AIIMS November 2006 Biochemistry

1. Defect in alpha 5 of typeIV collagen seen in ? A. Alport's syndrome B. Thin membrane disease Ans. Alport's syndrome Explanation: Alport's syndrome has defect in alpha 5 where as Thin membrane has defect in alpha 4. 2. Where does glucocorticoids bind in the DNA receptor site ? A. Zinc finger motiff B. Leucine zipper motiff C. Helix turn helix motiff Ans. Zinc finger motiff 3. The function of cellular cytochrome C is ? A. Apoptosis B. Cell Necrosis C. Electron transport Ans. ?Apoptosis 4. Amyloid beta pleated sheets ? A. Scanning electron microscopy B. X-ray crystallography C. Apple green florescence in congo red staining D. Polarizing electron microscope Ans. X-ray crystallography 5. Genetic code is ? A. Degenerate Ans. Degenerate 6. Which of the following agent is used to send a blood sample for estimation of blood glucose level ? A. E. D. T. A B. Potassium – oxalate C. K – oxalate + NaF

D. K – oxalate + NaI Ans. K - oxalate + NaF 7. There is distance of 40nm between 2 fibrils of collagen linked by 1 of the following and it acts as a site of calcium deposition, it is ? A. Fe B. Protein C. Carbohydrate D. Zn

intensity of light Ans—B


36. Peroxidase is used to detect: a. Glucose b. Ammonia c. Hemoglobin d. Creatinine Ans—C 37. For biochemical analysis vitrous in sent in: a. Hydrochloric acid b. Phenol / xylol c. Formalin d. Fluoride Ans—D 38. Blood spills on the floor are cleaned by: a. Sodium hypochlorite b. Iodine c. Absolute alcohol d. Quarternary ammonium compounds Ans—A 39. PCR requires: a. Li++ b. Ca++ c. Na++ d. Mg++ Ans--D 40. In Lysosomal Storage Disorders, true is: a. The lysosomes are deficient in the enzyme hydrolase b. There is a defect in the fusion od lysosomes and phagosomes c. There is a defect in the lysosomal membrane d. .. Ans—A 41. Vitamin K is required for: a. Carboxylation

b. Hydroxylation c. .. d. .. Ans—A 42. Proteins which are different in peptide sequence but have a similar structure in the process of evolution are said to be: a. Convergent b. Divergent c. Opportunistic d. Incidental Ans—A 43. Hemoglobin estimation is not done by: a. Drabkin’s method b. Sahli’s method c. Spectrometry d. Wintrobe’s method Ans—D 44. Nephelometry is: a. Lambert-Beer law b. Scattering of light by particulate solution c. Defraction of light d. Decreased