or inside tall buckets with good drainage (holes on the bottoms with 2-3 inches of small rocks). Beta-carotene. It helps prevent build up of cholesterol on the arterial walls.        HEALTH BENEFITS OF EATING PUMPKIN Pumpkin is very rich in carotenoids.3 mg a sharpe clipper. Just one cup serving provides 160 percent of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin A and 52 percent of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin C. And potatoes with the skin on are an excellent source of fiber.37 mg  Carbohydrate . Just one cup serving supplies 21 percent of the recommended daily allowance of magnesium. trace amounts of thiamin. You can increase your potato yields by cutting potatoes into parts. iron and zinc. found in pumpkin. Make sure you divide potatoes into parts with at least two buds per part. riboflavin.2650 IU  Vitamin C . Pumpkin is rich in alpha-carotene which is believed to slow the aging process and to prevent cataract formation. a serious eye problem than usually results in blindness. whole wheat pasta and many cereals.2 grams  Selenium . magnesium. thus reducing the chances of blood clots. In fact. The high amount of fiber. heart attacks.3 gm  Folate . boiled and drained pumpkin:  Calcium .4 mg  Magnesium .1 mg  Potassium . all for only 110 calories and no fat. with 2 grams of fiber per serving. Save a few of your potatoes and plant them about 10 inches under the soil in the first week of May. spinach and broccoli. comparable to bananas. is good for the bowel health of an individual.564 mg  Protein . which is known for keeping the immune system of an individual strong and healthy.22 mg  Niacin .12 mg WARNING! Always harvest squash by cutting one or two inches of the stem with  Vitamin E .12 gm  Dietary Fiber . Moreover.50 mg  Vitamin A . present in a pumpkin.1. a potato equals or exceeds that of many "whole" grain products-whole grain bread.21 mcg  Iron .

copper. Then place your last pallet on top and fold the remaining tarp over the last pallet so that rain water cannot enter. in every square inch of the refrigerator and freezer boxes. We place our onions. and garlic to mold. and rutabagas. Remove refrigerator motors and all of the inside doors and shelves. garlic. Then place a pallet on the floor and four pallets on each wall (tie the pallets together with tie wire or a strong and thick string). and a water and air tight roof. concrete block walls. garlic.NUTRITIONAL VALUE OF CORN Corn is best eaten freshly picked but it can easily be sun dried and stored throughout the year. magnesium. garlic. squash. carrots. carrots. You can boil dried corn until it softens or you can grind the hard dry corn to make mash or corn bread. Riboflavin. Pallets are usually easy to find and if damaged. Corn has Vitamin B (Thiamin. potassium (280 mg/100 g). You can build a root cellar by digging a 7 or 8 foot deep hole and then installing a sealed concrete block floor. they can be easily repaired. Then tightly fit a large tarp inside the hole with the left over tarp on each side to cover the top of the cellar. Vitamin B6. rutabagas. It also has small amounts of potassium. Dark green zucchini also have some beta carotene and all types provide small quantities of minerals. iron and selenium. You will need six pallets to make a small root cellar. It has traces of Vitamin A and Vitamin E. Folate). zinc. NUTRITIONAL VALUE OF ZUCCHINI SQUASH Zucchini squash with the skin contains folate (24 mcg/100 g). Niacin. and garlic need to be stored in a cool but drier location. STORING FOOD IN A ROOT CELLAR If you can find a dry place in your basement where the temperature will stay between 33-55 degrees Fahrenheit all winter long then you have an excellent root cellar. We keep our downstairs storage area under 60 degrees Fahrenheit through the winter and early Spring so the onions and winter squash stay fresh. and vitamin C. Root cellars were very common in the past and they will become common again in the future. We place our onions. If you can’t find old refrigerators or garbage cans then try to find some old pallets. Underground rainproof storage shelters will stay cold but will not freeze. Dig a square hole in which you can place a pallet on each of the four walls. Potatoes store well in dark and damp root cellars but winter squash. and apples do better in root cellars. Keep the door shut and place a small tent or tarp over it to reduce sunlight and water damage to the refrigerator. and winter squash in our unheated attic during the winter and then move them downstairs in the early Spring. vitamin A (384 IU [115 mcg]/100 g). Corn is rich in phosphorus. Use a second refrigerator or garbage can just for apples because apples will release a gas that will render other vegetables bitter. and winter squash in an unheated room inside our house but potatoes. . Make the depth of your root cellar about a foot deeper then the height of the pallets. Dig a hole the same dimensions of the refrigerator and then place the refrigerator in the hole with its freezer and refrigerator doors facing up. and winter squash in a cool dry place inside your home because the dampness and moisture of root cellars can cause onions. beets. Place your potatoes. I buy 50 pound bags of dry corn for just over $9 per bag. manganese. Garbage Can Root Cellar Above Right Photo: Potatoes are very easy to harvest when they are planted in old tires or buckets with rocks and holes in the bottoms of the buckets for proper drainage. I prefer making a very easy but much smaller root cellar by using an old refrigerator or garbage can that someone is throwing out. Open the refrigerator at least twice per week to allow some fresh air inside. onions. Store your onions.

