Understanding the One People’s Public Trust

A Beginner's Guide to the OPPT Understanding the OPPT
As written above, this is a beginners guide to understanding the One People's Public Trust. It is written for those who have heard of the OPPT, but have little or no information as to what it is or does; so this is offered as a relatively short summary of what the OPPT is, what it does, and, most important, how it affects you. It is presented in 8 sections, like chapters in a book, and is meant to be read in order, starting with the introduction. However, if you already have some knowledge about the OPPT, and just want to study a particular section, certainly feel free to do that. Most sections can be read in less than 5 minutes, and references are provided at the end of the sections that will lead you to further, more detailed and validating information. As of this writing, March 2013, it is estimated that less than 1/10 of 1% of the people on the planet even know about OPPT, let alone understand it. The effort here is to provide information, in an organized, concise form, without being overwhelming. It is intended to help those new to the OPPT to understand it enough to see the benefits to all of us from the hours and hours of work that the trustees put in to make this happen. Since this is not a blog site, there is no provision for comments, at least at this time. Feel free to contact me via e- mail, and I will respond as time allows. Understanding the OPPT Bellingham, WA Tom@UnderstandingtheOPPT.info

In late 2012, the One Peoples Public Trust (OPPT) came out publicly after several years of hard work by some very capable, dedicated people. These people, led by Heather Ann TucciJarraf, Hollis Randall Hillner, and Caleb Skinner, have done some phenomenal work, designed to usher in a "New Paradigm" for planet Earth. Until now, we have all been living in the "Old Paradigm" world. Of course, that has been our only frame of reference, so it has seemed just "normal," but it has not been the way God intended for us to live. Feel free to substitute other terms for God: Source, Infinite Source, Prime Creator, Creator, Yahweh, Allah, etc. The 2012 Scenario is all about the "shift" from the old paradigm planet Earth to the New Paradigm planet Earth. December 21, 2012 was not a day that some dramatic event, either wonderful or catastrophic, was intended to happen. All the hype around 12/21/12 was just that - hype. 12/21/12 marked the midpoint of a multi decade "shift" period between the old and the new. Astrologers would call it leaving the age of Pisces, and entering the age of

Aquarius. Some have called it the "Shift of the Ages". It is also a period of raising human consciousness, and some are calling that "ascension." Raising consciousness means that we, Earth humans, are coming into a new way of BEing, learning the truth about the way things have been in the old paradigm, and about how the new paradigm world could look. As examples, we have been used to a world with constant wars, poverty, scarcity, government control, financial instability, massive debt, etc. We have been living in a state of slavery without even knowing it. We have been deceived. In the US, at least, many law enforcement vehicles have printed somewhere on them the words: "To protect and Serve." When you are driving, and see a police car approaching, do you get a warm fuzzy feeing that the person in that car is there to protect and serve you, or do you feel fear that the person in that car is watching you for some violation of some law? We have been taught in America that America is the "Land of the Free, Home of the Brave" - brave, yes; free, no. That has been a lie perpetrated on us by the power holders, the less than 1% that hold most of the power and most of the wealth. Are you in debt? Do you have to work long hours to make enough money to pay the bills? Do you feel free when you are made to go though a TSA line at an airport? We have not been free; we have only been duped into believing we are. We have been lied to, dumbed down by TV, and encouraged to buy, buy, buy stuff we don't need. That has all been the old paradigm. The New Paradigm world is one of true freedom, world peace, prosperity for all, an unpolluted world, free energy, honest transparent governments, and most important, people operating at a higher consciousness level; valuing cooperation instead of competition, togetherness instead of separation, understanding instead of fear, and freedom instead of slavery. Now, if you are having trouble believing all that, try seeing the above as just possibilities. You don't have to completely believe it, but what if it is possible, what if it is true? Wouldn't you like to learn more? This writing is intended to help you do that, but no attempt will be made to convince any one of anything. It is intended only to provide documented, provable information. You have the free will choice to accept it or reject it as you choose. After all, the new paradigm world is about freedom to choose. So what does the One People's Trust have to do with all this? In a nutshell, the OPPT has cancelled all aspects of the old paradigm slave system, and provided useable, effective tools to transition to the New Paradigm systems. What follows in this writing are further explanations of the slave system, what the OPPT has done, why it works, and how it benefits all Earth Humans. This is all quite new, and it will take a while before a critical mass of people a. know about it, b. believe it, and c. understand it well enough to use it effectively. What is written on these pages is offered to help you move from a to c. The really good news is that all the hard work has already been done. Everything is in place. There is really very little for anyone else to DO. Notice that I have capitalized "BEing" in a paragraph above, and "DO" here. BEing and DOing are very important concepts which will be explained later. I invite you to keep reading.

