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Operating Procedure

Operating Procedure

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Office of Communications and Media


.............................................. 03.......... 03 PROMO ITEMS ........ 05.................................................... 05 MEDIA COVERAGE ............................. 04......................................................................... 06............... 06 PRINTING ....................................... ADVERTISING .................................................... 11 2 ........................................................................................ 09 MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS .......................................................CONTENTS 01.... 02................................. 07 PUBLISHING ......................

frequency of ads by Head OCM in consultation with the In-charge. scheduling of ads. Advertisement and Media. i. Visuals make ads more impactful. Desire and Action.I: ADVERTISING Many steps are involved from the stage of receiving a request from a school/ department to the development of the ad to its final release to a publication. 02: Conceptualization of advertisement by Creative Head i..e. The first step in the development of an ad is conceptualization.” The Graphic Designer gets briefing from the Creative Head regarding the concept of the advertisement. Responsibility: Copywriter. It is said: “A picture is worth a thousand words. Attention. This includes the main caption which has to be catchy and supported by a few lines making-up the body copy of the ad. the use of visuals are employed. Most of the advertisements are about programs being offered by the schools. The final design is selected by the Creative Head. selection of publications. proper selection of visuals (photographic images or linework) and arranging these (layout) in a manner so as to make the ad appealing and eyecatching.e. Design and layout of advertisement by Graphic Designer. Required document: None. Proof reading Proofreading is done to eliminate all language errors by copywriter and double checked by the Assistant Editor/ Content Writer and formatting errors are checked by the In charge Advertisement and Printing. theme. Creative copy is provided by the copywriter in support of the concept/ central theme or idea developed for the advertisement. or announcement ads for events etc. To support the caption/ copy. What is the ad about? It’s theme or central idea. Sometimes visuals along communicate more effectively than words can. The work involves effective use of graphic tools to create effects. c. 3 . Responsibility: Creative Head. How should the ad be presented to the target audience? This involves the use of appropriate visuals / graphics in support of the concept of the advertisement. Responsibility: Visualizer/ Graphic Designer. Responsibility: Copywriter/ Asst. concept. Copy/text of the advertisement by the copywriter. Interest. and/or ads for hiring of employees by HR Dept. Editor and/ or Content Writer 03: Media Plan i. At times. While developing the copy. a. idea etc. the principles of AIDA are kept in mind. A good copy should incorporate these key elements to make it effective. Adobe Photoshop etc. Designer creates the design and layout of the ad using graphic software (Corel.e. b.). 01: Request is received from School/Department for preparation and release of advertisement in print media. Required document: E-mail or written request. he has to develop several designs to come up with the right one.

The decision to give ads to newspapers is taken on the basis of a careful analysis of their circulation. A copy of the bill is kept at OCM for its own records. A schedule is prepared that covers the number and frequency of ads given to the print media. Invariably. by In-charge Advertisements and Printing for settlement of payment. color of ad (black and white or 4-color). Submission of bills Ad agency submits advertisement bill to In-charge Advertisements and Printing along with samples of printed material. the artwork is returned to the Head OCM for incorporating the same in the artwork. Required document: Artwork of advertisement. This process can continue for more than one time. Approving authority: Head of school/ department. copy of RO. Verification / Approval of bill. sometimes up to several times. It is pertinent to mention here that only the head of a school/ department is considered to be the final authority for the final approval of an ad. Bill is checked by In-charge Advertisement and Printing and submitted for approval to the Head OCM. Required document: Media Plan. size of ad. Submission of bill to Accounts Department. 4 .All advertisements are released to newspapers/ magazines according to a Media Plan. Required document: Ad agency bill. The Media Plan is discussed with Head of Admissions as well as the concerned school/ department head before finalization. Following procedure is followed for the processing of advertisement bills in OCM: a. sample of printed material. target audience and feedback from students. Approving authority: HoD OCM b. CD to ad agency After approval of ad by concerned school/ department head. Responsibility: HoD OCM (in consultation with HoD OAD and head school/ department. 05. The RO is issued to the ad agency to confirm the placement of the ad(s) in a given publication(s). After approval the bill along with supporting documents is forwarded to the Accounts Dept. before finally being approved by the concerned school/ department. In case of any further changes required by the school/ department. c. Required document: Release Order (RO). a Release Order (RO) is prepared that details the following: date on which to appear. Approving authority: HoD OCM 06: Advertisements billing process. 04: Advertisement artwork for approval by concerned school/department. supported by copy of RO. and page requested. Release of ad to newspaper/ magazine. A CD containing the final design/ artwork is delivered to the ad agency along with the RO. the Media Plan is subject to frequent changes and ads have to be rescheduled accordingly. The final advertisement and the artwork are sent to the concerned school/department for approval and a signed copy is obtained before releasing the ad to the publication. name of publication.

