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English project by: Pol Albert Gens Altimira

General description:
The our workshop called GP-WORKSHOP, is in Cabrils. The GP-worshop have 150 meters2. we accept (repair) motorbikes, cars. We dont repair any vehicles that have more to 1800kg. others

Garage facilities/services
Facilities: we have car lift, work bench, compressed air pump, wheel alignment, grinder, welding torch, computer diagnosi and toolbox. Services: our services are maintenance of the vehicle, tyre fitting, change of the oil, repair any problem of the vehicle, repair the diagnosi and revisisons.

Parts of the garage

-The store room is located in view of the customers, if they want to watch something. -The waiting room and accountant office cashier are located at the entrance so that customers do not go for the work zones. -Quick repairs zone is next to a rear exit that goes to the car park. -Medium repairs zone is is between the quick repairs zone and lomg repairs zone. -Long repairs zone is to the bottom of this workshop because that's where the cars are longer. -Changing room and toiletes is to the bottom of this workshop so that customers do not see. -Recycling bins is with the long repairs zone.

Garage equipment
-Car elevator: serves to raise the car and watch them or repair.

-Hidraulic jack: serves to raise the car a little from side to change a wheel, for example.

-Workbench: serves to keep tools and work pieces

-Air compressor: serves to inflate tires and more things.

Garage staff needed

We need some workers: 1 counter and secretary, 9 mechanicals.

Deals of Jobs
Car mechanic wanted for a medium workshop in Cabrils. -A person who know good knowledge of motor vehicles. -Servicing cars and general mechanics. skills: knowledge of repairs of automoviles, spoken henglish and spanish and computer diagnostic. Experience: At least 7 years practical experience

Would need about 25,000 euros to start the business because because the machines are expensive and also would need all the tools and renting the garatge.