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Time Management

Activity- Reflection Are you spending too much time on personal tasks rather than study tasks?

Are there times when you are very busy and times when you were not?

Do tasks frequently take longer than you expect them to?

Are you doing tasks that are not necessary?

Which parts of the day do you find most and least productive?

Activity Time Stealers

Time Management
What causes poor time management? To overcome the causes of poor time management it is a useful exercise to identify the time stealers (also known as time wasters) that can affect your workflow. Complete the table to identify the most common time stealers and suggests ways in which they can be tackled so as to improve time management.

Time stealer

Suggestions for improvement

Time Management
Activity Prioritising Tasks Place the following steps for preparing a Priorities List in the order they would be carried out. Use the boxes to number the steps 1 - 7: indicate which tasks require to be carried forward break each task down into smaller tasks estimate the time taken to complete each task tick each task once it has been completed list all the tasks number the tasks in order note any changes/problems

Activity Changing Priorities List 3 circumstances which may force you to make changes to your Priorities List.

Time Management
Activity - Organising Work Complete the table below by suggesting a solution for each of the following problems PROBLEM An untidy desk SUGGESTED SOLUTION

Missing an important meeting

Urgent jobs being left until the last minute

Senior staff spending too much time completing routine tasks

A report which was due in today is still unfinished