Mrs. Rempert’s Herd Room 125

Weekly Moos
April 2-5

“Udderly” Important Dates Contact Info.
• Spelling and Reading test on • Book Order due Friday, April, 5th • New math groups will begin on Tuesday, April 2nd • Miss Hillier’s third graders from England wrote us a nice letter that I will be sharing with the kids this week. They are currently on their spring break!

Friday, April 5


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Mr s. Re mp e r t Phone: 815-444-4225 Email: Class W e bsite :

Science & Social Studies
Unit: Matter
Milk Of the Week: For the next two weeks we will be

Have a moovelous weeks!

learning about MATTER!! We will start off by learning about the different states of matter, and how a substance can change from one state to another.

Language Arts
Weekly Story: Rocks In His Head
Focus Skill: Fact & Opinion Test: Friday, April 5th

Social Studies

Unit: Immigration Milk of the Week: Immigration is such a great unit! To begin, we will be reading IF Your Name Was Changed On Ellis Island. When we are finished reading and learning about the immigration process we will start making passports!

Spelling Rule: Prefixes th
Test: Friday, April 5

We will be working on our “About The Author” sections for our informational writing.

Flexible grouping

English Skill: Possessive Pronouns



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