In a prolonged national emergency you may not be able to go out and buy commercial chicken feeds. We prefer using the Rhode Island Red meat for soup only because their meat is not as tender as store bought meat chickens. Horses are good work animals for their strength but in survival situations they can also be used for human consumption. barley. Small children are especially benefited by milk so you will need a steady supply of milk for long term survival. and supplies.LIVESTOCK If you have a large survival community you will want horses for meat and for pulling heavy loads. You may not like dual purpose chicken meat but in survival situations you will be happy to have almost any kind of meat rather than no meat at all. Rhode Island Reds are also good for meat but the Leghorns do not carry much meat on their bones. This way you will never run out of horses. If you refuse to eat horse meat then when they become old feed them to your guard dogs. The soybean plants themselves can be pulled up and fed to your chickens or goats (soybean plants are very high in nutrition). Dairy goats and cows produce milk and can be used for meat. and beans (soybeans are the best complete protein) for protein. North American chickens do not have fresh bugs and plants to feed on all year round so free ranging chickens will not keep them laying in the cold weather. I like choosing livestock that produces two types of food. or rice). A good egg laying feed must include grains (corn. A few horses are good for a survival community because they can pull heavy tillers and carts filled with produce. wheat. If chickens are able to eat plenty of high protein bugs and nutritious plants all year round then they will be able to keep laying eggs. I recently heard that many farmers are making their own egg laying chicken feed rather than buying commercial feed which contains unhealthy chemicals and even dead chicken and animal products. Wise and persistent survivalists will find innovative ways to successfully grow and raise their own food without having to truck in commercial feeds or supplies from far away. and chickens for meat and eggs. Save all of your egg shells to feed them back to your laying hens to provide them with enough calcium and nutrition to keep them laying eggs. Always have a few females for breeding and others for working. If your property is very small then get a few dairy goats. Chickens can be used for eggs and meat (best for soups). water for irrigation. Dual purpose egg laying chickens such as Rhode Island Reds are the best type of chickens for survival communities because they can provide a steady supply of eggs and can be used for making good soup. fertilizers. However. We recommend raising dual purpose chickens that are good for both eggs and meat. plant matter (such as alfalfa hay). Otherwise you will have to purchase oyster shells or calcium pellets to keep them laying. Alfalfa plants and soybeans have enough protein and nutrition to keep your chickens laying well. Horses are good because they can be used for meat (in survival situations) and they can pull very heavy loads and till your fields. They don't take up allot of space and are much easier to take care of then dairy cows. . Some organic farmers are even raising crickets to give their chickens protein during the cold weather months. They will provide your community with much needed protein and nutrition throughout the year. cows or goats for meat and dairy. Therefore every large survival community should have at least a few good horses. My wife told me that her family did not need to buy egg laying feed because her families chickens free ranged all year round in the Philippines (all they had to do is throw their chickens some corn or rice). Dairy cows or goats are very necessary for long term survival. Horses are also good for transportation when there is no gasoline. Egg laying chickens wont lay many eggs without egg laying mash or pellets. I prefer Rhode Island Reds because I have noticed that the Reds laid more eggs than the White Leghorns during the cold winter months. If you wish to raise chickens for meat then raise and slaughter them while they are 8-10 weeks old or their meat will also become to tough. Eating the meat of egg laying chickens will not taste as good but if you cook the meat long you can make very tasty chicken soup. I don't like raising white feathered meat chickens because they consume an enormous amount of grain compared to egg laying chickens. Make sure you roast the soybeans before feeding them to your chickens because soybeans have a protein inhibitor that needs to be burned away before chickens can benefit from the beans. Europeans cook horse meat in a pressure cooker or they boil it for hours to soften the meat for soups and stews.

others can make clothing and blankets from animal skins and furs. It also has small amount of Vitamin C. goats milk is much easier for humans to digest. Those who neglect raising dairy animals will miss out on a bountiful supply of daily protein and nutrition. while other families can focus on growing vegetables. others can fix and repair tools and equipment. asthma. Niacin. K. Riboflavin. others can build and repair houses. Goats milk is rich in Calcium. communities should raise their own dairy animals. fishing. Calories from fat are 36. If you raise cows you will need more than one acre of pasture land per cow but goats require much less space. In a large and well prepared survival community many families can focus on many different types of work for the profit of the whole community. It has a good amount of Sodium and small amounts of Selenium. NUTRITIONAL VALUE OF GOATS MILK Goats milk is much more easily assimilated into the human body than cows milk. Furthermore. you can easily shelter your goats in smaller shelters with your chickens but cows will need very large barns. Therefore it will become necessary for local communities to raise their own dairy. while other families can focus on raising chickens for meat and eggs. or the soon coming mark of the beast! The nutritional value of goats milk and cows milk is relatively equal in value. goats milk is much easier for humans to digest. Since cow or goat milk is very nutritious and necessary for the growth and development of small children. Vitamin B12 and Pantothenic acid. Calorie Content of Goat’s Milk: 100g of Goat’s Milk has 69 calories. Magnesium and Phosphorous. Zinc and Iron. and gathering. Although cow milk is more tasty than goats milk. others can sew and repair damaged clothing. Raising dairy goats is much easier than raising dairy cows because goats are much smaller and easier to handle. and meat products. poultry (eggs). The health of both growing children and adults is greatly enhanced by drinking milk every day. Health Benefits of Goat’s Milk: Goat’s Milk is good to reduce the symptoms of ear infections. others can transport firewood and other supplies. It is also good for healthy bones and cardiovascular health. Potassium.When gasoline becomes far to expensive for most Americans to drive their large automobiles so will the price of everything that is trucked in from far away become far to expensive. trapping. D and Choline. . others can cut firewood. eczema and rheumatoid arthritis. Some families can concentrate on raising dairy animals. Goat’s Milk is rich in Vitamin A. Folate. bank cards. Since goats are much easier for families to take care of and since just one good dairy goat will supply about a gallon of milk per day they are the ideal dairy animal for survival communities. and others can focus on hunting. However. Each family can share and barter with one another for the success of the entire community without using cash. E.