Required document: Invoice (Original). are also suggested to the vendor. Supplier delivers merchandise to OCM along with invoice. a. However. Purchase Order to vendor Approved items are ordered from the vendor through a Purchase Order (PO) duly signed by the Head OCM. these can be ordered and delivered within a shorter period of time. There are many types of promotional items (souvenirs/ gift items) to select from. Sampling process can take up to many weeks because usually it involves customization. Delivery/ checking of merchandise supplied by vendor. However. Required document: Delivery Note from supplier/ vendor. 05. Any modifications that mat be required. 02: Getting samples made. PROMOTIONAL ITEMS Sourcing of vendors Promotional items are supplied by vendors who are approached after careful market research. However. 5 . This is done to quicken the process of ordering and delivery of the merchandise. it is realized that that even verbal ordering should be backed-up by proper PO. 04. The invoice is approved by the Head OCM before submission to Accounts for payment. where ready made samples are available. Required document: Suppliers/ vendors quotation. Rates are also negotiated with the vendor and are always based on quantity of the order. Responsibility: HoD OCM or any person assigned by him. 03. Required document: None. the practice is also to place order verbally or through e-mail. The vendor is asked to provide samples of the promotional items for final approval. A selection is made according to our needs and requirements.II: 01. Responsibility: HoD OCM or any person assigned by him. Approving authority: HoD OCM. This will be implemented from now on. Approving authority: HoD OCM. Required document: Purchase Order (PO). b. Approval of invoice for submission to Accounts. Responsibility: HoD OCM. and this is based on mutual trust and confidence between vendor and OCM. Merchandise is checked for verification of quantity and quality to ensure that each piece is according to the specified requirements. Only those vendors are selected who are reliable and have good craftsmanship so that the end-quality of their products is of high finish.

national conference or seminar. OCM provides photographic services and sends the pictures with appropriate captions. 06. When required. Responsibility: Media Coordinator. The press/ news releases are faxed to the media. MEDIA COVERAGE Request from school/department for media coverage. As an alternative. Required document: E-mail/ written request from school/ dept requesting media coverage. Responsibility: Assistant Editor or Content Writer/ Media Coordinator. 04.III: 01. but there are instances when OCM is informed only a day before or a few hours before the event which results in great difficulties for the Media Coordinator as well for the media reps to arrange the coverage in so short a time. time and venue of the particular event. Required document: News clippings. Usually. Responsibility: Media Coordinator. Newspapers are checked daily to check for coverage of the university events/news. such as a convocation. On receipt of an e-mail requesting media coverage of an event and detailing the date. to inform them about the upcoming event and request them for media coverage. Required document: Press/ News Release. the media reps ask for 48 hours advance intimation. Photographic coverage is provided by the official university photographer and also by the media photographers if they are present. Invitation to media for coverage. 6 . Photography. hard copies of the press release and accompanying pictures are personally delivered by the Media Coordinator to the newspaper representatives. 03. 02. 05. Distribute press release/pictures to media. or news release to the media. Responsibility: Official photographer. special invitations are sent out to both print and electronic media representatives. In-house coverage is also provided in the university’s newsletter. Prepare press release. Required document: None. Responsibility: HoD OCM/ Media Coordinator. In case pictures are involved. personal calls are made to ensure coverage at very short notice. Required document: None. Clipping of news item for record. Sometimes. the Head OCM instructs the Media Coordinator to contact media reps in various newspapers etc. Both the Urdu and English press/ news releases are prepared. In the case of an important event. Newspaper clippings are kept in a separate file for OCM record. Responsibility: Media Coordinator. Required document: Press/ News Release. which is fair. photocopies of the clippings are also sent to the concerned people.

