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Food To Be Served

Curry Rassam ( Indian style soup) Fish curry Chicken curry Sambar/ dhall Toufu sambal Dessert Vegetables Cabbage & carrot Snake gourd+lentil Salad ( cucumber, onion, red chili), raitta Mango/ginger chutney Miscellanious Fried Fried fish Chicken varuval Fried chilli Indian snacks/keropok Beverage Water (warm) Mooru Vadai (donut) Payasam (sagu) Kasseri with roasted almond Cauliflower Lady finger Papadom

Hey guys, we would like to clarify certain issues that have come to our attention regarding the price and set menu. *If you order the chicken set (RM 15), rest assured that you will get everything in this list except the fish. Same goes for the fish set, (RM 18), where you get everything here except the chicken.* Any enquiries please do not hesitate to call us; Mona (010 28114470) and Lee Hong (016 5558090). THANK YOU.