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Gods Watchman Warning to the Western World God has a major controversy with the way The United

States of America and the British Common Wealth have been leading the world in recent years; Jeremiah 25 v 31, Hosea 4 v1. God says that we are acting worse than the heathen; Ezekiel 5 v 7-8. Since we refuse to change our ways God is going to hand us over to the European Union, lead by Germany for correction; Isaiah 10 v 5 7. The only thing that will save America and the rest of the Western World from Gods judgment is a National repentance; Micah 7 v 7. God is opening the door for Germany to conquer America in 2006 by allowing Satan to strike the United Sates with a number of National Disasters. Look at to see the National Weather Forecast for the United States, its not good. Dont believe me, the evidence is mounting daily. The European Union has already made ready their means of taking us into captivity with the introduction of the AIRBUS A380 Super Jumbo jet equipped with standing restraints to transport their human Cargo. Germany has been operating in the American southwest and else ware in North America since the 1990s just for this purpose; Habakkuk 3 v 16 - 17. This is introducing what the Bible refers to as The Time of Jacobs Trouble. Gods 7th Era Church, the Philadelphia Church of God lead by Gerald R. Flurry, is suppose to be Warning all of you about this, but they have become lukewarm as God predicted in Revelation 3 v 14 21. That job has now been assigned to Gods Watchman; Ezekiel 3 v 17- 21. God will only protect my physical life if I warn all of you, so here it is; Ezekiel 12 v 2 28, Habakkuk 2 v 2. Kenyon Donald Williams P.O. Box 1611; Grants Pass, Oregon 97528 / 31 May 2006 Kenyon Donald Williams P.O. Box 1611; Grants Pass, Oregon 97528 / 31 May 2006