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Lino Printing

Lino Printing

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Published by: chatter1 on Mar 17, 2009
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Lino Printing

George BELL Violinist 1920 - linocut
42 x 26 inch

Margaret Preston Koala c. 1930 woodblock print

Margaret Preston Native pear c. 1935 woodblock print

Margaret Preston Tea-tree and Hakea petiolaris c. 1936 woodblock print

Barbara Hanrahan The Dog and the Cat 3 linocut, edition of 12; 49 x 52.5 cm

Barbara Hanrahan Adam and Eve 1977 wood engraving

Margaret PRESTON Yunnan teaset 1927 - woodblock

Deborah Klein Red Comb hand coloured linocut 25.5cm (h) x 21cm(w)

Deborah Klein Muse 1998 linocut 74 x 64 cm

Group Work by Grades 9 & 10, Braidwood Central School Illustrated Book Based on Edward Lear's The Owl and the Pussycat 34 x 34 cm

Sybil CRAIG Monkeys 1936 - linocut
31 x 26 cm

Pamela Rodoreda Dusk to Dawn 2002 - linocut

Claudia Geils Piano Keys 2008 - linocut

Eloise McCullough Teacup 2008 - linocut

Rebecca Tomasello Stop 2008 - linocut

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