Chhavi Gupta Name of the Subject: Perspective Management Academic Year: 2012-13 Semester No: MMS Sem I (Sections A and B) No. of Sessions: 06 (50 marks) SESSION NO 1 TOPIC/SUB TOPIC SYLLABUS COVERED PEDAGOGI ASSIGNME CAL TOOLS NTS USED REMARKS OF FACULTY



Introduction Introduction to to Management Managemen t – Science, Theory and Practice, Evolution of management thought, Environment of Management , Managers & Entrepreneur s, Managerial Managerial Roles & Skills Functions, Responsibili Social & ties and Ethical Responsibiliti Ethics es of ManagersCSR and business ethics Planning – RolePlanning Need for planning, Types of planning Levels of planning

Presentatio n, Examples from various firms, personalitie s, case discussions.

Role Plays/ Presentatio ns

Class test/ Internals

A. Sherlekar & V. Jr. Management of ChangeControl Process &Techniques . Principles Of Business Management: S. Examples from various firms. Types of organization s. Designing Organization structure. personalitie s. Management: Stoner. Essentials of Management: Koontz & Weihrich 2. Leadership Class test/ Internals Control Internals/ Presentatio ns Reference Texts: 1. Gilbert.4 5 6 Corporate Planning & Long Range Planning. Organizing – Nature. Freeman. Use of Information Technology for Controlling Organizing Presentatio n/ Assignment Presentatio n. 4.Text & Cases: VSP Rao & V Hari Krishna 3. Role of Committees. Sherlekar . Organization al Communicati on. case discussions. Management. Group Decision Making. Delegation and Autonomy Leadership & Management . S.

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