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the skywalker whisked through town 1995 bronze and gold leaf h 4 cm.

The Mirror, 1996 bronze, h 6.2 cm.

Messenger, 1997 bronze, h 7 cm.

Female torso, 1997 bronze, h 6.5 cm.

Reclined, 1968

bronze, 4.9 cm. Minotaur, 2006 bronze. h 12 cm.

Dancing minotaur, 2007 mixed media, h 11 cm.

Adoration of the beautiful bronze, h. 5.5 cm.

The garden of the lost snake. 1997 bronze, h 8 cm.

cast the sleeping elephant project
mixed media 25 x 20 cm.

White head plaster, h.4.5 cm.

Relaxing woman, 1974 mixed media,

Head, 2012 mixed media, h

Blue woman, 2010 painted plastic, h Youth, 1989 plaster, h

Sunday Morning, 1973 mixed media, h

Warthog, 1986 bronze, h

all fitting in the same drawer