The Slave System
In the introduction, the term "slavery system" was used. Some people know how that term applies to the current reality, at least before OPPT. For others, the term slavery system might seem too strong. As mentioned earlier, we have been living in this old paradigm world all our lives, and we have been led to believe that this is just the way it is - normal. If you are in the former group, and can say, "Yup, I understand why you are calling it a slavery system," feel free to skip this entire section, or you can follow up with any or all references provided at the end of this section. If you are in the second group, and your "skeptical meter" has moved up into the yellow or red with the term slavery system, then you are encouraged to keep reading, because it is important that you come to understand and believe the term is appropriate. Of course everything is relative, and relative to the way the Negro was treated several centuries ago, our current slavery is mild. That being said, I believe that after reading this, you will agree that We the People have been enslaved to a greater degree than we believed.

Early history of the United States:
In the late 1700s, the British colonists living in the original 13 colonies of North America, were fed up with British control. People began to recognize that they had value, and they wanted to share that value with others. They saw their liberty as their property, and to protect their liberty they had to ensure that all others had the same right to that liberty. They viewed this as a "God given Trust." The people rose up and separated themselves from England. To do so they created and declared a set of principles to the entire world to ensure that America would never be enslaved. These principles are clearly outlined in the Declaration of Independence of 1776, which declared them to be One Free Equal People, with "un-alien-able rights," meaning that no one can put a lien on those rights. The Declaration of Independence was written, along with the Constitution For the United States (note the word for not of). Several significant principles were established at that time for this country: ".... that all men are created equal; ...they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights..... life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." It was further stated that the government derives its power form the people, and the people have the right and responsibility to alter or abolish the government if it does not serve the people. The United States was originally set up as a republic with a government that was designed to serve We the People. When we get to explaining the OPPT, you will see that the principles of the documents that the OPPT wrote are the same as the principles that the founding fathers of the United States saw as important. Simply, we are sovereign beings, with rights endowed by the Creator.

So, what happened; how did we get where we are today?
The above two paragraphs relate only to the United States. All other countries of the world have a much different early history, but recent happenings are common for all countries. We'll start by identifying the "Controllers." There are many other names for the controllers: cabal, illuminate, power elite, new world order, secret government, powers that be, etc. You are probably familiar with some of these terms already; they all refer to the same people mostly. They are motivated by money and power, and their agenda is world domination and control. Those at the top are small in numbers, but their tentacles reach deep into all aspects

of society. Another term that has been used lately is "bankster", because the banking industry is the "head of the beast." "I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies." - Thomas Jefferson "Give me control of a nation's money, and I care not who makes it's laws" - Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothchild (a powerful controller of the banking cartel) “It is well enough that the people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” – Henry Ford Long ago the controllers learned the power of fraudulent, but difficult to detect, banking practices to increase their power and wealth. Today, they "own," literally in most cases: All the world central banks, all the large national banks, all the major news media (controlling the information also gives great power), all branches of government, energy industry, healthcare industry, education, and religious institutions. Until very recently, they were well on their way to achieving complete world domination - their New World Order. Now this is not to say that all people working for any of those organizations are corrupt. Many are good honest people doing their jobs without knowing that they too are being controlled. The real power brokers are mostly only at the top. Author's note: Now, if this is getting depressing, stay tuned, because "the good news" is yet to come in that I will explain later why the controller's reign is over. One of the things that was done to all countries of the world, was to turn the governments into corporations. In 1871, Washington D.C. became THE COPRORATION OF THE UNITED STATES, chartered in London, and a new constitution was written: THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES, in all capital letters. Remember from above, that the original constitution was the Constitution For the United States. A corporation is not designed to serve any people except its shareholders, and it is designed for commerce, not service; hence a significant aspect of all of our problems. If this is new to you, there is a plethora of information from many sources on the internet to back up all that is said here, and references are provided at the end of this section. That being said, there is also much disinformation put out by the controllers, because they really do not want We the People to learn their dirty secrets. In the Introduction section of this writing, the term "old paradigm slave system" was used. It is now time to give some examples in to demonstrate why that is an appropriate term. The biggest enslavement tool used by the controllers is debt. They have created a debt based financial system where they reap the profits, we pay the debt; but the truth is that it is all a fraudulent ruse. Space here doesn't permit a full explanation of how it all works, and few people really understand the details, but I am confident that all would agree that debt is a big problem for most people. We are slaves to debt, but it goes deeper than that. When we were born, a birth certificate was written and issued. That birth certificate is actually a document of the corporation that made us all chattel of the corporation. We are literally "owned" by the corporation. Of course the controllers are smart enough to understand that if people really knew the truth, they would rebel in a heartbeat. They also know that they have to give the people a certain measure of freedom, and promote the premise that we are free. They can do that easily through their controlled corporate media,

and their control of the education system. In reality, we have never known real freedom because our only frame of reference has been the "slave system."