Horse tillers will not plow through newly cleared woods because the tillers will not plow through the thick roots that will take many years to decompose. Corn stalk leaves and ears can also be fed to cattle or they can be gathered to burn as fuel for cooking and heating. Plant each seed in a hole about 3 inches apart. Cook hard dry corn to make it soft or mash or mill it into flower for corn meal or corn bread. My Philippine wife told me that her family use to plant corn in the Philippines this way. Corn can be manually planted by poking 1” holes in hard unplowed soil (A three pronged pitch fork will make three holes at the right distance apart). If oil becomes unaffordable then we may all have to learn to live allot like the Amish! If oil becomes unaffordable then we may all have to learn to live allot like the Amish! Corn is an excellent food to grow for long term storage for human consumption. The American Indians used corn as a main staple survival food because it can be easily stored and eaten all year round. I personally spoke with Mennonites in Belize who told me that they also successfully planted corn like this in areas that were too hard to till. Like the Amish. If there is a large root or a rock on the surface or directly under the surface just dig it up or plant around it. Corn is easy to plant and can be sowed in rough untilled land. or for planting corn. The Mennonites personally showed me the formerly wooded land that they cleared and successfully planted corn on even though the soil was filled with large roots. Drop a grain of corn in each hole and then step on the holes to cover the seeds with soil. small mounds of winter squash.Horses make plowing fields and carrying heavy loads easy work compared to plowing the fields and carrying the loads by hand. and livestock. poultry. berry bushes. planting fruit trees. It is best to use newly cleared woods for grazing. . these Mennonites live without using gas or electric.

Even in rural or remote locations there will be people looking to forcefully take your food and supplies from you. If a Christian soldier can use physical force to protect lives then so can you! The early pilgrims first coming to North America were very dedicated Christians. and his community of believers. Using a firearm in self defense should only be used as a last resort. You may not like the idea of using physical force to protect yourself and your family but when things get really bad in America you will probably have to protect yourself and your life sustaining supplies. Those who will be depending on Police Departments to protect them during a prolonged national crisis will be in for a rude awakening! . Even John the Baptist commanded the soldiers to “be content with your wages. Those who fail to arm and protect themselves will likely be very sorry during the coming calamity. It is more important that you make sure you go out and get a firearm for hunting and for self defense. I will be writing a book against Pacifism under Bible Difficulties in the near future but that is a subject matter I’m not going to take time to address in detail right now. Abraham. It is always good to do your best and leave the rest to God.” A soldier cannot perform his job if he is unwilling to protect the public and the nation from criminals and invaders. the father of the faithful. Many falsely believe that Christians have no right to defend themselves against physical assault but nothing can be further from the truth. If you do not have any weapons then you will be powerless to defend yourself against those who have them. Although Abraham was full of faith he also made preparations to defend himself. his family. No one wants to kill another human being but sometimes it becomes necessary in the evil world we live in. They only used violence when they were under attack and had no choice but to defend themselves or be slaughtered.CHAPTER 4 PROTECTION Desperate people do desperate things. armed and trained 318 of his servants for war.

Firearms should only be used for protection against humans as a last resort. After the few remaining American soldiers finally killed the German snipers they found that they were only a few German women in uniforms. Since I am a Law Enforcement Officer I can carry a glock. This way you don't have to keep reloading in a combat situation. Men and older teenage boys should be trained with shotguns and if women and teenage daughters complain of the strong kick back of shotguns then train them with smaller 22 caliber rifles. If you are like me you don't want to have to go out and purchase many guns. Train your family properly and they will also be able to safely use them for hunting wild game. Therefore I suggest that you purchase one gun for each family member. I receive annual law enforcement training with the Shotgun and the glock. After World War 2 the Russians testified that the German teenagers who had fought them were just as tough and good with firearms as the regular German soldiers were. My late uncle told my now deceased mother that most of the American soldiers in his unit that attacked a beach in Normandy died by what they thought was elite German soldiers. You can purchase a magazine clip for your 22 caliber rifles. All you need to do is have a few magazine clips pre-loaded. A small glock is good for shooting inside homes and close quarter locations because it is hard to shoot around corners with rifles and shotguns without giving away your position well before you are able to take a shot. Guns cost allot of money and they also have to be kept clean. But to me the best weapon is the one that you are the best trained at and the most familiar with. If shotguns are to powerful for women and teenagers then small 22 caliber rifles are the perfect solution. A few of the brethren in our local church own some Ak’s and other military rifles. If you don't clean your guns they will rust out and become worthless when you need them. It has been my experience that women find it extremely difficult to operate shotguns because they have such a powerful kick to them. 22 caliber rifles have virtually no recoil. Shotgun slugs have enormous take down power and are excellent for close range self defense. Unfortunately. If you have Women and teenagers can use firearms just as effectively as men. Since I am the most familiar with these weapons they are my weapons of choice. I was trained to use an M-16 when I was in the military but I do not own one now. That is my weapon of choice in close quarter combat. I think it is a good idea that at least a few members of a survival community have those kind of weapons. . When your firearm is empty just press the magazine release and tap in another pre-loaded ammo clip.FIREARMS It may be a good idea to go out and buy some AK-47’s and other military firearms. in most States you will need a license or permit to carry a handgun. Yet if someone is shooting at me with a rifle or shotgun I am at a disadvantage because shotguns and rifles are far more powerful in taking down an opponent than a handgun.

