How many solid spherical balls each of radius 1 cm can be made out of solid metallic cube of edge 22 cm? (a) 22 (b) 120 (c) 121 (d) 2541 (e)None of these Ans (d) 2. There are 26 students in a class and one of them who is 14 years old leaves the class and his place is filled up by a newcomer, if the average age is thereby lowered by one month, what is the age of the newcomer? (a) 11 years 11 months (b) 12 years (c) 13 years 11 months (d) 16 years (e)None of these Ans (a) 3. The average divided paid during 7 years by a company is 17.5%. The dividend paid for the first 6 years were, respectively, 12.5, 15, 18, 12.5 and 18 percent. What is the dividend for the 7th year? (a) 17.5% (b) 18.5% (c) 26.5% (d) 25% (e)None of these Ans (c) 4. The average price of 12 different books is Rs 16 while the average price of 10 of these books is Rs 16.10. Of the remaining two books if the price of one is 50% more than the price of the other. What is the price of these two books? (a) Rs 13, Rs 19.50 (b) Rs 24, Rs 36.15 (c) Rs 12.40, Rs 18.60 (d) Rs 16.40, Rs 24.60 (e)None of these

What is his average after the 11th innings? (a) 40 (b) 50 (c) 45 (d) 95 (e)None of these Ans (c) .40C (c) 72. The mean temperature from 4th to 11th February. What is the total number of workers? (a) 37 (b) 64 (c) 59 (d) 63 (e)None of these Ans (b) 6. both days inclusive. the third side at 320 km per hour and the fourth side at 400 km per hour. was 34.80C. A batsman finds that by scoring a century in the 11th innings of his test games he has bettered his average of the previous ten innings by 5.70C (b) 43. What is the average speed (approximate) of the plane in its flight around the square? (a) 327 km/h (b) 237 km/h (c) 213 km/h (d) 192 km/h (e)None of these Ans (b) 8.10C (d) 73. the second side at 200 km per hour.60C and from 5th to 12th it was 39. An aeroplane flies once round a square whose side is 100 km long.20C (e)None of these Ans (c) 7. taking the first side at 160 km per hour. The average salary per head of 40 officers is Rs 2950. what was it on the 12th? (a) 37. The average salary per head of all the employees in an institution is Rs 1600.50C. the average salary per head of the rest is Rs 600.Ans (d) 5. the mean temperature on the 4th was 30.

n6. correct to three places of decimal. 8 (b) 5. then the value of log (3. When 0.4 and 2 (d) 4.02 (b) 0.48 is written correct to one place to decimal? (a) 0. significant figures are (a) 4 and 3 (b) 0.021 (c) 4.0043 correct to the nearest ten thousandth. when rounded to the nearest tenth is (a) 1. 7 (c) 7.04% (b) −0. What is the percentage error. The average of six numbers n1. If the value of π is taken as 22/7 instead of 3. is while the average of n2. n2.5. n3 and n4. 9 (d) 11.25).6 (d) 0. 13 (e)None of these Ans (c) 10.4 and 3 (c) 0.167 (e)None of these Ans (d) 12. n3.6 (c) 0.5 (e)None of these Ans (d) 11. is 6.5 (b) 1. If 101525 = 33. n4.166 (d) 4. n6 is greater than n1 by 2 and n5 is 8.04% (c) 0. what percentage error is made? (a) 0.004284 is approximated to 0. if 0.1416.9. n5.4% (d) −0.4% . What are the values of n1 and n6? (a) 6.167 (e)None of these Ans (a) 13.

7592 (c) 6.(e)None of these Ans (b) 14.7593 (e)None of these Ans (a) 15. to Jayesh. Piyush gave one-fourth of his money to Suyash. How many plants will be left out of the groups? (a) 5 (b) 4 (c) 3 (d) 2 (e)None of these Ans (a) 17.00 am (e)None of these Ans (b) 18. If Satish walks at the speed of 4 km/hour at what time shall he start from his home? (a) 7 am (b) 7.75924 when rounded to the nearest thousandth becomes (a) 6. In six equal groups. 1265 plants are to be arranged. The station is 10 km away from his house. Suyash in turn gave one—third of what he received. Sanjay wants to reach the Railway station at 10. 90099 when rounded to the nearest thousand becomes (a) 0099 (b) 9099 (c) 90000 (d) 90100 (e)None of these Ans (c) 16.760 (b) 6. 6.00 am.45 am (d) 8.759 (d) 6. If the difference between the amount of Suyash and Jayesh is Rs 100. how much money did Sanjay have? (a) Rs 450 .30 am (c) 7.

what is the product these two numbers? (a) 396 (b) 432 (c) 400 (d) 384 (e) None of these . If the sum of these two numbers is 40. what is the ratio of their present ages? (a) 4:5 (b) 8:9 (c) 7:8 (d) 6:7 (e) None of these Ans (d) 21. what is 5/6th of that number? (a) 200 (b) 300 (c) 250 (d) 180 (e) None of these Ans (c) 22. If the total of their ages at present is 52 years. The ratio between the ages of P and Q four years ago was 5:6. In how many days will eight men and eight children together complete the same work? (a) 16 (b) 15 (c) 25 (d) 18 (e) None of these Ans (e) 20. Sixteen men can complete a work in fifteen days. Twenty four children can do the same work in twenty days.(b) Rs 600 (c) Rs 800 (d) Rs 900 (e)None of these Ans (d) 19. If 40 percent of a number is 120. The ratio between two numbers is 11:9.

If the perimeter of the garden is 160 meters.456 (d) Rs 1. Monty bought an article with 30 percent concession on the labelled price.Ans (a) 23. he sold it for Rs 1. The average age of 25 boys in a class is 16 years. the average increases by one.meters (c) 900 sq meters (d) Data inadequate (e) None of these Ans (c) 24. The ratio between the length and and the breadth of a rectangular garden is 5:3.200 sq.meters (b) 1. At what price did he buy the article? (a) Rs 1. what will be the area of a 5 meter wide road around it's outside? (a) 600 sq.092 (e) None of these Ans (b) 25.274 (b) Rs 980 (c) Rs 1. What is the sum of the ages of these two teachers? (a) 68 years (b) 59 years (c) 49 years (d) 64 years (e) None of these Ans (b) .820 with 30 percent profit on the labelled price. If the age of two teachers are added.

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