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SUMMARY A patient who had a perfume canister removed from his rectum seeks for the suspension of the

medical staff that made fun of him during the medical procedure at a certain hospital in Cebu City.The medical staff would be under a preventive suspension pending investigation t bbvvnccccco look at the individual participation in the incident becaus ethe others may simply have been curious and did nothing. The Visayas Onbudsman approved the upgrading of the complaint against the medical staff finding reasonable ground to charge seven doctors, five nurses and two clinical instructors, with violation of Section 3 (e) of Republic Act 3019 (Anti-graft and Corrupt Practices Act). Any person found guilty of an offense defined by RA 3019 faces a prison term from one to 10 years. The rest of the medical staff would face the administrative case for misconduct except the 2 clinical instructors for they are not personnel of the hospital. The uploading of the rectal surgery video to a video sharing website was the main reason of filling the charge against the medical staff. The video showed the nurses and doctors were laughing and making fun of the patient as they remove the perfume canister from his rectum. REACTION ON ITS LEGAL IMPLICATIONS When we first read the title of this article we thought wow, these people must have done something seriously messed up to ALL get suspended. As we read in to it, we learned that the focus of this dilemma was about the nurses and doctors not giving consent to the client before filming the operation. Although, the operation it self is very funny. Somehow a gay male managed to lodge a perfume canister up his anus and get it stuck. To laugh at a clients situation, put it on film, and then post it online is just wrong on so many levels. First of all, nurses are supposed to be caring. This is main quality of nurses, to care for clients whether they only have a cut to losing a leg during a car accident. These situations should not hinder or alter a nurses cause to care. Second main problem about this scandal is that no consent or consideration was given to the patient. He got a can stuck up his but and everyone in the OR laughed about it, thats very depressing. But they put that film ONLINE for everyone to see, and laugh it. If were the client, we would have received a big emotional wound. If these people really cared about their practice, they would have probably thought more about what their supposed to be doing. We bet that one of the ignorant students were the one who was filming. The scary thing though, is that there were doctors involved, even clinical instructors who did nothing to stop the filmer.

As nursing students we believe that although the condition of the patient may be unorthodox, as professionals we are obligated to hold our composure at all times. Our goal is to treat our patients, not only physically, but emotionally and psychologically. We believe that the way the medical staff acted was not only unprofessional, but it clearly violated the patient's right to confidentiality, especially since the video was taken and uploaded without the patient's consent. In our opinion, the legal charges against the doctors, nurses, and clinical instructors were sufficient, however the person that actually uploaded the video to YouTube should be the one who is more seriously penalized. IF WE WERE THE NURSE IN THE SITUATION WHAT WOULD YOU DO? RECOMMENDATION TO PREVENT THE CASE We think that we could prevent these things from happening by giving due respect to our patient. First, if we really need to capture the procedure by recording it in a film, we should first ask permission from the doctor, the institution and of course from the patient. In case the patient disapproved the recording of the procedure, his/her decision must be highly considered by the medical staff. If a recorded file is at the hands of the medical staff, proper and safe keeping of the file must be ensured. In that way, no copy of the file would be reproduced and no other people would be able to view the said file. In case it would be used for educational purposes, patients privacy should still be considered by not showing the face and by not revealing the name of the patient. As a part of the health care team we should not laugh or make any misconduct while a procedure is going on whatever case it is.