Revolution Vs Pseudo-revolution translated from bengali "Biplob bonam biplob-biplob khela" by M.R. Choudhury Revolution is a process.

Revolution is a transformation such that it bursts asunder old fetters from its roots. It breaks down the fundamental basis of the old system. Every genuine revolution is a social revolution as it brings a new class to powe r. Revolution is a deadly war; a dangerous war. Revolution is a desperate class struggle fought out from the most violent passio ns. Social revolution is bursting of an old social system and establishing a progres sive system instead. Revolution is always a quantum leap in the evolution of society, an evolutionary leap: leap into a new socio-economic setting followed by new economic relations and es tablishment of new infrastructure, into new ideas, new laws, etc. The economic basis of a social revoltion is a clash between new and old producti on relations.

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