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37218533 Full Phase Aspects

37218533 Full Phase Aspects

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Published by: 0987654321` on Apr 02, 2013
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More planets in waxing hemisphere.
Overall, you are more of a giver than a taker. You invest
in life and don't always expect to get back as much as
you give. Giving is natural to you, not something you
have to make a great effort in; it is the way you are and
have always been. You don't expect life to wait on you
and you don't wait for someone else to act. You pitch in
and get the job done. It is true that you may work harder
than others, and for less, but the rewards of giving and
being involved are more than just what you get back.
You naturally understand this, and are not a complainer.
You are anything but lazy, when it comes to putting out
effort, but you may not be as at home with easing or
helping out situations once they exist, especially if they
get out of control. You are better at creating situations
than you are with solving them, and that is not meant as
a criticism.

Astrology’s Mirror: Full-Phase Aspects


Astrology’s Mirror: Full-Phase Aspects


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