theme.e. 04. size. Required document: Dummy of print matter. a. b. 03. quantity etc. Approving authority: HoD OCM. Required document: Text for printed matter from school/ dept. PRINTING Request from School/Department for preparation. Required document: Final dummy of print matter. concept. The final proofreading is done by Assistant Editor /In-charge Printing and Advertisement Spelling and formatting mistakes are corrected and all changes are checked again. Any changes recommended by the school/department are incorporated in the document and approval is taken again. b. All Program Brochures follow a pre-determined pattern. Conceptualization of design by creative head i. New design ideas are conceptualized when required. a. 7 . Approving authority: Concerned school/ dept. Required document: None. 05. Send design for final approval to concerned school/department. Editor for editing purposes. 02. Approval of the design for print matter is accorded by HoD OCM. Most of these requests relate to printed stationery or admission material. Required document: Dummy of print matter. Printing requests are made by the concerned school/department to the Head OCM. Responsibility: HoD OCM (who also fills the role of creative head). The school/department provides soft copies of the text of the program brochure to In-charge Printing & Advertisements who checks it before forwarding to Asst. Responsibility: Assistant Editor.IV: 01. and from there it is goes to the Graphic Designer for incorporating the final text in to the design of the brochure. 06. HoD OCM approves the dummy or suggests changes in the design. These changes are incorporated in the design. a. Receipt text from school/department and preparation of layout/ design. idea. Responsibility: In-charge Printing & Advertisements/ Astt. Final proofreading. The approved design is sent to the concerned school/department for their final approval before it is sent for printing. Required document: E-mail or written request from school/ dept. and In-charge Printing and Advertisement. number of pages. Approval of design of material for printing (final dummy). Editor/ Content Writer . Approving authority: HoD OCM. color scheme. b. designing and printing.

Required document: Bill/ Invoice with all supporting documents mentioned in 11 above. c. Responsibility: In-charge Printing and Advertisement. Approval of printing bill. Upon delivery of the printed matter to Store Dept. a. delivery period. Responsibility: Graphic Designer. Delivery of printed matter and verification of quantity/ quality. 08. 12. Required document: Delivery Note from printer. Handing over of final design for printing. Print Order on prescribed form is prepared accordingly. b. Obtain GRN from Store Dept. Approving authority: HoD OCM. Required document: GRN. Required document: Print Order. After verifying that the final dummy is error free. Approval of the bill is accorded by HoD OCM. a.07. Negotiation of rates/ terms and conditions with the printer. accounts bill submission form. All printing jobs must be commissioned through the prescribed Print Order and have the approval of HoD OCM. 11. Approving authority: HoD OCM. Responsibility: HoD OCM/ In-charge Printing and Advertisement. printed samples. Preparation of Print Order (PO). 8 . accounts bill submission form with the printing bill. Required document: None. Approval of Print Order. b. Billing process for printed material. Attach printed sample. 10. CD of final dummy is handed over for printing along with the Print Order. verification exercise is carried out for ensuring that the delivered material is in conformity with the requirements laid out in the Print Order. Rates. invoice (original). Receive bills from printer. the final dummy is saved on CD for handing over to the printer for printing. printing specifications are negotiated and finalized with the printer before handing over printing job. and checking and verify bills. 09. Responsibility: In-charge Printing and Advertisement. or directly to OCM. Required document: Print Order.

For other publications such as program brochures or university introduction brochures.V: 01. Responsibility: Assistant Editor/ Graphic Designer. Design layout The designer makes a layout that is appropriate to the type of the publication. b. PUBLISHING Collection of material. rewritten (when required) and proofread by Assistant Editor. and Content Writer. the layout of the University newsletter also follows a set pattern. the text and accompanying graphics are finalized by HoD OCM/Assistant Editor. d) Content for program brochures is provided by the concerned academic departments. Information is checked for accuracy.. b. newsletter etc. i. brochure. Preparation of a document for printing. Responsibility: Assistant Editor. Sub-editing.e. Text / picture placement. events etc. c) Articles and fillers for use in the newsletter are reproduced from the Internet or other publications with due acknowledgement of source. For UMT News. Responsibility: Editor/ Assistant Editor. These mails have information regarding official appointments. These include: a) Reports sent by concerned school/department regarding events held at UMT. 9 . the designer comes up with his own ideas about graphics or (s)he is briefed about using some particular ones. Responsibility: Editor. the layout of a program brochure will be different from an introduction brochure of the University. a. All selected content is edited. Final editing. All content is analyzed for relevance. 02. c. For other publications. this requires selection of news and accompanying pictures and determining their placement on the pages by Assistant Editor. 03. For example. All text goes through a process of final editing by the Editor before being passed on to the designer for making layout and formatting. Similarly. Content for university publications come from various sources. Required document: None. d. b) Staff moderator e-mails that are circulated to all UMT staff. content is also developed at OCM. grammatical errors etc. Responsibility: Assistant Editor. The designer has to be guided in the placement of text and pictures by Editor/ Assistant Editor. Responsibility: Graphic Designer. Required document: None. Where required. a. Selection of editorial content and pictures. In the case of UMT News. (s)he has to be briefed where particular news items and pictures are to be placed on each page. acceptance of research papers.