The good news:
With the current raising of consciousness, more and more people are awakening to what is really going on. We are seeing evidence of that all over the world. No, it is still not apparent through the mainstream media for obvious reasons, and one has to use trusted, alternative, internet media to find it, but it is there. There is also a tremendous pushback by many groups, and although progress is slower than many would like, progress is being made in removing the controllers from power. There have been literally hundreds of recent resignation within the upper echelons of the banking cartel, behind the scenes arrests, the recent resignation of the Pope, etc, etc. The latest term for the controllers is "The Powers That Were!!" In the next section we will get to the "meat", and learn how the One People's Public Trust has become the real "game changer" in our transition from the old paradigm world to he New Paradigm world. I invite you to keep reading.

References for more information:
- Google and research the term "strawman" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8y06NSBBRtY ( link to a part of President Eisenhower's farewell address where he warned about the dangers of the military industrial complex) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVsMUpPgdT0 (link to short video on CORPORATION OF THE UNITED STATES) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPKKQnijnsM&feature=player_embedded (link to short video on distribution of wealth in the U.S.) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ER68ywwAmz4 (link to short video: “25 goals of Illuminate” )

What is the One People's Public Trust?
So now it is time to get into learning about the One People's Public Trust itself, henceforth referred to as OPPT. Before we can do that, we need to learn just a bit about the UCC, Uniform Commercial Code.

Uniform Commercial Code:
The UCC governs the laws of global commerce. It governs trade between all corporations anywhere in the world, and it is meant for corporations, not people. The UCC is not bad or harmful by itself, but like many other things in this world, it has been used fraudulently as a tool to promote the slave system, and advance the agenda of the controllers. Remember that all governments of the world are corporations. The UCC is the “bible” of commerce; it precisely dictates the manner in which international trade and commerce should be enacted. The entire commercial system pivots around UCC

law. UCC law is not taught in law schools, but remains exclusively within the domain of corporations and their operatives, who train their legal-department employees in UCC law as required – thus keeping the knowledge of this important mechanism “in house.” Therefore it is not surprising that very few people understand how UCC works, and fewer understand how it has been used fraudulently to keep the people of the world enslaved.

Enter the OPPT Trustees - Heather Tucci-Jarraf, Calab Skinner, and Hollis Hillner:
Heather was professionally involved in UCC law for some time, and learned how the “Powers That Were” manipulated the UCC to control the world financial system at a very high level. The trustees also did extensive research for several years, and were aided by a few "insiders" that were fed up with the slavery system too. The OPPT trustees published a report, the "Paradigm Report," with their findings, which concluded that the corporations operating under the guise of the people’s governments and financial systems were committing treason against the people of this planet without the people’s knowing, willing or intentional consent. Now that the OPPT trustees had the evidence, they went to work on documents that would use the UCC, itself, to foreclose the entire slave system. The term "foreclose," as used here means: "to shut out, close, exclude, or bar." The OPPT was created when the Trustees bonded themselves to – and as a result resumed – the trust that was framed in the original US Constitution; the constitution that was abandoned when the United States government was incorporated. The OPPT then bonded every individual on the planet to this Trust as the Beneficiaries in equity, known as “the One People, created by The Creator.” By doing so, the Trustees framed a Trust that has a superior claim to any other – the Trust between the Creator and the “states of being” of Earth. The “states of being” of Earth are the beneficiaries of the Creator as the custodians of the Creator’s manifestations on Earth. Lawfully speaking, there can be no higher claim than that of the One People’s Public Trust… except for one made by the Creator. The extensive use of the term "Creator" and its implications will be explained later in the next section. In 2012, the Trustees lodged a complex series of filings with the UCC on behalf of its Beneficiary, the One People. Full details of the OPPT’s filings with the UCC can be found on their web site: http://peoplestrust1776.org. Be warned: it is very heavy legal reading and designed for the purposes of legal noticing and disclosure, not for communicating OPPT’s actions or their implications to the general public. UCC filings are public records, and follow standard administrative processes. According to UCC rules, when facing a claim, an entity, in this case “the Debtor” is given the right of rebuttal. If a rebuttal is not received within the required timeframe, a default action then applies, followed by termination of that entity; in this case, on the grounds that it failed to rebut charges of treason by “the One People.” The important thing to understand here is that a UCC filing stands as law if it remains unrebutted. In this case, the OPPT Trustees ensured they created a legal situation in which the individuals and entities that form “the Debtor," mainly the corporate banks and corporate governments, had no ability to rebut. How could they? The claims of slavery are true. Of course, no rebuttal was received. The "Debtor" is therefore guilty of treason.

