1. read this tongue twister for 10 times. "Greek grapes.


2. Sing a "twinkle-twinkle little star" song with actions.

3. Do a 1 minute self-introduction

4. Construct 10 words out of this word: "DEFENITION" in 15 second Example for the answers: in, done, ten, net, dine, teen, not, fit, fine, tone.

5. Write an acrostic poem out of you name and read it out loud. *An acrostic poem takes a word, sentence, or phrase and makes the first letter of each the first line of a poem.

6. you are a tourist trying to ask direction from a Japanese who does not know how to speak English, act out the situation. Make it a 2 minute skit.

7. You are to find a pair of your friends you think that they look alike. Tell to the others what make you think so.

8. Imagine that you are a salesman trying to sell the shirt that you are wearing. Promote it to the others. You have 1 minute to do it.

9. It has not been raining for one whole month at your village, so, you are going to do a ceremony to call for the rain. Act it out.

10. Sing a song for your favourite lecturer.

11. Name 5 countries that start with letter „S‟.

Exchange your shoe with the person next to you and tell him/her what you think about him/her. 14. . would you marry me?” for 3 times. tell the others what do you like about ipg KSAH. Go to it and confess your felling by saying “I love whiteboard. Let say that you are in love with the whiteboard. 13. If you are to enter a singing competition. In a few sentences. Act as if you are the institute‟s director.12. 15. what song will you sing? Sing it out as if you are in an audition.

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