Wonderful. Faithful. Merciful. Painful. Helpful. Powerful. Graceful. Background. Brainstorm. Understand. Skull Guile. Bull. Dull.

Pull. Lull. Four, Fore For. Before. At the cross/ There are men/ hanging on/ Trees to Die/ Mocking him/ Taunting the/ Christ who was/ Sent to the/ Earth to die/saving us Disciples fell /Crying on / the feet/

It is Done/ All my sins/ are repaid/ by the blood/ of the lamb/ who was killed. He arose/ on the day/to above/

the mighty one. David is standing tall. . As these vile beasts descend upon my flesh. The troops are hushed quiet by David’s actions David looks upward as their focus is him. I sing upon the harp a song of praise. Regrets When Absalom betrayed his trust. I walk in calm because the Lord is here. A psalm for might and grace in war and peace. He lifts his voice to sing a psalm and says: I give all thanks to God because he lives. He sits upon the Throne as Judge and King.Flees as his/ Loved one u/surps His / King has to/ He rushes from a house he built by self-effort Activities buzzing around the home he made. The God of Hosts will shield me from all hate. He picks up harps and begins to play. The men around the camp are struck silent. The Lord my God has kept me safe and sound.

He runs uphill to guard the flock and sheep. Yahweh’s awesome power is seen. He says to Goliath. It hits the beast inside the head. I have nothing to fear as God is there. His sword has fought giants and slain them dead. With spear and shield in force to fight the Lord.Comforts me Through the storm and trials. a kill. they fail always Because I serve a God who does not fail. Who shall redeem you from my mighty sword? . He picks up stones and aims toward the cats. He sees the lions already crouched to kill. Triumph over the force of wickedness The six-fingered replied you shall be thrown To beasts who feast on youths absurd to fight. Although the vile may test. I come to fight for God. His sling and shield battled in mighty quests . He sits as great applause is sent to him. The stone Inflicts A deadly wound on him. He then uplifts his staff to prove this point. You bring up strife. he will protect. David is singing awestruck jubilee He stands upon the grassy knoll to fight.

My fight ensures Israel’s demise is here. Goliath’s face has fallen down subdued . The hand of God directs the stone to hit.My spear has killed valiant soldiers in wars.

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