The following are the results of the OPPT filings:
All corporations are foreclosed and their assets reclaimed. The wealth of our planet is returned to “the One People”. All debt owed to corporations is erased. “The system” is terminated. The public record shows it. The UCC filing stands as international law. By the system’s own terms, it no longer exists.

We are free of the slave system !!

A New Paradigm:
Thanks to the OPPT, the old paradigm system doesn't exist any more, and we are moving into a New Paradigm way of being. This is a transition time, part of the shift; the "Powers that Were" DO KNOW what has happened, are powerless to do anything about it, and are at the time of this writing, March 2013, pretending that nothing has changed. The visible changes will evolve slowly over the next months. Eventually the mainstream media will begin to tell the truth, and it will be like opening the flood gates. It will also take the people of planet Earth a while to learn about and accept the changes. There will be those who will come on board quickly and easily, those who will take longer, but will readily "OPPT-IN" and those who will fight the changes. That is human nature.

The New Paradigm reality has the following characteristics:
• People live together peacefully with kindness, caring, compassion, understanding and respect for each other’s differences. They solve problems peacefully through cooperation. There are no wars. • Governments are run by people who really do serve the people. They are honest, ethical, and transparent (no secrets). • People respect and love all life and take care of the planet. They understand that all life is connected. • People understand that we live in a universe that is abundant, not one of scarcity. • people are evolved enough to use energy responsibly. Armament manufacture is unnecessary, as is a military. Even money will eventually become unnecessary. • Greed, the lust for power, and even competition are no longer a part of society. • Natural, healthy foods will again become available, and people will be far healthier and live much longer. Author's note: I came to realize something important just a few years ago: All the problems we face right now could be solved within a decade if humans would simply function at a higher consciousness level. Well, guess what, that is what is happening right now. That is part of the shift of the Ages. So to see the above characteristics of a near future society here on Earth as really possible, is not that big of a stretch. Furthermore, I know we have help from above! More about that is written in the next section.

Free Will choices; BE'ing and DO'ing:
Under the slave system, we are used to "doing as we we're told," and often not encouraged to think for ourselves, or to make our own choices to any great extent. It has been part of education system for a long time. Remember, everything is relative, but think for a minute how often you have been told what you "should" do, should think, should feel, should say,

etc. Our choices have also been limited by all the rules, laws, and bureaucratic "hoops" we have had to jump through. Being free of the slavery system means that we have the God given right to exercise our free will choices to live life the way we choose, but that also carries with it responsibility. Everyone has free will, and a part of Universal law of free will is that no one has the free will right to interfere with another's free will right. One may exercise their free will choices, so long as those choices do not do harm to anyone else in any way, including causing fear, perceived threat or danger, or even causing discomfort. This is going to take some getting used to; it is also going to take a raising of consciousness, and some time before it becomes the norm, but it is already starting to happen. Earlier, the terms BE'ing and DO'ing were introduced. Those two terms are used extensively to denote important values of the OPPT, and a New Paradigm way of Be'ing, so it is important, before we leave this section, to spend some time explaining these terms. BE'ing is first about awareness of what you value, what type of person do you want to be. We are so used to "wearing masks, hiding behind facades", keeping secrets, not showing who we truly are. BE'ing is about knowing and BE'ing our true authentic self, without shame, or guilt. It is knowing and living our passion, as opposed to being who or what we have been told we "should" be. It is about waking up to our true selves, and BE'ing that true, authentic self. DO'ing is whatever reflects our BE'ing. As an example, if you are passionate about teaching, but are not teaching something to someone, then your DO'ing is not reflecting your BE'ing. The next section, Spiritual Aspect, is perhaps the most important section. It may seem at first that it is not really related to OPPT, but it is very related; it is a significant part of OPPT. So again, you are invited to read on.

References for more information:
- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kd0PO7QFJtE&list=UUE4h4q2XrAAE18tnq5XH6Ew This is a link to a good 8 minute video, the first half of which speaks to the above, with the second half speaking to material presented later in this writing. Many more good videos can be found at: http://oppt-in.com , and on You Tube

Spiritual Aspect
It might seem at first that OPPT has nothing to do with spiritual matters. Nothing could be farther from the truth. As mentioned earlier, the founding fathers of the U.S. wrote right in the Declaration of Independence, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." They recognized in 1776 the connection between the Creator, and We the People, and it was also pointed out earlier in this writing that the OPPT has taken the same approach, stating in the documents that they filed with the UCC, that the Trustees framed a Trust that has a superior claim to any other – the Trust between the Creator and the “states of being” of Earth. States of being, We the People, and One People all have the same meaning here. When we are talking about the Creator, we are definitely dealing with the spiritual realm. Again, feel free to substitute the term of your choice for "Creator."

