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Team begins forming several smaller units on the beach front parallel to the entrance of the Bristol Tower in Miami, Florida. S.W.A.T. Team members are checking ammunition as FIRST SERGEANT MCELROY and Miami Commissioner of Police, COMMISSIONER BARBOSA, are discussing plans privately off to the left. Smoke billows out of the entrance of the Bristol Tower. COMMISSIONER BARBOSA Theyve cut the power but hes eradicated whatever forces we could muster. There must be over 50 hired guns running around all of the floors in there. His penthouse is on the top floor, but hes locked himself down with his own personal bodyguards. Hes funded some heavy ballistics, ripped us apart. FIRST SERGEANT MCELROY Weve handled situations like this before. If we cant walk in the front door, well send some fliers through his windows. His apartment walls are nothing but glass windows, correct? COMMISSIONER BARBOSA 40 stories of glass windows. Gotta love those rich bastards and their need for 180 degrees of beach front view. First Sergeant McElroy digs in his bottom lip and discards a fat wad of used chewing tobacco onto the sand. FIRST SERGEANT MCELROY Beautiful. Well snuff his men out with flash bangs and M4s. Tell your remaining men to trace around the backside of the building and hit the sprinklers. Hell know were coming, so I dont want this tower turned into a funeral pyre for the whole damn free world to see.