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Olayan Descon Industrial Company Ltd.

P.O. Box 10108, Jubail Industrial City-31961, KSATel:+966-3-341-0671, Fax:+966-33410671 ext 639, FAX:03-3410950E-mail:

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All respected Vendors

Subject :

Timely Submission of Invoices for the year 2012

Gentleman, As part of our annual closing activity, we would like to request you to submit all invoices related to material supplied or services rendered during the year 2012, as per following deadlines: Material related invoices (whose MRR was issued on or before 25.12.2012) should be submitted IN FINANCE by 31.12.2012. Sub-contracts and Services (other than manpower hiring) invoices should be submitted IN FINANCE by 03.01.2013 as per SCA/ERA terms and conditions i.e. after verification from the concerned department. Manpower related invoices should be submitted IN FINANCE by 20.01.2013.

It is very important to note that as per the terms of the PO/SCA/ERA/MHC, you have to submit your invoice to Finance after completion of verification formalities by above mentioned dates. Any submission to any other department will not be considered as timely submission. The Finance Department will acknowledge its receipt by stamping the invoice copy. Your kind cooperation in this respect shall be highly appreciated. We further state that the company will not entertain any invoice related to 2012 after above mentioned deadline. Thanking you. Best regards,

Muhammad Pervaiz Hamayoun (MPH) Commercial Head ODICO/ODECO, Jubail, KSA Copy: All Heads & Managers ODICO/ODECO