The Multidimensional Universe:
Many are already familiar with this term, many are not. If you are not, you may feel as though you have just gone down the "rabbit hole," but what is written here is higher perspective truth. Author's note: I will define 3 levels of truth here. This is my own conclusion and belief. The first, and lowest level of truth, is "personal truth," that which is true for any one person as an individual. I prefer to call this personal "belief," because many personal beliefs are really untruths, as we have been lied to so often by the controllers, and lead to believe those lies. The second level of truth I will call "relative truth," These are truths that are true from our perspective on the 3 dimensional, duality planet Earth; the truths of physics, chemistry, biology, human nature, our social structure, etc. Then there is a third, and higher perspective, leading to another level of truth. This higher perspective is "universal truth," truth as seen from the spiritual realm, and from those entities off Earth, who see a much bigger, and much different picture. From that higher perspective, the universe is multidimensional, with life in many dimensions simultaneously. The important dimensions for us right now are called 3rd, 4th, and 5th. Earth is a 3rd dimension planet, 3D. It is a relatively young, duality planet, meaning that there is good and bad from a relative truth perspective. Earth is also quite low, in both spiritual and technological evolution, but the shift we are experiencing now, is giving all inhabitants on Earth a chance to undergo a quantum shift in evolution, shifting into 4the dimension, 4D, now; and 5D relatively soon after. This shift, or ascension, represents the end of one major cycle and the beginning of another major cycle.

We are not alone:
No, we are not alone in the universe. 70% - 80% of the Earth's population believes that to some degree at least. What many people are going to have trouble grasping, is the extent to which off planet beings are involved, and always have been, in the Earth human experience. Currently there are hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of spacecraft within the solar system, watching and helping us Earth humans go through this shift. It is expected that they will Disclose their presence in the not too distant future. They are much more evolved than we are technologically, and spiritually, and many are in other dimensions. There are also entities present who are not in physical bodies - angels, ascended masters, spirit guide, etc. They must observe the universal law of honoring our free will, and cannot interfere directly unless asked. Several groups have offered to help us in the past, but were turned away by the controllers. In the late 1940s or early 1950s, the controllers did, however, make a deal with one group, called the "little grays," to accept some of their technologies in exchange for allowing them to do what they wanted to do on Earth. The Grays violated their agreement and gave all extraterrestrial beings an undeserved bad reputation among Earth humans, and the controllers on Earth have kept the advanced technology secret for over 60 years. Not all ET's are benevolent. In the past there have been the Reptilians, who have been "pulling the strings" of the controllers for a long time. They are mostly gone now, thanks to the benevolent Galactics.

Author's note: Out of respect, I prefer to use the term "Galactics" for extraterrestrial beings, and "spacecraft" in place of UFOs. Not all UFOs are spacecraft, and not all spacecraft are "unidentified". BTW: a large percentage of Galactics are human in form, some so closely like us that we wouldn't recognize any difference if we were face to face with them. Others are definitely human, but with differences significant enough to be easily noticed.

All of creation is made up of only one thing - energy. Everything is energy, and all energy has a frequency of vibration, nothing else. That has been proven by scientists. The term "dimension" as used here, refers to the frequency of vibration of energy. Another term is "density," often used interchangeably with dimension. For both terms, the higher the vibration frequency, the higher the dimension or density. Life forms can exist on higher dimensions right next to us, but we are not aware of them because our sensory perception is very limited. All of our 5 senses are sensitive to different frequencies, but each is only sensitive to a very narrow range. Anything outside those ranges are just not perceived. This is all not just theory; it is universal truth.

Words and Thoughts:
Words have energy, too. The words used in the OPPT documents, in addition to being legalese, also contain "high frequency" spiritual words that carry high frequency energy. It is obvious that the writers of the OPPT documents are connected to a higher consciousness, and probably in touch with the Galactics either directly or indirectly. One might conclude that the documents are of "divine" origin. Thoughts are also energy vibrating at one frequency or another, and because energy is neutral and has no reasoning capacity, it can’t differentiate between what is wanted and what is not. Consequently, as people’s thoughts and feelings shoot out into space, the universe provides individuals with circumstances whose energy matches the energy of whatever they have been focusing on—the law of attraction that’s in constant motion. But most souls in our world do not know that’s how energy and their innate powers of cocreation work. They’re concentrating on situations that they don’t want to continue, thereby making more of them. Because so many people are sending out the energy of sad, angry and despairing thoughts and feelings about world situations, the society as a whole is affected by the result: the slow pace of change. So the pace at which we evolve into 4D and then 5D depends on the thoughts of the collective consciousness of Earth humans. The more we can focus on what we want, instead of what we don't want, the faster the shift will occur. Bottom line: Think positive thoughts as much as possible.