You can feed the dogs leftovers and the parts of wild and domesticated animals and birds that you don't care to eat. During a national crisis always have at least two armed adults travelling or working together at all times. A larger community is best because the community can send out small hunting parties while others in the community watch the camp. If you are purchasing weapons from a licensed gun store they will usually help you with all of your questions. I prefer German Shepherds because they are smart and formidable but I had a great watchdog which was half German Shepherd and half Rotweiler. Survivalists know that it is always best to travel and work in groups. horn. chop them up and cook them for your dogs. The dogs do not have to be big to sound the alarm. I suggest that you hunt everything. Survival communities can learn allot from the way the early American Indians lived off of the land. . It is best to link up with more than just one other family. The watcher in a highly elevated location (build a tower if necessary) should always have a loud trumpet. All should have firearms nearby to protect the community. A survival community should have someone standing guard in a highly elevated location at all times (24 hours per day / 7 days per week). and the vegetable gardens. The watchtower should have a pair of long range night vision goggles and something loud to sound an alarm to the entire community. Dogs are not very picky when it comes to eating meat. or loud sounding alarm at the ready to alert the community of danger. If one individual becomes sick or injured the other can help protect and take care of him. including pesty raccoons and opossums. hanging laundry. There should always be a watchman on an elevated and secure location who can keep an eye on the community. It is best to never send out anyone all by themselves. In times of a real emergency when people are suffering from lack of food and supplies it is wise to always have someone standing watch over the others in the group.questions about firearms I suggest that you speak with licensed firearm dealers at your local gun stores. siren. Two couples who have learned how to use firearms provides a defense of four. If you don't like eating these critters then skin them. Large dogs are more formidable but they also cost more to feed. the livestock. When one is working (doing chores. You may not like living like the Indians but you may have too in the near future. If there are allot of trees and shrubs around your camp it is best to cut them down and burn the branches. This dog displayed both the intelligence of the Shepherd and the strength of the Rotweiler. A SURVIVAL COMMUNITY During a prolonged national emergency it is wise to link up with other people that you know and trust. Just like the American Indians did not waste anything so it is best to use everything available for the communities survival. Pitbulls are good watchdogs because they are tough but much smaller to feed. or working in the vegetable garden) a second person can stand guard keeping a watchful eye on the worker. It is better to join another family that also has ample supplies rather then remaining alone during a prolonged emergency. All dogs bark when then see an intruder so you don't have to spend allot of money to get a pure breed. If the community is large there should be several guard dogs tied up outdoors in different locations all around the perimeter of the community. The early American pilgrims would have died had they not learned survival skills from the Indians.

It is essential that the community has manned observation posts. . pit bulls do not have heavy coats for extreme cold weather climates so use dog coats in the winter months. However. Pit bulls make excellent guard dogs because their smaller size requires less food to feed than Shepherds and they are quite formidable attack dogs. It is best to leave just a few trees for the tower and cut all the others down so that you can see clearly from all angles. The observation posts must be manned 24/7 and a pair of generation three night vision goggles should be warn by the night watchmen in elevated locations where they can see the entire community. Since you can eat Guinea Fowl they seem like a better survivalist alarm system than dogs. The watcher should have a firearm and something loud to sound an alarm with such as a loud whistle. bell. these birds seem worth the investment. Make sure you do not plant corn adjacent to your community because the corn field will provide cover for trespassers. and provide an alarm system. I know a neighbor who bought Guinea Fowl to eat up all the pesty ticks in his yard. If you want to keep and raise GUINEA FOWL READ THIS PDF E BOOK AT: http://www. or siren. rid the area of ticks. These fowl roost in trees but coons usually can’t catch them because they are flighty and roost in the thin branches where the coons can‘t or guinea fowl sound a warning armed guards should be dispatched to check out the reason why the dogs are barking .Survival communities must be prepared to defend themselves against armed intruders who may attack the community to take your supplies. Geese and Guinea Fowl are good for security because they sound an alarm whenever intruders enter an area. guard dogs (geese or guinea fowl) stationed around the camp and light to see in the dark. To keep your fowl completely safe from coons build a large cone shaped funnel around the trunk of their favorite roosting tree so the coons cannot climb it. I’m going to get some this year. Whistles are cheap and easy for your entire community to carry. Provide chicken feed (use high protein non-pellet feed in the winter) and water close to your house and the Guinea Fowl will never leave the area. Above: Guinea Fowl are easy free range birds that stay close to where you feed them.pdf Wind up lights do not require electric batteries. He told me that these fowl always sound a loud alarm every time an intruder enters his yard (both night and day). The German military used geese in World War 2 to sound a honking alarm whenever an intruder entered the area they were guarding.or why the fowl are honking or cocking! Above: Tree towers are excellent for watching your survival community. geese. bullhorn. They always sound a loud alarm whenever intruders enter your yard and they escape predators by flying and roosting in trees. To keep your fowl completely safe from most predators allow them to roost with your chickens at night. lay a few eggs. Since Guinea Fowl provide meat. Whenever the guard dogs.

That is what happened in the Katrina disaster and that is probably what will happen throughout the nation when America’s oil supply is cut off. Traps and trip wires can be laid around the community in locations where the community knows not to walk. Even Marshal Law will not be able to protect the majority of citizens when most Americans fall into very desperate circumstances. etc. At just $4 per whistle everyone should have one on a key chain or around their neck. If you neglect to prepare in advance it will be too late to prepare later. Use this book as a guide to help you prepare but use your own wisdom to try to figure out what is best for you and your family based upon where you live. Many spoiled Americans will have to learn how to live off of the land without depending upon local supermarkets. You must make complete and detailed survival plans now. that you catch in your traps and whatever you will not eat feed to your dogs. Survival tools. Dogs should serve as an early warning system but not as a main defense. rapists. You must have a detailed security plan to protect yourself and your family. Constant trapping and hunting will eventually minimize the frequency of pesty night time critters. If you live in a city you must have all of your survival gear pre-packed and ready to go so you can quickly flee before traffic jams and violence breaks out everywhere. traps. . Many who have neglected to prepare for the coming danger will probably fall victim to thieves. Kill all the coons. Since dogs have excellent hearing and night vision they will be alerted by the sound of someone falling or the sound of a trap going off at great distances. robbers. and survival gear but it will be too late to obtain them. ANIMAL TRAP Watchmen should have loud police whistles or sirens that can alert the entire community. Buy traps. If you are living in a highly populated area then you should make plans to move to a more remote area where there will be less desperate people and plenty of wild game to hunt and trap. When complete anarchy breaks out even Law Enforcement Officers will seek to protect their own families first. guns. squirrels. opossums. What will you do when you call the Police and no one answers? What will you do when a Police dispatcher answers but admits that the Police Department is overwhelmed with calls and will not be able to respond for hours. or perhaps not at all? Are you able to defend yourself and your family without a Law Enforcement response? If not. and supplies should be purchased in advance. Place traps and trip wires in corn fields to protect your harvest.POLICE WHISTLE Police Whistles are easy to carry and are loud enough to warn an entire community. When the American financial system completely collapses America will be filled with violence on a scale never seen before. and ammo now before a national crisis breaks out. supplies. Hunger and starvation will compel most Americans to eat local sources of food just to survive. rabbits. and murderers. Survivalists must have an elaborate system to protect their lives and their communities. you and your family are in grave danger! Guard dogs are good but even the best dogs cannot withstand armed attackers. During a crisis everyone will rush to obtain food.

