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Michael Bolerjack The Petrology Chapter 12 Signs following, Hounds of heaven or wolves of hell, In the thirty years war

there has been pursuit, So that, A venerable priest said that if He did it, it would be clear and unmistakable, And months later he passed me on the street, carrying his mail, and I heard over my shoulder, Unless this is a sign, and a laugh thrown back, And I do not think it was the priest himself who said this, but another, In the network of signs,

And Jesus knows everyone, what He does not cause, He permits, And yes, The law of genre and text and the law of law itself is based on the wisdom and the sign following, So, We await the change, the effective revelation that will fulfill the law by a power of God, To stand it on its head, To turn it inside out, I know not how to say or see it now, but someday we will be free from the signifiers we are caught up in, And the text will be no more, For He will have written on our hearts The love indelible