End of duality, end of the Illusion:
The shift that planet Earth is going through, the shift from 3D to 5D, involves a shift from a duality planet to a planet whose people learn about and adopt "unity consciousness." 3D, duality consciousness is an illusion that we are all separate. We are not; we are all connected. Think of a field of mushrooms. Seen from above ground, they appear to be all separate plants, but if you could see below the surface, from that perspective they are all part of one plant - all connected. Seen from a higher perspective, humans are all connected through consciousness.

You have probably heard or read that life on planet Earth is an illusion, like a play. We are all playing our parts, acting out our roles in the drama. The Hindus call it "Maya." Shakespeare speaks to it in a monologue from "As you Like It" - "All the world's a Stage." Earth humans are caught up in the illusion, the "play." We have forgotten who we really are, our spiritual selves, our connection to Creator. During the shift, the ascension, we will eventually remember who we really are as a creative spirit, having a human experience. The OPPT has been designed only as a temporary tool to help us get out from under the thumb of the controllers, regain our freedom, allow us to move forward with the shift, and find our true authentic selves. The next two sections will cover the practical nuts and bolts of the OPPT: Courtesy Notices and CVACs.

References for more information:
- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ku9FsIayErA&feature=player_embedded#! This is a link to a video with Heather Tucci-Jarraf explaining the connection between OPPT and the spiritual, or multidimensional aspect - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9bVd3BspIQ Link to a 10 min video. "Consciouness Drives the Universe"

Courtesy Notices
This section is a short summary of Courtesy Notices - what they are, what they are intended for, and some guidelines for using them. The reference at the bottom gives all the details for those who choose to use them. Every day, people encounter situations where their freedoms are restricted. We hardly notice, because that is what we are used to, "that is just the way it is." As we start to awaken, and pay attention, we become more aware of how often our freedoms are restricted. Many are also hounded by bill collectors. That is all old paradigm. Most bills that are supposedly owed are fraudulent bills. All taxes are fraudulent. Under the New Paradigm, there will be plenty of money available to run any new system of "government" without taxes. (covered in the "CVAC" section of this writing) Even though all corporations have been foreclosed, very few people working for those corporations know this and what it means to them. For them it means that they are no longer backed by their corporate structure, because their corporation no longer exists, even if they do not know that. For We the People, it means that no corporation (government, banks, corporations we supposedly owe money to) has power over us any more. Most supposed loans from banks are fraudulent. The courtesy notices were not written by the trustees, but are a good example of "DO"ing that helps humanity. Courtesy Notices come into play whenever a person, believing he/she is representing a corporation, attempts to collect a supposed debt, levy a fine, refuse a service that we are entitled to as a "free sovereign being", or hinders our freedom in any way. Then the courtesy notice is used to do three things:

1. inform the person as an individual of the filings of the OPPT, which foreclosed all corporations. 2. inform the person courteously that he/she is acting now as an individual with individual liability for any harmful action against another, in this case the person sending the courtesy notice. 3. inform the person of his/her options and possible consequences. It is called a Courtesy Notice because it is assumed that for a while, most lower level employees will not have been told about OPPT by upper management, who are still in denial about what has happened. The courtesy notice warns them, courteously, that they are now liable as an individual for their own actions. Under the New Paradigm, free system, we all are free, but we also all have to learn to use that freedom responsibly. If a courtesy notice is sent out, it may solve the problem immediately, but more likely, it will take several notices, probably to different people, and possibly a contest of wills to get satisfaction. The more time that goes by, and the more courtesy notices that are sent out though, the sooner everyone will "get the word," and the old system will dissolve to be replaced by a new one.

Reference for more information:
http://oppt-in.com/ The material on this page contains everything you could ever want to know about Courtesy Notices. It has all the forms, downloadable in several formats, written guidelines and instructions on how to use them, and several training videos for those that prefer an AV format.

This section deals with CVACs, Creator's Value Asset Centers. The concept has, as its starting premise, that it is the One People who hold the "Value," that was given freely to us by the Creator, but the controllers of this planet have been stealing that value for centuries. Each individual BE'ing, as part of the One People, has Value, and is his/her own CVAC. In addition the CVAC system, and CVAC branches were setup by the OPPT. There are 194 CVAC branches set up, one for every country on Earth, replacing the old paradigm corporate governments. The CVAC system is the antithesis of the corrupt, externally controlled, corporations that were acting as governments, and, individuals or groups can set up their own CVACs. CVACs insure full liability, full responsibility, and full transparency not something we have seen with the corporate governments. The term "asset" is used to represent any and all assets of value including, but not limited to, financial assets. All financial assets stolen from We the People, have been regained and protected, to be distributed back to We the People. The details on how that will be done are being worked out as of this writing. "They are in fact, in commerce, in law, preserved by public policy, REGISTERED as wholly owned, with full title, value and rights, co-jointly and equally by each of the One People on this planet, expressly warranted to be entirely transparent entities that exist only to serve the people of this planet by providing any systems of assistance the people of this planet deem necessary or desired, and these systems are prevented from impinging on any aspect of the