and supplies. Unfortunately.If the next full blown Depression is triggered by an oil crisis there may not be enough gasoline to bring essential food and supplies to the majority of Americans living in highly populated areas. Train and equip your family and your community in survival skills and home defense. If you fail to protect your food then you will be planting and laboring in vain. it will become necessary for most Americans to defend themselves and their provisions from fellow citizens who will be willing to kill others for their life sustaining food supplies. vegetable gardens. Your life and the lives of those you care about may depend upon making preparations now for the defense of your lives and property. Therefore it is absolutely essential that you are prepared to watch and protect your livestock. Although the last Depression was characterized by increased crime the next Depression will be far worse because the government will not be able to handle the chaos and anarchy unleashed by hyper inflated prices. .

You can use both to defend yourselves against armed attackers. If you actually experience a group of armed attackers trying to kill you. It is far better to have the ability to choose self defense rather than being completely helpless against armed aggressors.S. friends. your wife. and family with. Those who say that they would never kill anyone probably have never been in a life and death situation. Prayerfully you will never have to shoot anyone but it may be necessary in the near future. If someone or a group of heavily armed people attack you with AK-47’S and other military style weapons will you be able to defend yourself? It is a good idea for your survival community to have both hunting weapons and military weapons. Go out and get guns and ammo now for hunting purposes so you will have the weapons when you might change your mind later and want to use them in order to save your loved ones. In a prolonged collapse of the U. Without firearms you will be deprived from free life sustaining wild meat. . and your children you will probably change your mind quickly but if you have no weapons then you will be powerless against those who would kill you and your family. food transportation system many starving people throughout America will kill each other for their food supplies just to live another day. If you have weapons make sure you are psychologically prepared to use them against human attackers. And without firearms you will be defenseless against those who have firearms that will be more than willing to kill you for your food supplies.Firearms with stockpiles of ammunition are the paramount survival tools for every survival community.

It would cost me over $400 just to fill up my van one time when the dollar collapses about 90%.S. It took wheelbarrows full of paper currency just for a German family to buy a loaf of bread. Just because the currency has the same number on it does not mean that it retains its value and its purchasing power. Germany experienced hyperinflation just before World War II. Who could possibly afford these kind of prices? This is what we are talking about when we speak of hyperinflation. BONDS. The currency of that African nation . The value of the U. dollars as the major trading/reserve currency of the world it may quickly fall in value to well under 90% of its current value. dollar becomes so weak and so worthless that it takes a whole lot of cash to buy very little.000 or more to fill up a 200 gallon home heating oil tank. The same thing recently happened to the African nation of Zimbabwe. DOLLAR DENOMINATED ASSETS AND PROPERTY INCLUDING LARGE BANK ACCOUNTS. When the world decides to dump the U. Can you imagine going to get gas at the pump and it now costs you over 90% more to fill up your tank? Can you imagine trying to fill up your home heating oil tank and it now costs you over 90% more? It currently costs me about $50 to fill up my minivan.CHAPTER 5 REAL MONEY GET OUT OF U. AND REAL ESTATE AND BUY PRECIOUS METALS Most Americans foolishly disregard the dropping value of their currency. STOCKS.S. It will then cost about $5.S.

currency.000 per ounce within the next three years. Gold and Silver has outperformed both the U.has become so worthless that the people of Zimbabwe cannot even buy their groceries with millions of paper dollars. We are not telling people to go out and buy silver and gold to get filthy rich. about $18 per ounce (as of January 2010) it should outperform gold as an investment and rise to over $200 per ounce within five years. Act now because the God of Heaven has shown us that the window of opportunity is already beginning to close. There will be very great changes in the United States of America and they will not be good! THE U. It is now January 2010 and the same 50 ounces of gold is now worth about $60. Dollar denominated assets are going to feel ripped off when the dollar comes crashing down. When the American Financial System does collapse America will become like a third world nation.S.000. Those who quickly buy silver and gold with their paper currencies (while these currencies still have strength) are going to find themselves in a much better position than those who were caught unawares. Stock Market and the U.S. Severe hyperinflation is also coming to the United States of America in the very near future.S. Once the U. It is far better to be a victor than a victim. Many other nations are going to experience hyperinflation because their national debts are also soaring out of control. This is truly a golden opportunity for God’s servants to take advantage of the current economic situation. Those of us who see what is coming in advance can scramble to prevent themselves and their families from falling into the terrible state of poverty that has gripped most third world nations around the globe. Had you purchased 50 ounces of gold about ten years ago it would have only cost you about $7. We are talking about surviving the dark days ahead. Dollars and U.S. Financial System collapses all Americans who failed to prepare while the times were relatively good will forever lose that opportunity to protect their wealth and their assets. Hyperinflation will completely reck what is left of the U.S. Many experts believe that Silver will outperform gold in the near future so we highly recommend stocking up on Silver.$9. economy and will drive many normally law abiding citizens into crime because they will do desperate things just to find the means to survive. . Gold and Silver is still going to be the best investment over the next few years. silver and gold.000 . America is on course to experience the kind of hyperinflation that Zimbabwe and the Weimar Republic of Germany experienced just prior to World War II.S. Although silver is much cheaper than gold.500 in U.S. As the worlds fiat currencies are greatly devaluated there will be a much greater emphasis on real money. Real Estate Market. This is why gold and silver will skyrocket in value in the near future. Those who keep their money in U. If you have a good income and allot of money in your bank account now is the time to exchange that money for silver and gold. Are you and your family prepared? Hyperinflation in America will have catastrophic consequences! The United States of America is not the only nation that is printing and borrowing too much money. or perhaps much worse.S. If necessary. go out and get a second job or work overtime to have the additional money to go out and buy silver. Use this golden opportunity while you still have the time to move all of your wealth into Silver and Gold. All of this will begin to happen in the Obama administration but I think that it will wax worse and worse within this decade. I truly believe that gold will skyrocket in value to about $3. DOLLAR WILL LOSE VALUE THROUGH HYPERINFLATION Right: People living in Zimbabwe need huge amounts of paper currency just to buy a loaf of bread. Based upon the current course of world governments and especially that of the United States.

