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5 MINUTE chocolate cake When the existence of a recipe for 5 minute chocolate cake first reached my ears, I was

skeptical. In the days leading up to actually making the cake myself, the doubts remained. 5 minutes? In a mug? Using a microwave? Reviews and testimonials were plentiful, but still, it was something that needed to be done myself to believe it.

*recipe slightly altered from the original, available from


4 tablespoons plain flour

3 tablespoons white sugar

2 tablespoons baking cocoa

4 tablespoons milk

1.5 tablespoons rice bran oil

1 egg

1/4 teaspoon vanilla essence

Chocolate chips (optional)

Large-sized coffee mug or small bowl

Berries and creme fruche to serve.

Combine all the dry ingredients and mix with a spoon.

Add the egg and mix, followed by all the other remaining ingredients except the chocolate chips.

The addition of chocolate chips is optional. Once the cake mix is thoroughly combined, add in the chocolate chips if desired.

Then into the microwave it goes, cooked for 3 minutes. Again, just to reiterate, microwave. Not oven. Microwave.

Note: the recipe says 3 minutes for a 1000W microwave.


- The cake rises significantly over the rim whilst in the microwave but deflates almost immediately after the microwave stops.

- 3 minutes was too long. 2 - 2.5 minutes probably would have yielded a final product that was less dry.

- Mug was slightly hot to touch. Oven mits were used

Not the most visually attractive cake Fortunately, the cake comes out pretty clean and can easily be flipped out onto a plate.

Served with strawberry creme fruche and mixed berries.

Verdict: some tweaking will need to be done but it wasnt too bad considering the mode of preparation and cooking. Slightly dry (microwaved for too long) and a bit too chewy (need more of the moist ingredients). The serving of creme fruche helped.

And there you have it: microwave + mug + 5 minutes = chocolate cake. Its the next best thing to being able to conjure up a cake out of thin air