free will of any human. The CVAC system is presented as a planet wide, completely interconnected network structure run by only bonded servants who act with full responsibility, and in full liability at all times." This is a complete paradigm shift, and is just beginning to unfold. Of course, the people who have controlled the old system for centuries, are in denial that this is really happening, and they have established a news blackout on anything relating to the OPPT. This will change soon with the impending implementation of funded CVACs. This is so new, that no one knows the details. What we do know is that the trusties have done a fantastic job of setting this all up, making the documents effective, legal, and "bullet proof". In the months and years to come, our world is going to change beyond recognition.

Reference for more information:
- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kd0PO7QFJtE&list=UUE4h4q2XrAAE18tnq5XH6Ew The first half of this video was referenced in an earlier section. The second half of this video relates to the CVACs and CVAC system. It is suggested that you view it again, especially if you like getting information through AV. - http://hopegirl2012.wordpress.com/fix-the-world-organization-business-plan/ link to another organization that is working inline with the OPPT to help create a New Paradigm world.

There has been a lot of misunderstanding concerning what the trustee have done, and what it means to us. This section will attempt to clear up some confusion.

First, Many people have commented that some of the terms used by Heather in radio interviews and writings are not understood or are confusing. Yes, that is understandable. The reason is that Heather is coming from a 5D perspective much of the time, but often uses 3D words with 5D meanings. (Review the Spiritual Aspect section if you missed the explanation of 3D and 5D.) So here are some OPPT definitions: Source = Creator, Prime Creator, Universal Father, God Allah, Yahweh, and any other title, label or limitation given to First Source by creations of First Source. Eternal Heart / Co-Creator = Any BE'ing created from Source, includes all of humanity, the One People. Absolute Data = Complete, total, truthful information from a higher, 5D perspective, Universal truth. Rather like "The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth" in more common 3D language. Universal Contract = Agreement between Source and all Eternal Hearts to experience separation from Source, duality, and the "illusion".

Bondservant = Temporary designation of Eternal Hearts as party to a the Universal Contract with Source. Used in the original filings of the OPPT documents, but is no longer relevant. States of BEing / States of Body = Eternal Heart's chosen manifestation, vehicle, human body created to carry out the terms and conditions of the Universal Contract. BE'ing = Eternal Heart / Co-Creator being aware that he/she has been created from Source, is a creative part of Source, and is BE'ing his/her true authentic self as Co-creator. DO'ing = Consciously doing actions aligning with BE'ing a true authentic self. CVAC = Creator's Value Asset Center, with each Eternal Heart being a CVAC, individually and equally to all others, with each CVAC granted and guaranteed the right to BE and Do what they BE by their free will choice, and the opportunity to exercise that right without prejudice. Each CVAC (Eternal Heart) also has the responsibility to exercise that right so as not to cause harm to any other CVA, to act with integrity, honestly, and transparently. (UILO, UCC Doc. No. 2012128325) CVAC SYSTEM (registered as “GOVERNMENT”) = a stationary and consistent planetary system to provide assistance without prejudice to any CVAC in their BE'ing and DO'ing what they BE, but only providing assistance to the CVAC when and in the manner the CVAC chooses by their free will, UILO UCC Doc. No. 2012128324. CVAC BRANCH = a local stationary BRANCH of the CVAC SYSTEM that can provide customized assistance (language, cultural, etc.) immediately without prejudice to any CVAC that asks for assistance, but only providing assistance to the CVAC when and in the manner the CVAC chooses by their free will, UILO UCC Doc. No. 2012128325. CVAC SYSTEM'S (registered as “GOVERNMENT”) SYSTEMS OF ASSISTANCE = systems of assistance that PAY focused ATTENTION to specific areas, such as treasury, technology, education, health, and other areas, in order to bring the Absolute Data of that specific area on to the table of Transparency for the sole purpose of assisting any CVAC so that any CVAC has the opportunity to make informed choices by their free will. Each of the focused and specific areas work transparently and interdependently to bring forth Absolute Data and to give assistance to any CVAC as the CVAC chooses by their free will, UILO UCC Doc. No. 2012128324/2012128325. UILO = UNIVERSAL and INTERNATIONAL LAW ORDINANCE, a part and sub-section of LAW ORDINANCE and its records, that are issued by Co-Creators with full responsibility and under full liability of the Co-Creator that issues it... Universal Law Ordinance is noticed by action or inaction while International Law Ordinance, inclusive of its National, and State departments, is noticed by public registration. Author's note: If the information in the "Spiritual Aspect" is foreign to you, I understand that you may have a hard time wrapping your head around some of these definitions, even after the above. I did initially. That is OK. Don't worry about it. Everyone will figure it out eventually in their own time. This paradigm shift is affecting everyone, but not everyone will go through it at once, only when they are ready. For some it has happened already, for some it will happen within a few months, others a few years. It is all as it is supposed to be.

