*************** All should be matched to the product in question *************** (1) Product title is not present in product table.

We will use description as th e title Yes Description is fine (2) How to get Unit Of measure from DXSH Join Orderline with Product on productId. From Orderline get the UnitId. Match i t with Unit table (3) Will use "Product.Weight" for "AverageWeight" Yes. Use product.Weight (4) DepositAmount - Where can I get this from in DXSH? Hardcode this as this is not available in DXSH (5) Commercial Hierarchy - What is the equivalent for this in DXSH? Hardcode this as this is not available in DXSH (6) How to map pickingzone table to product to identify which product belongs to which zone? ProductSubGroup table has the pick zone. (7) How to find out if that product is in "IsInBakeryItemGroup", "IsInSecureItem Group"? select * from Parameters where Name like '%secure%'-secure select * from Parameters where Name like '%core%'-bakery. There is some extra work involed here because the "Entry" column from parameters table gives comma separated values (8) RequiresCodeLifeCheck select * from Parameters where Name like 'UseDateCodeWarning'. If this is 1 the n true else false DesirableCodeLifeInDays, MinimumCodeLifeInDays, AvailableToPickFromTime, PackInB ags, CanPickByPLU, DimensionUnits, WeightUnits All the above are not available in DB (9) BarCode Format, Value - Where to get this? Use ProductBarCode table for value. But format needs to be found out if the productselltype is 2 - Weighed Else it is EAN (10) ProductLocation is blank for some products. What is the location them (Any defults)? Products whose location is blank will not be ranged in the web site and thus we cannot expect orders for them (11) Aisle, SideOfAisle, Module, Shelf, PositionOnShelf - Where to get these det ails? Derive these from ProductLocation. Below is the example and how to get it from t he location 09R06F08 Aisle number Right or left Mod shelf position (12) Delivery Schedule: Drop Number - This is the ShortOrderNumber in Orders table

vanTripName. Join them with Order s table . vanTripID. VanDepartureTime. VanDepartureOffset All the above are available in Vehicle. VehicleTrip tables.

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