That may be a good idea but I personally feel that it is too risky. Then place the coins or bars inside a moisture proof ammo can. The U. Inside the gun cabinet you can place your guns and a fire proof safe with your precious metals inside. Most should be in a protected vault outside of the U.BUYING GOLD AND SILVER The best way to buy gold is through www.000 or more U. Never buy $10. UNDERGROUND IN FLOWER GARDENS: Wrap your precious metal coins or bars in many layers of zip lock bags. Silver coins can be easily exchanged as real money but gold is far to valuable to be carrying around in your pocket. Never place gold or silver in U. Precious metals can and do melt in house fires. When you are dealing with precious metals it is best to abide by the maxim. Here are some of the many ways to hide precious metals in your home or on your property: 1.S. I recommend keeping your gold money in a Swiss account at goldmoney. Many will disagree with me and want to keep all of their precious metals in their home or on their property. You can put a hole in a wall and then sheet rock and spackle over it so no one but you and your spouse will ever know its there.S. Place a few silver coins in the visible safe and place the bulk of your coins in a small safe hidden behind a because they charge you a small percentage of money based upon the quantity of the precious metal and not on the type of precious metal itself. You can convert your gold money into many different currencies very fast and easy and they do not charge much for long term storage. Precious metal purchases are not based upon the calendar year but upon 12 months from the date that you first purchased from the precious metal dealer. Gainesville Coins sells precious metal coins at the lowest prices that I could find. Place one in a visible area inside your bedroom and another inside a wall. Call them and ask for their silver eagles at 1-813-482-9300.and choose to place your gold in a Swiss Vault. especially when it is allot of real money involved. 3. bank vault or safe deposit boxes. Then wrap a large oil soaked rag completely around the can. The same is true for precious metals. I do not recommend buying and keeping silver money at gold money. STORING GOLD AND SILVER There are many ways to hide precious metals where no one will ever find them.S. It seems foolish to me to place tens of thousands of dollars in your home. or U.000 then buy the precious metals with your close family or friends and divide it up later. Plant a perennial flower in the ground in a location and at a time when no one would suspect anything out of the ordinary. If anyone ever comes looking for your silver then they will think that they have it all when they find the safe that is left out in the open. Make sure the screws are tightly screwed into support beams on the wall so that a thief would have a terrible time trying to move the heavy duty gun cabinet. This way you will always know exactly where it is. It is better to store your gold in a Swiss Vault through .goldmoney. Always purchase at least $1. . 2.” You don't want to go around telling everybody how much you have and where you have it stored.S. If you purchase precious metals from Gainesville Coins Incorporated in Florida you can purchase as much precious metals as you want without paying sales tax and they will not report the purchase to the IRS. It is likely that the United States and the United Kingdom will seize gold and silver to prevent their citizens from buying it. When you dig a whole in the ground make sure you dig the whole about a foot deeper then normal and place your precious metals in the ground directly under the and your silver money somewhere on your property. You should put precious metals in fire proof safes in case the home ever burns to the ground. I do not think that it is a good idea to store all of your precious metals in your home. Dollars worth of precious metals in New York at any one precious metal dealer during a single year or they are obligated to report it to the IRS.K. Then place several more layers of strong plastic bags over the can before you place it in the because they are one of the most reputable companies but do not keep all of your precious metals there because you may not be able to access the money in a crisis.000 worth of silver or gold in cash at one time because this currently exempts you from paying taxes in New York State. government seized gold during the last depression and it is quite probable that they will do it again. Therefore keep all of your gold money outside of the United States banks and vaults. If you do not have $1. Laws change and vary in different States so always ask each dealer or precious metal company the maximum amount of precious metals you can purchase without an obligation for them to report it to the IRS. GUN CABINET: Buy a large gun cabinet that is designed to screw into a wall with very long and strong screws. FIRE PROOF SAFES: Buy two small fire proof safes. I am not suggesting that you don't pay taxes on the precious metals when you eventually sell them but I don't think you want the IRS ever knocking on your door to seize or inquire about your precious metal holdings. “lose lips sink ships.