People's questions and concerns:
Q - "I tried reading the documents, but couldn't understand anything. Is it necessary to read them all?" A - No, reading them carefully would certainly increase your knowledge and understanding of OPPT, but it is not necessary. The Documents were not written to educate the public. They were written, in legal language for the corporate controllers. Actually, since they were written, filed, registered, and unrebutted, they took effect, foreclosing the corrupt corporate systems. In reality, they have done their job and are no longer needed. Q - "What gave the trustees the right to speak for all the people? Maybe I don't want them speaking for me, and being a part of their trust." A - First, you have always had someone "speaking for you". You have always been "controlled" by the system. What the trustees have done is to set you free so you can make your own choices, just the opposite of the old slave system. Second, you can choose not to participate in the new system if you wish. The trust does not require anything from you. Third, all inhabitants of planet Earth will be going though this shift. You do have the choice not to participate, but why would you? Q - " I have read that the word "asset" in CVAC refers to a lot of money that is already set aside for each individual. Is that true? If so, how do we get it, and when?" A - Yes it is true. The details are being worked out as this is being written (3/15/13). More information should be coming out within a few weeks. Q - "How do I know that this is not just another scam, or disinformation? There has been so much of that lately." A - Yes there has been a lot of disinformation. Do your own research; read everything you can find about the OPPT. Follow the references in this document; watch or listen to the AV material that is in abundance on You Tube. Make up your own mind. Don't take my word for it, or anyone else's. Q - "Some sources who I trust, such as David Wilcock, haven't said anything about OPPT. Why is that? A - You would have to ask David. No one can speak for David except David. It was recently calculated that as of this writing, only about .08% of the population has even heard about OPPT. So even a lot of "light workers" are still "in the dark." (pun not intended)

What the trustees of the OPPT have done is unique in two ways. First, they extensively researched the fraudulent systems used by the controllers, then used the controller's own legal system, the UCC, to write documents that were legal, unrebuttable, and effective. Second, they understood the significance of the spiritual aspect, and wrote the documents from that higher perspective of universal truth. They called it "taking it back to prime". The end result of their labors was to foreclose all of the corrupt corporate governments, central world banks, and associated "big" banks," which opened the door for us, We the People, to manifest the New Paradigm world we wish to live in.

The tools that the OPPT provided - the documents, Courtesy Notices, and CVACS are tools for our use. The work of the trustees themselves is done. They are not, and never were, interested in setting up a hierarchical control system. That would be giant step backward. The tools will be useful for a while, but soon, we won't need them. They will have done their job. The task for each of us now, is to continue to learn about the OPPT, what it really means to each of us as free Earth humans, to help spread the word to others, and to begin to use our free will in whatever way we choose to help create the New Paradigm future. It has been stated earlier in this writing that less than 1/10 of 1% of the population even knows about the OPPT, and even fewer really understand it. Changes will happen slowly until a critical mass is reached, at which time the changes will come about faster than we can imagine. This writing has been an effort to help you understand more about the OPPT, but is not intended to be a complete "course," more of an overview. You are encouraged to follow up on at least some of the reference material provided, start following at least one of the blogs listed below, and when you become convinced of the value of the OPPT, help spread the word. It is us who will change the world for the better. World governments have already proven that they will not.

References for more information:
The following are 3 blog sites that follow the OPPT closely. They each have a slightly different "flavor," but all will post important "stuff" about the OPPT when it becomes available. http://removingtheshackles.net/ http://americankabuki.blogspot.com.au/ http://kauilapele.wordpress.com/ and, of course the main OPPT-IN site as mentioned earlier : http://oppt-in.com/

Author's note: I intend to use this page for updates every few weeks, although I make no guarantees. Things are happening so rapidly that new information is coming out weekly, but often it take more than that to confirm the accuracy of the information. This is not a blog site, so there are no provisions for comments at this time. I will, however, answer e-mails when possible at: Tom@UnderstandingtheOPPT.info There is also a good forum run by "Removing The Shackles" at: http://removingtheshackles.net/forum/index.php

April 1, 2013

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