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Do you know which of your products are truly protable?

And if you did, how would it change your business?

We have the analytics to get you the answers fastmuch faster than Activity-Based Costing. At MillerCoors we recently determined the cost and pro tability of their 1700 products, across all nine breweries, in just SIX WEEKS, and down to the operating pro t level.
Our unique Square-Root Costing methodology is a fast and practical way to determine the actual cost and pro t of your products, services, customers, segments, channels, or facilities. We have applied it at numerous companies across many industries, and most recently at MillerCoors.The implications for companies are signicant.Our clients discovered products that were much more pro table than they had thought, and therefore warranted greater resource and investment, while other products, perceived as pro table, were losing money on every sale. What would you do differently if you found this out about your products and services?
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This was a quick and painless way to understand our true product cost and protability, and it challenges how we think about our business. I am extremely pleased with the results.
Fernando Palacios, EVP & Chief Integrated Supply Chain Ofcer MillerCoors LLC


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