Then start planting your vegetable garden right over it.There are many places where you can safely store your precious metals where no one would ever think to find it. To increase security place the precious metals near an outside guard dog along with an outside listening devise inside the dog house. make sure that no one knows anything about your precious metal holdings at your home except you and your spouse. UNDERGROUND IN THE WOODS: Burry your precious metal coins or bars in the woods where no one usually ever travels. If you do burry your precious metals in the deep woods then make sure no one sees you doing it and make sure that there is no evidence whatsoever that the area was dug up. If there are neighbors who might be looking make sure you find a way to create a barrier where they do not see you putting anything in the ground. The executor of the will must be someone you can trust. You may also measure a specific amount of feet from a particular perennial flower. Do that in the house and then hide it inside a box or bag when you bring it out in the garden with you. It is highly unlikely that anyone would ever think to dig down a foot under your perennial flower to find gold or silver. . When you cultivate your garden in the spring it is very unlikely that anyone will suspect you of placing your precious metals in your vegetable garden. The documents shall include your social security cards. The most important thing with burying precious metals is that no one sees you putting anything in the ground. If something were to happen to you and your spouse it is a good idea to inform a very close and trustworthy relative or friend (who you name in your will to execute the will) about very important documents that you have hidden at your home which shall bless your beneficiaries. Make sure you don't look too suspicious or people will get nosy about what you are doing. If you ever burry your precious metals in the deep woods then make sure that you can remember exactly where it is located. UNDERGROUND IN VEGETABLE GARDEN: Plant a vegetable garden and count off the exact number of feet and inches from a post or rock that you never move. Make sure you dig a whole at least two feet under the ground to make sure you don't hit it when you till or cultivate the ground later. There are many other ways to safely store and protect your precious metals both inside your home and in your backyard. All you have to do is dig a hole where no one would suspect anything abnormal and then remember exactly where you dug the hole. When you cover up the whole make sure you lay down a thick layer of naturally looking leaves so that the area looks just like the rest of the forest floor. If someone does happen to walk through that area and it looks obvious that someone was just digging the ground then they will get curious and may want to dig it up to find out what is going on. I strongly suggest placing a listening monitor in a car. 4. bank records. garage. or bush but make sure you don't forget the exact distance and location. 5. or outside shelter so you can hear if someone is trying to dig up your precious metals. The best way to do this is having a land marker that will not disappear and then counting off the exact amount of feet and inches from the location where you dig your whole. tree. Turn a wheelbarrow over on its side or have some other large item blocking the neighbors view. If you can hide all signs of your whole ever being dug and no one sees you digging in the area then it is a good way to store your precious metal coins or bars. Discreetly place the layered bags with the can and precious metals in it inside the ground and quickly cover it up. Do not wrap the precious metals and put it into the can outside in front of your neighbors. That is why we recommend that you do not dig a whole in the forest because it is a dead giveaway that you are doing something out of the ordinary. I don't recommend that you plant a tree or a large bush over the location where you store your precious metal because the roots will wrap around the container which will make it extremely difficult to retrieve it later. Whatever you decide.

It is best to have no more than two or three hundred ounces of silver at your home. We suggest that you place these documents in one of the above locations but do not place them directly with the precious metals. Therefore you may not make as much money out of the stocks due to soaring gas prices. If you have holdings at goldmoney. The first reason why I dislike gold/silver stocks is because most U. You will tell the executor of your will where the important documents are and in those important documents will be a map to the location where your holding number is and your secret password which shall enable the executor to gain access to your gold or precious metal money.S. AND OPTIONS Gold and Silver stocks can be a very good investment but the risk of losing money or not making as much money is also very high. At least. Dollar. info on stocks.S. Dollars and cut out profits from the high cost of gasoline. etc. stocks are in U. Secondly.S. Therefore it is possible to invest allot of money in a few gold or silver mining companies and actually lose money because they did not find enough of the precious metals to make a profit. When you calculate your profits in U.S. ETF’s are less risky because you are investing in many different precious metal companies all at once. If you do decide to store some silver money at your home then be careful not to store too much of it there. bonds. tax returns. this is my opinion about stocks and ETF’s. You will actually show them exactly where the documents have been hidden or buried. along with a detailed map showing the location(s) where the precious metals are located (the Map(s) will say that precious metals are in specific locations). You don't want tens of thousands of dollars worth of silver coins or bars laying around your home. I prefer the safety and security of owning the real precious metals themselves. Let them find the precious metals when they search for your important documents (make sure all important documents are in small fire proof safes). I would not place all of my eggs in one basket. Again I emphasize the importance of having most. GOLD AND SILVER STOCKS. just breaking even. If someone gains access to your holding number and password they can access your gold or silver and might be able to get the spot price money value of your holdings. you should have your holding number and your password buried in one of the formentioned locations in the ground (in a waterproof container) or hidden behind a wall or behind a ceiling (in a fireproof container). Some . or making only a little money compared to actually owning the precious metals. Do NOT tell the executor of your will that you have precious metals hidden at your home. you will probably not make as much money as you would have had you had actually invested in the precious metals certificates. Tell them that the documents are very important which will help dispense your wealth to your beneficiaries. If I own gold stocks when the dollar crashes I will probably not be making as much money as actually owning the precious metals myself because the money I would make in American stocks would be substantially devaluated by the crashing U. If the price of gold or silver does soar there is a better chance that you will make a profit. If I had some gold or silver stocks I would want them in a foreign stock market with a strong currency. Sling shot options are even more riskier than stocks and ETF’s because you are taking a very big gamble that the spot price on silver or gold is going to go up or down in a given period of time. Since an enormous amount of gasoline is needed to mine precious metals much of the mining corporations profits will be eaten up by gasoline costs even while the price of the precious metals are soaring. It may sound like a big bother to go through all of this trouble but if you fail to secure your precious metal money you are making a big mistake. since some of the gold and silver companies will not do well you are going to take some losses. Yes there is a potential to make more money in stocks and ETF’s but there is also a high risk of losing money. Make the executor of your will dig it up or break through a wall to get at the treasure map(s). ETF’S. If you accumulate more than this you are taking a very big risk that it may be stolen. dollars. many gold and silver mining stocks lose money because they do not find as much gold or silver in the ground as they originally thought was there. Thirdly. if not all of your gold holdings at goldmoney. if there is hyper inflated gasoline prices it will cost a tremendous amount of money to mine the gold and the silver. /1751735-homesteading-and-pioneer-skills-part-1 SURVIVAL TOOLS + SUPPLIES SPORTSMANS GUIDE http://www.php?tid=A596010&l=2 NORTHERN TOOLS AMERICA IS ON A PATH TO FINANCIAL RUIN! . The Obama administration has selected so called financial experts who have a terrible track record of failing to accurately predict the state of the American economy in the past.options are just for a week or two while others are for a few months.S. economy. If you want to take very big risks in options you have the potential of making a whole lot more money but you also run the risk of losing allot of money very fast. Should you choose options be prepared to lose allot of money as well as gain money! My best suggestion is to invest the safe and secure way but if you choose options.survivalunlimited.pioneerliving. I think it is better to gamble with an option lasting at least a few months.buildanark.htm OFF + ON GRID ELECTRIC FOR $200 http://power-4-homes. If you are going to take the path of high risk investment. economy and the U. or etf’s then make sure you are very prayerful and careful about your PIONEER LIVING SURVIVAL MAGAZINE http://www. Now it appears that he lost more money than he had made the last time around. Since I am more interested in surviving then getting rich I am the type of investor who likes to play it Then he tried to do it again and the price of gold took a big dip down over $100 less than when he bought the option for. dollar into a catastrophic collapse that will be far worse than it would have had these measures never been implemented. The decision to print trillions of dollars out of thin air and spending trillions more in reckless bailouts and stimulus spending sprees is only going to send the I know a friend who made allot of money the first time he bought options based upon the assumption that the price of gold and silver would go up in a short period of time. But if you hear incorrectly then you will lose a substantial amount of money in a very short time. It is possible to pray and have God tell you that gold will go up within a few weeks or within a few BUILD AN ARK http://www. He did so well that he either doubled or tripled his money in just a few weeks. stocks. What makes us think that these so called financial experts are going to get it right this time around? If President Obama wanted accurate financial advisors then he should have picked true experts who already accurately predicted the housing bubble and the subsequent collapse of the U. President Obama’s decisions have set America upon an imminent path to financial ruin. I know that the price of gold and silver is going to go up in the long run but I can’t tell you that it is going to go up every single week or every single month. HELPFUL LINKS SURVIVAL REPORT http://www. You could double or triple your money during this short time.

