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Webdevt Proposal

Webdevt Proposal


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Published by: Francis Guison on Mar 17, 2009
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Buluran, Joseph Rannie Co, Timothy Kevin Guison, Francisco Ma. (OOA) Malabanan, Jinno Rafael Submitted to: Mr. Dave Quitoriano
March 17, 2009

PROJECT OVERVIEW Our project proposal is to promote the product Extra Joss energy drink to the Philippine market. The producer of Extra Joss energy drink must know the feedback from their customers and because of this notion; we come up with the idea of proposing a website that would connect the relationship between Extra Joss energy drink and the customer. The marketer of Extra Joss must know the details on how do customers really understand the product also they must identify their target market thoroughly for an effective marketing strategy. The proposal again is a website that includes all features of Extra Joss as a good energy drink for working class Filipinos. The goal of this proposal particularly the website feature is to maintain and improve the marketing aspect of the company as well as strengthening the name of this product to the Philippine market. This proposal is one way to exceed other competitors in the country. By creating a website, it is considered to be the most interactive way to know the customers feedback about this energy drink and also to know the level of this product in the industry. Competitors of energy drinks really competing for the target market across the Philippines therefore each of these competitors must achieve the competitive advantage to other competitors so that they will become strong in the Philippine Market.

PROJECT THEME The theme proposed is included in the team’s website proposal. This theme must be interactive and matched up with Extra Joss energy drink characteristics such as colors. The perspective of the proposed site will really depend on the product and how the marketers market it across the country. The developers of the proposed site will depend on its respective themes conceptualized by the marketers. The approval of the management for the proposed site will be prioritizing by the team so; the project theme of this proposal might change.

SPECIAL CONSIDERATION Since the target market of Extra Joss Energy drink are working class Filipinos, there are possibilities that the proposed website might not meet the working class because of lack knowledge about computers. This kind of situation is uncontrollable; therefore, the solution of the project is to promote extra joss energy drink to other social networking site to be able to view this promotion that has access in the internet. Another consideration is the language wherein the customer can choose English or tagalog languages.

OVERVIEW The objectives of this proposal are: To promote Extra Joss energy drink to the Philippine market and achieve the group’s goal so as to accomplish the sales pitch of the company with a website proposal. To develop a marketing promotions for Extra Joss through means of World Wide Web. With this proposal, it allows consumers to check the latest information about Extra Joss. To promote Extra Joss to target consumers and strengthen promotional strategies with the use Web 2.0 technologies. Website content must be attractable to the customer as long as it is user interactive and social networks enabled.

PROJECT WEBSITE DESIGN / MOCK-UPS The team is currently building the site wherein they choose to use Coda as a source of website frame on their project.

WPCODA by Wordpress is one of the most interactive ways of browsing a site. The development team use this as an open source features included in the teams proposal.

FEATURES Discussion forums and Bulletin Boards that allow customers to comment or suggest about the energy drink. Social Networking with social discussion forum and Bulletin Boards. A feature that made especially for the customers who are interested in the product. Through this feature, customers can talk about the product and appreciate the product. Blog site A feature where the consumer writes a commentary about the product as well as to promote the product as well. Others Download feature includes the images of Extra Joss, as well as pictures of the customers and the corporate employees who distribute this product here in the Philippines (Archive Gallery) The latest and previous video commercials can be streamed.

SPECIAL FEATURES The team will be proposing a social networking site for all consumers who are using extra joss as their main energy drink. As per an added feature, the team will develop a fan page in facebook and other social networking sites that enable Extra Joss an added marketing back up. There will be an advertisement that will be displayed to sites such as Friendster and Multiply to keep the advertisement power alive from the target customer. If due to time constraint, this advertisement feature will not be implemented by the development team.

PROPOSED SITEMAP These are the following content of the website: Home – includes the homepage of Extra Joss energy drink. Provides a general description about the energy drink and persuade the customers why they need to buy this energy drink. About page – includes the company background of extra joss. Also includes the mission, vision, objectives of the company for the Philippine Market. Discussion forums – includes the commentaries and feedback about the energy drink. The customer can put his/her name to discussion forums and allow him/her to post commentaries or discussion. Blog site – contains blog all about Extra Joss. The other customer can comment about a particular blog. Archives and streaming page – includes the interactive features of Extra Joss such as download image of extra joss, company pictures and activities, sponsorships, and streaming of the previous and latest TV or radio commercials of extra joss. Contact us page – includes information and contact directories within the company.

PROJECT COSTING # 1.) Activity Domain name registration Time n/a Cost $ 8.99.00 or Php 430.00 Free Comments 1 year domain name hosting from Name.com Using 000webhost.com. Includes Database, phpMyadmin, and other features from 000webhost


Hosting fees



IT Infrastructures

2 days

Php 5, 000.00

Infrastructures needed for making the proposed website such as internet, network devices, server hosts, etc.


Project development Phase 1: Designing phase, Website modeling/prototyping, Project orientation


Php 1,500.00

Present the proposal to the management and start designing it. Approval by the management to start the project. User interfaces Includes transportation and communication expense, Approval for revisions Transition and Training for the management, Advertisement of the site, Training for users and webmaster who will manage this site. The estimate expense for the utilities needed by the development team.


Project Development Phase 2: Revisions Phase

2 weeks

Php 2, 500.00


Project Development Phase 3: Final Implementation Phase, Beta Testing, Final Release.

3 weeks

Php 20, 000. 00


Estimate costs of utilities: Electricity, water, food, equipments, Software requirements, Communication expense Labor expense

Overall time used within the project

Php 15,000. 00


Overall time scoped of the project

Php 10, 000.00 / developer 4 developers Php 40, 000.00

The labor salary of each developer of the project.


The overall estimate cost of the project Php 84,430.00

If the company likes the proposal, the management will approve it. Note that all of the cost expense will be paid by the company. For other utilities, the expense will be provided by the team. The total estimates cost is just the estimate cost overall in the project. This given cost might change due to some changes of the project or depreciation of costs of utilities and other expenses.


The company will award project for us because our proposal will be relying on social networking site which is the most effective and coolest way to communicate and advertise this product to the people. With this proposal, the relationship between customers and the company will become more productive and interactive. Company can easily think the feelings of the customer regarding the product.

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