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1BACKHAND THROW (RIGHT HANDED) PHASE Preliminary Movement DESCRIPTION Stand in “set” position KEY ELEMENTS -the toes

, knees, and chest pointed sideways. Only the eyes, right shoulder, and right hip are pointed at the receiver -disc held at about waist level, in front and to the right of your hip - cock the wrist - bring the disc back to the vicinity of the left hip - pull the disc across body until arm is extended to the right. (Keep hand at same height as it moves across body). - as extension occurs, snap the wrist. (When arm is fully extended wrist should be released). - arm should be pointed in the direction of receiver. - as arm is moved across body, weight is shifted onto right foot - knees bent, head up, on balls of feet, ready to move

Wind Up

Bring disc to throwing position Throwing movement

Force Generation


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