Bible study. That is why many professing Christians are not truly happy! Will you accept Jesus as both your LORD and your SAVIOR today? If so. “Happy is the people who’s God is the LORD!” Only those who truly allow God to be the LORD of their lives can find true happiness. Jesus commanded His followers to lay up their treasures in Heaven.” We are not advocating the love of money. Pray and ask the Lord of Heaven and Earth to bless you in all of your preparations. The purpose of saving silver and gold is not to lay up our treasures upon the earth but to have real money for simple living and to help other Christians live simple lives. Some wants are legitimate but other wants can be lavish. SURVIVAL and LUXURIOUS LIVING are TWO completely DIFFERENT THINGS! Survival means meeting all of your basic needs and not your sinful wants! May all who read this book seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and may all of our ways be pleasing in the eyes of our Creator! . Money is not “the root of evil. God will not bless those who put Him second. That should be the goal of every true and honest Christian. shelter and supplies. Many people want Jesus as Savior but they don't want to allow Him to be the LORD of their lives. and the needs of your Christian family. The same can be said for most all of the greatest Patriarchs and Prophets of the Bible. then you must be willing to OBEY THE COMMANDS OF SCRIPTURE! One command is to use your finances wisely by living a simple life and laying up your treasures in heaven. Christians are commanded to live simple lives and to use any additional wealth to help others with. God must always come first. ministry. Abraham is called the Father of the faithful. Therefore it is possible for Christians to have great wealth as long as they do not hoard it for their own selfish pleasures. Needs are basic life sustaining food. Are you living a simple and unselfish life? Are you truly serving God and laying down your life for the brethren? America’s Survival Guide is designed to assist Christians to survive and prosper during the perilous days ahead. We must seek first the Kingdom of God and then seek second the needs of our families and Christian friends. Do not allow the pursuit of silver and gold to distract you from your prayer life.” “the LOVE of money is. There is no record in scripture of Abraham living a life of luxury or excess. Laying up treasures in heaven means that you share your wealth with other needy Christians and give the first fruits of all your increase to advance the Kingdom of God on earth. The precious metals and supplies that you save are meant to meet your needs.A WORD OF CAUTION SEEK FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD AND BEWARE OF COVETOUSNESS We are not encouraging Christians to buy silver and gold in order to become filthy rich. Abraham had great wealth but he lived in a simple tent. Abraham used his great wealth to bless those who were with him but he was not a selfish man. If your goal is to use this book and the principles therein to get filthy rich to fulfill your own selfish desires then as Peter said to Simon the sorcerer. the needs of your family. Money is simply a needed tool that we can use to survive and bless others with. The Bible declares. Money alone cannot buy true happiness. “let your money perish with you!” God does not approve of coveting money to fulfill selfish desires. and Church attendance. Wants are those things that we don't really need. Christians should pray for financial blessings to meet their own needs and to have enough to bless others with. It is important that Christians humbly pray and seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.

truegospelofjesus.www.htm .org/seeds. Visit: www.truegospelofjesus.FREE CHRISTIAN E BOOKS URGENT WARNING AT .org All Our Seeds Are Stored In Absorbant Seed Packs To Preserve The Life Of The Seeds For Many Years.

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