Verification / Approval of bill. then they are incorporated and approval is obtained. Submission of bill. The CD is finally handed over to the printer. Responsibility: Assistant Editor/ Incharge Advertisements and Printing 04. Delivery date of printed material. Rates are negotiated with the printer. a signature of approval is obtained on the copy that has been sent to the concerned department for approval. Responsibility: Incharge Advertisements and Printing. If changes are recommended. Final approval of dummy of document. b. The designer prepares the final dummy of the document. Printed material is then sent to the Store Department. Required document: Printer’s/ Vendor’s bill with GRN and sample of print matter. 05. Submission of bill to accounts After approval. Delivery of printed material to Store. Proof reading. 10 . Bill is checked by Incharge Advertisements and Printing and verified/ approved by Head OCM. It is checked for quality and quantity and timely delivery by Incharge Advertisement and Printing. quantity and quality are also specified. 09. All printed material sent to the Store is properly received there and a Goods Receipt Note (GRN) Number is issued on the bill. the document is copied on a CD by the Graphic Designer.e. If no changes are required. the bill is submitted to the Accounts Department for settlement of payment and a copy is kept at OCM for its own records. Approving authority: Concerned school/ department head. 07. 08. a. After final approval. All printed material accompanied by the bill is delivered to OCM by the printer. Responsibility: Store department. The document is finally proofread to eliminate all language or formatting errors by Assistant Editor/Incharge Advertisements and Printing. 06. Required document: Delivery Note (DN)/ Goods Receipt Note (GRN). Responsibility: Incharge Advertisements and Printing. Required document: Printer’s/ Vendor’s bill. Approving authority: HoD OCM. Handing over of material for printing. The bill with the appropriate GRN number is sent to OCM by Store. Responsibility: Incharge Advertisements and Printing. It is initially checked by the Head OCM and then sent to the concerned school/department for their final approval.

and observe their display with a view to analyzing how UMT can bring about improvements in its display at such exhibitions in the future. • • Routine dealing with vendors for sampling/ supply of promo items. Responsibility: Marketing Communications Officer. 03. Promo items. to assist UMT reps at the exhibition venue. refreshments. • Make arrangements for provision of promotional material. Visit to educational institutions to introduce UMT with the aim of increasing student intake. standees. a. Responsibility: Marketing Communications Officer. • In-house presentations require other arrangements i. collect their printed brochures etc. Presentation to students of other educational institutions: To give presentations to introduce UMT to students and staff of a particular school/college. Comments may also be added to the CR by the said person. To interact with media for gaining exposure for UMT. talk by some of our faculty members. Visit educational exhibitions with UMT promotional material. b. Responsibility: Office Assistant. in case required to do so. laboratories. Responsibility: Marketing Communications Officer. banners. • • • Obtain updated comment details. 02.e. Exhibitions. Also. Contact Report: • Contact Report (CR) is signed by the Principal/Coordinator or any other relevant official of the educational institution visited as confirmation of the visit. • Deal with organizers regarding participation in exhibitions. Stock-keeping of promo material (souvenirs and give-away items) on Stock Register. Responsibility: Marketing Communications Officer. or their visit to our campus. proper reception of the visiting group. facilities etc. brochures etc to the UMT representatives at the exhibition venue.).VI: 01. Outreach visit planner: To plan visits for introductory session of university (UMT). MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS Outreach. Make calls to obtain appointments. Follow-up letters are sent to the respective school head thanking him/her for their cooperation during our visit to their campus. • • • 11 . and souvenirs to the visitors and/ or the accompanying faculty members. tour of the UMT campus (library. Responsibility: Marketing Communications Officer. To meet exhibitors from other educational institutes. Required document: Contact Report (CR). c.

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