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Aziz Nesin:

Aziz Nesin whose real name is Mehmet Nusret Nesin was born in Istanbul in 1915.He was of Cremean Tatar Origin.He was a Turkish writer and humorist. He wrote more than 100 books. He went Kanuni Sultan Sleyman Primary School in 1924 and He went military highschool and he graduated as a second lieutenant.He joined army and He has fought Second World War for two years. He had injured bomb accident.When he was first lieutenant,He was removed because people said that he was abused his duties and powers. After he was removed, He operated the grocery store.Establish the party and Hit the party which had 16 pages was written by Aziz Nesin in 1946.The same year,Marko Pasha which was humor newspaper was written by Aziz Nesin and Sabahattin Ali. This newspaper was closed because They criticized politicians.He criticazed American Help so He wrote Where are we going?. He was sentenced in 1947.He wrote his second book which name was Azizname and he was sentenced again. He has lived in prison for 4 months. He hired bookstore in Levent in 1952. He sold his newspaper but he didnt earn enough Money so He opened Paradi Camera Store and He wrote his story in Akbaba which was popular magazine.He was sentenced again bucause of his opinion.He wrote a lot pf anocdote in newspapers. In 1956 He joined Intenatioal Competition which is between 22 countries.Competition about stories and Aziz Nesin golden palm prize because of his story which name was Boiler CeremonyHe donated to the government his prize.In 1957 He won this prize again with his story which name was Elephant Hamdi.

When he was 50 years old,He bought pasaport and he went Germany. While he was in Bulgaria hee won golden hedgehod. He won a lot of prize.He won first prize crocodil in Moscow,Lotus prize in Manila,Hitar Petar prize in Bulgaria,He won Madaral novel prize...

Nesin Foundation is famous in Turkey.It was established by Aziz Nesin in 1976 and Aziz nesin gave Money which He earned his book.Nesin Foundation cares underprivileged and poor children.They study there. In 1984 He was selected by the people Author of Year. He went Sivas in 1990 because he wanted to join Pir Sultan Abdal ceremony but in Madmak Hotel,masacre was started and 35 People died.Aziz Nesin escaped there and He succeed survival.He died teh same year because of hearth attack.He wanted to say Anypeople didnt learn where did he bury.Now he is famous writer and he wrote a lot of childrens story.These story was translated 22 different languages.These are famous Aziz Nesins Story:

-Dog Tails -Memories of An Exile -Hayri the Barbar Surname -Out of the Way! Socializm is coming!

-The Dance of the Eagle and Fish -Socializm Is Coming: Stand Aside -The Tales of Narettin Hoca -Laugh or Lament

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